Boss in Motion Blue Edition by Hugo Boss

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Boss in Motion Blue Edition by Hugo Boss

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Two years after the release of the original Boss in Motion design last 2002; Hugo Boss released yet another Boss in Motion product, the Blue edition.

Boss in Motion Blue Edition - Product Description

Boss in Motion Blue Edition comes in the same flacon designed bottle made of pewter, shaped in a perfect sphere, as with the original Boss in Motion perfume with difference only in color. Boss in Motion Blue comes in an aquatic blue colored bottle in contrast to the original grey colored 2002 Boss in Motion.

Boss in Motion Blue Edition has top notes of cardamom, pineapple leaf, frozen lemon, and wild mint, with middle notes of jasmine, nutmeg, clary sage and pimento, which end in base notes of sandalwood, teakwood, and patchouli.

About the Scent

Top note

The blue edition captures consumer attention with its alluring fresh sweet and minty scent with strong hints of spice. The head note of the blue edition is characterized by the sweet smell of green pineapple leaf, and frozen lemon mixed up with the smell of wild mint and with cardamom giving it a spicy feel.

The initial scent of Boss in Motion Blue Edition is not at all bad but not uncommon as well. The scent gives the perfume an aquatic feel reason why it’s called the Blue edition. This fresh and minty scent distinguishes the Blue edition from its predecessor. Unique for the designer Hugo Boss but not at all unique for other fragrances, it does not stand out, so to say.

Middle note

The fresh sweet minty and spicy sense of Boss in Motion Blue Edition’s top note transforms into a sweet and calmative aroma, but still with a little bit of spice and with a very subtle woodiness, giving it quite a manly touch.

The middle note also called the heart note is attributed to the spicy scent of nutmeg and pimento coupled up with the sweet spiciness of clary sage which also has some woodiness or rather hay like smell to it. The combination of these fragrances is well enhanced by the sweet calmative aroma of jasmine giving the scent an aphrodisiac character to it.

Yes, the Boss in Motion Blue Edition is a magnet for women, it draws attention.

Base note

Boss in Motion Blue Edition terminates into the very manly scent of woodiness with some hints of sweetness and mints, making it smell rather refreshing. The base note of Boss in Motion Blue is a quality of the mixture of; sandalwood, teakwood, responsible for the woody aroma; vanilla bourbon, reason for the sweet scent; and patchouli giving it a minty flavor.

A thumbs up to the Blue edition for not losing its aquatic feel. It boosts up confidence and refreshes all the way till dry drown. Though it is not at all unique in its fragrance it does not have the same irritating and annoying smell as with the other Boss in Motion fragrances.

The Bottle

Same as with other Boss in Motion editions, Boss in Motion Blue Edition is presented by a quite unique and contemporary bottle that though is fascinating to the eye does not serve its purpose.

Boss in Motion Blue Edition is contained in a pewter made bottle shaped in a sphere. Little enough to carry around but is awkward in the pocket and deceiving to the eye. It can look perfect in your windowsill but is quite a little off when placed beside other cosmetics. Not a big draw down though.

One other problem with its packaging is that it’s a little difficult to spray enough amounts in a very little time. The contents take quite some time to surface, a big draw back when one is in a hurry.

The Price of Boss in Motion Blue Edition

Boss in Motion Blue Edition costs the same amount as with its predecessor. Though it does not smell bad, quite good in fact, it is not at all unique. Other colognes can smell even better but are way cheaper. Those who use Boss in Motion are in fact paying for its brand name and not the product itself.

Small Tip

Some people’s skin are not well-suited to the scent of the Blue edition, this happens to almost all products. Humans have distinct smell from each other, some have subtle odor, almost impossible to perceive, while others have relatively strong ones, making it unfeasible to craft a perfume that would suit everyone, not considering the differences in preference.

It is essential, therefore, to do skin testing before deciding to purchase a perfume. That is to ensure that the scent will smell good on your skin. This is especially true for Boss in Motion Blue Edition being an oil based perfume which makes it hard to get rid of.

When applying Hugo Boss or any other perfumes for that matter, apply it on pulse areas; above the throat, at the wrists, behind the knee and on elbows, these areas are warmer than most parts of the body making the perfume excrete fragrance for longer lengths of time.

Where to Use Boss in Motion Blue Edition

Boss in Motion Blue edition is rather casual in its scent apt for daily use but not suitable for more formal gatherings. Useable for warm occasions but tend to have a diminished effect on winter seasons. It is versatile enough to be used in the gym and does not mix badly with the stink of human sweat.

When on a date, Boss in Motion Blue Edition can come in very handy. It is likely to have an aphrodisiac upshot for most women, an effect of its jasmine constituent, very useful for men.

Owing to its refreshing feel, Boss in Motion Blue Edition can also be of great help at work or in meetings. It boosts up a person’s confidence and it has an energizing effect. It can be very useful for one who has forgotten to take a bath.

Overall Appeal

Boss in Motion Blue Edition has a really alluring fragrance. It is sweet but not sweet enough to be feminine, spicy, but not too strong, making it non-irritating but rather appealing. It is minty and fresh reason for its energetic effect, and despite its many flavors it manages still to be a little woody making it very manly.

After its entire enthralling elements, I still cannot say it’s the least bit unique. Other fragrances for men offer the same features; sweetness, spice, woodiness, and mint but Boss in Motion Blue Edition is not at all bad. It is in fact a lot better than its forerunner the 2002 Boss in Motion. But products from other designers do offer better options. The good thing about this design of Hugo Boss is that it stands up to what it’s supposed to offer. The fragrances featured in its product description are well distinguished.

Other than the above mentioned, Boss in Motion Blue Edition does have a long endurance. It stays on for six to nine hours, does not let you down indeed. The best thing about it is that it has a cooling effect and is not awkward to the skin unlike other oil based perfumes which have a bit sticky feel to it.

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