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A2 Hosting originally started its business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A2 stands for “AA” or Ann Arbor to show to the world their roots. A2 Hosting is practically well-known for its seasonal discounts to offer affordable Web hosting solutions. Quite a lot of their discount coupons are circulated online, most from their affiliates, so finding them is no chore. In most cases; A2 Hosting provides shared hosting solutions for personal to small-business customers, as well as dedicated hosting, VPS, and reseller plans for those who are in need of more.

Hosting Offers

A2 Hosting offers 4 hosting plans, namely:

1. Shared Web Hosting (Executive Web Hosting Plan)

A2 Hosting primary plan is called the Executive hosting. Features are what you would expect from shared hosting packages offered by other providers in the market today. This includes, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains and sub-domains, email accounts, and the likes. This plan was originally priced at $7.95; however, it is discounted to $5.72 with their current ILOVEA2 coupon.

Considering that this is “shared” hosting we are talking about, you might want to expect a few downtime from time to time that might prompt you to give their Guru Crew a call to resolve these matters.

2. Reseller Hosting

A2 Reseller Hosting plan is priced at $14.36 per month with a coupon — before was $19.95. This hosting solution features a 25GB disk space, 250GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited domain names, and unlimited client accounts as long as it’s within the limitation of allocated resources under the hosting plan.

3. VPS Hosting

A2 Core VPS Hosting plan costs $10.76 per month with a coupon. Original price at $14.95. This hosting plan incorporates the of a VPS running on 128 to 256MB of RAM, as well as a 10GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, and a HyperVM control panel.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting

A2 dedicated server caters to medium to large scale business solutions, as well as to personal sites that requires high bandwidth and storage solutions. Their dedicated servers runs on Dual Core and 1GB DDR2 RAM, as well as 2 80GB RAID 1 storage and 1000GB monthly data transfer. There dedicated server uses CentOS Linux, customizable to meet your requirements. This plan costs $199 a month.

Integrated Features

Aside from the cPanel for account holders to help you manage the feature of your hosting plan, A2 Hosting also provides integrated features to their offers; such as:

• 24/7 customer support (company calls them Guru Crew)
• On-site Website builder (called the A2 Site Builder)
• Promotion credit on popular search engines (Yahoo, Google)
• 30-day money back guarantee
• Compatibility with modern scripts and databases (Apache 2.2, PHO, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSH/SFTP, SSL
• FTP, and Fantastico)

Upgradeable Accounts

One of the factors that contributed to A2′s success as a Web Hosting Provider is its flexible solution. Their customers usually starts out on a sharedd hosting environment that is affordable and built with features to make it easy for personal users to jumpstart their basic website or to customize it to address business requirements.

However, they also provide other hosting solutions, like the Dedicated Server plan and VPS, for those who are in need of better hardware to run their sites and online applications. This is perfect for expansions of small-time businesses and personal sites who want to continue with their goal of productivity without having to worry about downtime and hardware issues.

Web Developer’s Heaven

One of the most common issues with Web hosting is often from those who create their own website from 3rd party applications. In most cases, it would be rare to encounter compatibility or loading issues when you use the on-site Web builder; however, A2 Hosting has demonstrated to the world that its reliability also targets Web developers who create their own from scratch.

The reason is easy; their servers and platform are compatible with all known Web development applications to date. Databases are fully updated with all the necessary add-ons to keep your data and access fast and easy. Compatibility with all basic and advanced scripts included in each hosting plan to cater to everyone’s needs.

Discounts, Discounts

If you’re looking for an affordable Web hosting solution then A2 Hosting is the right one for you. They are practically spreading out quite a lot of discounted offers to their package that offers 28% savings to their different hosting plans. As of today, their latest offers, the ILOVEA2 coupon is offered by their affiliates that cuts costs of monthly rates from $2 to $5 depending on the plan.

Excessive Upsell

Many rate A2 Hosting as one of the most reliable Web hosting providers in the market today. However, there was an increase activity of server-side issues cropping up that started in 2008. Quite a number of their customers have been experiencing excessive downtime issues despite the promise of 99% uptime. These downtimes range from 1-hour to days and the Guru crew wasn’t able to help them in correcting the problem.

There were cases when these customers encountered a lot of upsell from the support team. Instead of troubleshooting and fixing the problem, quite a lot of these personnel are more geared into suggesting moving their subscription to dedicated server or VPS to avoid downtime. Customer service provides vague explanation as to the cause of the problem and technical staffs were not able to find any solution for it.

Also, quite a lot of these issues seem to stem from subscribers outside the US. Despite A2 Hosting’s claims that they cater to international and local US clients, quite a lot of downtime issues and problem often stem from hosting sites that are half-a-world away.


There is not much to say about A2 Hosting than the fact that they are reliable in terms of Web hosting solutions. They have a lot of happy customers than unsatisfied ones and issues are dealt with in the shortest possible time that makes every one of their account holders a happy camper.

However, it would be more prudent on your end to first find out the extent of their service before you apply; though there are no worries of that since the company offers a flexible hosting solution that gives you the necessary upgrade of your account when you’re in need of it.

All-in-all, A2 Hosting is given a good rate among Web hosting providers in the market today. Aside from their discounted rates that promises savings with every month you apply, they also maintain their servers well, offers quality customer support, as well as making sure that everything about the client is given utmost priority for a reliability service.



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