Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation

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Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation

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Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation has up to 160 GB of storage but still in a same size as the earlier version, making it a very convenient on-the-go entertainment. It comes in classic silver and amazing black color. iPod classic has a life-long rechargeable battery that makes you watch 6 hours of videos and listen to 36 hours of audio. It has sleek and plate aluminum design and like other Apple devices it has the Genius and CoverFlow features in creating amazing playlists. You can also rent movie in iTunes and watch them whenever and wherever you choose to be.

Customize your Playlist

While listening to one of your favorite songs, you want to hear it together with a song you think will blend perfectly with your favorite. With just a tap of your finger, the Genius feature will search for the appropriate song in you library and will create amazing playlists for you. You can choose to listen to your combination of songs right away or listen to it later or refresh it to give it another try. Genius will definitely make mixing with songs easy for you and you will be even surprised by your creation.

Expandable Storage

The iPod classic has an enormous storage capacity of 160GB which makes you store up to 40,000 songs, 25,000 photos and 200 hours of videos. With 36 hours of battery life, you will surely enjoy your collections for a long period of time.

With 60BG capacity, it means you have your whole music library with you all the time and anywhere you want. You can have it in your home and then to a party next door, or take a road trip and you will never have to hear the song over and over again.

It is Just a Click Away

Looking exactly for what you want to hear or watch is all easy in iPod Classic. You can use the Click Wheel to explore album art which has Cover Flow or you can navigate your photos, videos or songs though albums, genre, playlists or more. You can also browse on a specific artists and titles. You can also use the Shuffle Songs feature in order not to hear the same song twice and also experience different music genres.

Watch and Enjoy

With 2.5 inch bright display, you will fully enjoy watching your favorite videos, TV shows and even video podcasts. You can rent or buy moves, purchase TV shows, and download podcasts from iTunes Store. You can sync them all in your Apple iPod classic 7th Generation wherever and whenever.

Play Games

iQuiz, Klondike and Vortez are three games you can enjoy in iPod classic. You can also bring in additional games such as Cake Mania from the iTunes Store. Keep in mind, iPod games are created and designed to work specifically in iPod interface. You will never get bored again if you have these games in your device.

Share it All

Using iTunes, you can sync your photos in iPhoto in your Mac to your iPod Classic. You can view your photos in slideshow mode along with music and some great transitions effects in your Apple iPod Classic. You can play them on your HDTV with the use of any Apple component or use any composite AV cable.

Apple wants to spread environmental awareness among different industries which is why their devices have eco-friendly features. Apple iPod Classic has Arsenic-free screen glass, BFR-free, PVC-free, Mercury-free for the LED-backlight display and also the aluminum is highly recyclable and enclosed stainless steel.  These features reduced the harmful impact of these advanced devices to the environment and help saving it.

Product Information

The box contains earphones, dock adapter, USB 2.0 cable, quick start guide and the Apple iPod Classic 160 GB (7th Generation). It only weighs 5 ounces which makes it really convenient for users. Also once you bought the item, you are guaranteed by one year warranty.

Apple iPod Classic

Downsides of Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation

The 5the Generations seems to offer clarity and high quality when it comes to sound rather than the current version.  For some users, the quality of the sound downgraded and seems flat. It is not that bad but still the 5th Generation sounds better.

The Click Wheel seems not to respond immediately. In selecting a song or playlist, the Wheel seems to take time before it responds which makes annoying sometimes.

What Customers are Saying?

“Love this product, highly recommended to anyone needing a killer mp3 player.”

“If you’re a music lover like myself, you’re going to want to need this iPod!”

“Awesome product – works perfectly – easy to use, sleek, sounds great.”

Customers love the new and improved 160 GB iPod Classic released in 2009.  It is more user-friendly and definitely no applications bugs compared to the earlier version. It really works leaving behind 2007’s 160GB iPod Classic that Apple considers “worst selling iPod ever”. For most users, it is like an external hard drive where they can bring along their entire music library anywhere and play it anytime. It is a convenient media player with amazing interface and comes in affordable price.

The downsides of the Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation did not stop users from getting this new model out of the market.  Users will definitely love the games and the user interface. If you are first time Apple user, it is essential to learn about iTunes and other Apple devices and applications before buying one.

So if you want to have an on-the-go media player with a huge storage capacity, then Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation is the best choice. The problems encountered by any users in earlier version are solved in this 2009’s model which makes you love Apple more. With 160 GB capacity, you can have 25,000 photos, 4,000 songs and 200 hours of video that you can fully enjoy with 36 hours of battery life. Be amazed on what you can do with this Apple’s new advanced portable media player. It is highly recommended music player for many music lovers.

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