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Bluehost offers affordable Web hosting solutions for personal and small business use. Considering that this is shared hosting we are talking about, though the company has dedicated server package and VPN as well, we can safely say that Blue Host is not without its ups and downs.

Services Offered

All the services offered by Bluehost are found on their website. They offer professional solutions to individual users, as well as solutions to small-time business needs. In terms of credibility, the company has accreditations by organizations related to the industry and some good affiliates with well-known names.

For starters, Blue Host offers a standard hosting package that includes a control panel (cPanel) where members can access their accounts, unlimited disk space and bandwidth; email, FTP, database support, as well as unlimited domains and sub-domains to a single account.

One of the highlight that makes Bluehost a professional Web hosting company is that they take steps to educate their customers as much as possible about their features to minimize problems during the terms of the service. This includes on-site tutorial, knowledge base where account holders can look up basic troubleshooting on certain issues, and more.


Pricing on Blue Host Web hosting offers are said to be affordable to those who don’t want to spend more on simple hosting needs. However, even those that require larger resources and features still opt for the basic package to cut down on cost since what they require are still within the limits of the service.

Prices on Bluehost offers depend on how long you want to register with the service. Minimum is the 3-month registration of $9.95 per month and a $30 setup fee inclusive of a domain name. You get a cheaper deal if you opt for the 6-month package which costs $8.95.

Long-term package is available as well and is devoid of set-up fees present in short term offers. The 12-month bundle with free domain name is priced at $7.95 monthly; and Blue Host’s 24-month solution for $6.95 monthly.

One problem with these offers is that they lack 1-month offer for those who want to try out the service — giving them a month to see if it is worth the cost with an option to extend with more months if they want to.

Quality of Service

In terms of quality service, Bluehost is rated along with other low-cost Web hosting solutions in the market today. If you go with the basic package, your account will be placed in a shared server along with the rest of their customers. Despite the vague information regarding the number of server they provide for their account holders, many who have been in their charge for years have testified of quality service; yet there are those who encounter problems from time to time, such as site downtime, lost email, and the likes.

Blue Host Control Panel

Another factor that rated high on Bluehost’s behalf is their Control Panel (cPanel). It is somewhat similar to the cPanel used by other hosting companies, yet they took the pain of adding a few additional features to make it worthwhile for their customers.

Additions to the cPanel includes a domain manager where a customer can take charge over the activity of their domain and sub-domains registered under their accounts, a basic site builder, and a billing system to keep track of your account payables.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of a Web hosting business and Blue Host never fails to follow with the needs of their account holders. Their tech team can be reached by phone, email, or through their on-site chat.

Their personnel is thoroughly trained to deal with basic and advanced technical issues, such as email issues, site downtime, upgrades, transfer, or even technical issues on your end that needs to be fixed in order to correct problems with the service.

Quite a few reviews have been circulated online regarding the quality of customer service offered by Bluehost to their account holders. Aside from the usual canned replies that they get from tech staff concerning resolution to their issues, there were also reports of having problems understanding due to language barriers. This prompted the speculations that the company outsources their customer support to countries, like India where Native English speakers are rare.

Free Site Builder

Blue Host doesn’t support direct site development, yet they provide a useful feature on their cPanel where account holders can make a site from scratch. This is perfect for those who are still new to Web development and would want to put up their starter page easily in the shortest possible time.

Downtime Issues

As with any shared Web hosting packages, downtime is always a possibility. Most of their account holders testify of quality service and devoid of downtime, or short ones, during the use of their solution.

However, there were issues with several account holders regarding downtime of their sites and emails for days, even weeks. Technically, a Web hosting company guarantees that if there is a downtime, your page should be up and running in just a few hours after reporting it to their tech team. However, there were issues that took days to fix and some say that the tech person they talked to was vague on the reason and some attributed it to upgrade of their servers.


In most cases, those who opted for Bluehost for their Web hosting needs are often focused on the “unlimited” offers bundled with their packages. Keep in mind that there is no such thing when it comes to shared servers considering that you are “sharing” the resources with other account holder in that particular machine.

This is one reason why there have been a lot of negative reviews about Blue Host and the unlimited offers they promised on their ads. Some sites were suspended, or even deleted, when they went beyond the limitation (which was not indicated on the Terms of Service) and was later informed that their sites were using too much resources that the server can handle.

If you’re aiming for high-end solutions, then getting a Bluehost package with its cheap price might be going against your expectations. If you use too much resource on a shared server, then you can expect downtime and problems to crop up from time to time. However, this can be remedied with a good tech support that the company provides to find a solution to your problem.


If you’re looking for basic Web hosting solutions then Blue Host is the right one for you. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you paid for and the affordable prices of the company’s offers is proof enough that there is a possibility of experiencing downtime and other issues during the course of the service.

Those who are opting for simple solutions, like a personal website, blogs, and small-time database support should be within the boundaries of Bluehost’s shared servers; however, if you are a opting for use on large resources for big-time online ventures, then you might not get what you paid for.

All-in-all, Blue Host has stayed true to its word of providing quality Web hosting solutions to the online public. Customer support is knowledgeable on the company’s offers and capabilities; and can easily help you out with issues that crop up from time to time. Services are within the boundaries of personal and small-time solutions, as well as some add-on bonuses to make it worth your while.



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