Apple iPod Touch 3rd generation

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Apple iPod Touch 3rd generation

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How The Apple iPod Touch 3rd Generation Fares

From simply looking at the Apple iPod Touch 3rd generation , there would be no way to probably differentiate it from its predecessor. And apart from seeing a few minor external changes, the new model’s engraving should serve as the most visible of those changes.

However, from a general standpoint, the new Apple iPod touch version is more enhanced, or shall we say refined, as its predecessor, and many of the quirks of the previous versions have either been removed, or refined, to make user experience a much better and more relaxing one.

New Features That Make The New iPod touch A Little Better

The New 3rd generation Apple iPod touch has new add-ins, which include Apple’s earphone’s with remote and mic. The new iPod’s earphones are made from hard plastic, and feature a thinner and more slippery shell.  However, they still sound, look and perform exactly the same as the previous model.

The headphone plugs also provide two volume buttons, a central button that does play, pause, skip and track, as well as a microphone that can be used for voice recording and other functions.

Improved Product Dimensions

What makes the new Apple iPod version different from its predecessor is that it has a more slim design.  It measures 110 x 61.8 x 8.5 mm, but still weighs the same at 115 grams.

The phone still features the same crisp and pixel-dense 3.5 inch screen, and continues to support formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and other common formats. It also supports JPEG, BMP, TIFF and GIF image formats, as well as the MPEG video format

New Hardware Promises 50% More Performance

The new Apple iPod touch has made significant changes in its hardware. The changes are made to ensure that it operates 50% faster than the previous model, and supports better graphics using the Open GL ES 2.0. Product designers have also replaced the device’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) and graphics processor, and overhauled the phone’s clock to speeds of about 800 MHZ, as well as add a new bevy of graphics features to its collection.

Improved Game Performance

The 3rd generation Apple iPod touch’s game performance has also been enhanced, as the phone’s graphics arsenal has been enhanced and added. Games such as Ngmoco’s Star Defense run faster and more flawless, offer a slightly improved frame rate, and afford users faster speeds and smooth player movements, as well as give better pixel quality.

Overall, the load times and frame rates are much improved, and once users get into each game, the playing portions and frames look and feel exactly the same.

What makes it a better game player is that it has a built-in accelerometer, an astounding multi-user interface, and superb graphics performance, as well as cover more than 20,000 game and entertainment titles.

The new Apple iPod touch version is sure to offer users the ability to play high-performance multi player games, with their neighbors and with people overseas.  If a user wants to buy new games, then he can easily do this by adding new game titles from the App store, at anytime and anywhere using WiFi.

Improved Accessibility

The new Apple iPod touch is also known to offer users better accessibility.  Accessibility is seen in the provision of magnification, a Mono audio down mixing mode for those who have problems hearing, screen color inverting, and other helpful add-ons.  While it may be as imperfect as its predecessor, the phone’s accessibility is sure to be a plus factor, and will surely be applauded by both critics and die-hard Apple fans.

Battery Performs Much Like The Previous Version

While the first two Apple iPod touch versions showed marked improvement in battery life,  the newer Apple iPod touch version simply made a few enhancements . While the first two versions delivered from 28 to 36 hours of battery time, the 3rd Generation version was made to deliver 30 hours of audio time, as well as 6 hours of video time.

While critics worried about this development, since it made the new model more prone to underperforming, new tests done to determine the actual battery lifespan were promising.

The new Apple iPod touch delivered 30 hours and 20 minutes of audio and video time, which merely overshot the company’s promise for a 30-hour delivery time.  What’s good is that when the WiFi feature was turned on, the phone’s audio time increased by two hours and four minutes, making the total battery time go up to 32 hours and 24 minutes.

The new phone’s “Battery Percentage” option on the other hand, is a welcome addition.  This unique feature allows for the precise and efficient measurement of the phone’s remaining battery power. This helps users manage their device in a real-time setting, and should be a wonderful barometer for the phone’s battery performance.

New Software Features That Sharpen The 3rd Generation Version

The 3rd generation Apple iPod touch has new specific software features that are not supported by the two previous versions. It has Voice Control, that allows users to effectively control the earphone’s main button, and not the phone’s Home button, and also activates a feature that allow you to do voice commands, like “play songs by Dave Mathews” or “play back the first song on the list”. Although the new voice control command is not that perfect when it comes to analyzing voice commands, it does well when it comes to properly speaking the commands.

New Screen Is Brighter And More Colorful

The new Apple iPod touch definitely improves when it comes to the quality of its screen. If it’s viewed directly on the center, the new phone’s screen is much brighter, colorful and more appropriate for watching games and videos.

The 2009 model basically has a neutral white touch to the screen, and has a slightly pink tone, and features a modest and a little shallow off-center viewing angle, which critics argue creates a negative “black” effect, which is the same thing that happened to the early iPod versions.

A More-Improved Entertainment And Communication Tool

The 3rd Generation iPod touch is a workhorse when it comes to providing communications and entertainment. It’s great for playing your favorite TV show, movie, podcast and music videos.  For music lovers, the new phone features the Cover Flow, Shake To Shuffle, as well as access to the iTunes store.  It also supports software such as Genius Mixes, which is good for creating 12 varieties of endless mixes of songs from the ITunes library.

Its wonderful 3.5 inch wide screen is also perfect for screening TV shows, movies and music videos.  I really like the fact that we can get instant access to a really large catalog of songs, TV shows and blockbuster movies, which we can buy and easily download on the new Apple iPod touch player.

The 2009 8 GB model is famous for having the ability to hold up to 10,00 photos, 1,750 songs, 10 hours of video. The 32 GB model holds much more.  It can carry up to 14,000 songs,90,000 photographs and up to 40 hours of video. The 8, 32 and 64 GB models run up to 50 percent faster than the previous versions, as well a support better and more enhanced graphics using the Open GLES 2.0 system.

It’s Also A Great Pocket Computer

What makes the iPod touch a notch above the rest is that it also serves as your own mini-computer of sorts. Here, you can do Web browsing, email, organize your contacts, manage your calendars, and go to social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s award-winning browser makes it easy to surf the Worldwide Web, like no other pocket PC can offer you. It also comes with the latest iPhone software, which include Cut, Copy and Paste, Spotlight Search, which allows you to search across iPod touch or within your mail and contacts, and also includes a landscape keyboard for Mail, Notes And Safari.

While I don’t need to keep on telling you just how improved, and awesome the new iPod touch version is, I’d better let the 20 million buyers tell you how enthralled they are with using it. While the new design may still show some frustrating quirks, especially for those who want to be in complete control of the gadgets they buy, the slickness and ease-of-use, as well as accessibility of the new phone will be sure to make up for these few quirks.

What’s good is that you’ll have access to a bigger library of songs, movies and music videos, as well as store more songs, and have a much longer audio and video play time. Well, that would be enough to assuage the fears of Apple purists, and put some smiles on the faces of tech skeptics.

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