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This classic model will never die, yet now it’s fashionable enough to wear it with casual, informal clothing. Jeans, cargo pants, shorts for that sporty, athletic look. The pricing is relatively the same (if you do an adjustment for inflation) as the time it was launched in the 80’s. Today they cost around $45-$55 on a good deal.

But the real origin of this model can be traced to 1950 when it was first produced for professional soccer players that practiced on hard, snowy ground. The original design always included the three stripes in all cases, bet it black and white, royal blue and white, green and white, etc. It’s still the best selling model for Adidas at over 35 million sold pairs worldwide, along with the well-known Stan Smith shoe. It is definitely up there with Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Which clothes go best with Adidas Samba Shoes?

It is around 1985 that the model was actually sold as the Samba Millennium for more commercial purposes, with a casual design that didn’t feature the extended tongue. The classic jet black model with the white stripes is still the most popular as it can be combined with literally anything and be used for any purpose, soccer training, running, jogging, long walks on the streets, marathons, you name it.

But the real myth behind these shoes is the comfort factor they provide. With a tan gum sole that makes it different from other models because it doesn’t wear out easily, as well as the exterior material. You will never hear about problems with not fitting properly, causing any kind of bruises at ankle level, overworked feet or anything like that.

They always feel great; no matter if you have narrow or wide feet, they precisely adjust to the shape of your feet.
No wonder there’s around 10 or 12 variations during more than three decades and there are stories of people that have over 40 different pairs of them for everyday use! Even women buy kids sizes to fill them as they are very stylish. This is the only issue I find with them: why aren’t there Adidas Samba for women?


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