Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

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Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

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Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation is more fun and advanced that its predecessors. It is available in white and black and has iOS 5 with more than 200 new features such as Notification Center, Twitter integration and iMessage. Using iMessage you can send unlimited and free texts through wireless network. You can even make FaceTime calls and record high quality videos. You can also access more than 500,000 applications by visiting App Store. iPod touch also has iCloud which served as your storage of apps, photos, music and more and put them all to your devices.

Video Calling is More FunApple iPod Touch 4

The video calling feature on iPod Touch allows your friends know where you and what you are up to. With just a click and Wi-Fi, you can call your friend on iPod 2, iPod Touch, Mac and iPhone and come face-to-face with them.

The iPod Touch also has the FaceTime apps which allows the user to see his friends laughing out loud or blow a kiss to someone miles away. You can simply create an account in FaceTime and you can start a video call to your closest friend. Using this FaceTime application, you can have more fun with your friends and it works both on landscape and portrait.

This 4th Generation iPod Touch as two built-in cameras. One is on the front which is used for FaceTime app. It has the right view and focuses on your face, also give you the possible light when you are talking to someone special to you. On the other hand, back camera is use to share with just a tap of your finger. When you are in a concert and your friends can’t attend, you can use the FaceTime app. Before even the band starts playing, the iPod touch switches to back camera and instantly your friends can be virtually there by your side while watching one of the greatest concerts.

Record Videos All you Want

The Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation is equipped with high definition video camera that allows you to record on-the-spot moments. And you can edit them so your friends and family can watch them over and over again.

You don’t need to wait until you get home to edit back your video. With iPod Touch, you can do basic editing. Just select the start and end points of a clip from the whole video and keep them and you can edit them down so your friends and family can watch it repeatedly.

You can also create a video postcard of the places and things you’ve done using the iMovie application. iMovie lets your edit your videos and add some effects and music and you can share them to your friends.

When you are texting someone or surfing the web, and then something caught your eyes from the surroundings. You can use our camera and record while other applications are still running. You can directly upload to your Youtube or select a particular moment in the video and attach it to the read-to-send message. You can also easily post it to your blog or Facebook page.

If you want to tweet a quick photo to your Twitter then you can use grid lines and zoom-in features of the iPod Touch to capture a perfect photo.

High-Quality Display

The Retina Display of iPod Touch makes you snap a quick photo in high quality. So if you are playing games, watching movies and videos and photos, all are in high density because of this feature. Even if you are reading e-books, surfing the web or reading e-mail, you can see all of them clearly.

The iPod Touch has 326 pixels per inch which makes the text and graphics look sharper and smoother even if you zoom in. Also it has that LED backlighting and light sensor that automatically makes adjustments to the brightness of the device for great viewing and also to save battery life.

Stream Music and Photos Directly from Your Device

If you have amazing photos from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and you want to share them to your friends on big screen, then you can use your Apple TV and Airplay to stream it down to your HDTV.

Airplay that runs on your iOS 5 allows you to stream your any media file to your TV or speakers to fully enjoy your music and photos. Be sure your device and Apple TV is connected to the same wireless network.

You can also share music – a song, playlist or a full album – that is in your device to your speakers using Apple TV.

You can also have a rock concert or chill with some amazing music around your house. Just connect your speakers to AirPort express or stream from Airplay-enabled speakers such as B&W, Marantz, Denon, JBL and iHome. Your device will automatically detect these speakers and you can just tap on what speakers you want to use.

Music All You Can

The Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation will keep you company and drown out all those disturbing noises while you are working out, in a bus, in the office or just chilling’ in your house.

Cover Flow will let you glide through the albums with just a tap. You can tap on the album cover to display the track list and then tap it again to play them all.

While you listen to one song, Genius will choose complementary songs to the one you love and then make a playlist for you. You will be amazed how this Genius playlist will bring you amazing songs. Also Genius can search for songs that sound great together. All you have to do is sync your device to iTunes and then Genius will do its work. This is a great way to discover new favorite songs or remind you of music you had.

iPod Touch has Shake to Shuffle features that allows the user to shake and shuffle your songs to keep it new and fresh.

So if you are looking for a media player that does not only make you enjoy your music more but also lets you browse the web, play and edit videos, get you connected with your friends through wireless network and lets you share your media files to the world, then the 4th Generation iPod Touch is should be your one and only choice.

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