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Boss In Motion By Hugo Boss

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Price$40.00 to $60.00

Hugo Boss, one of the most celebrated fragrance manufacturers in the world, released Boss in Motion last 2002. It comes in a 90 ml and 40 ml bottle of eau de toilette spray and cologne, 90ml after shave spray, 150ml shower gel, and 200ml shower scrub. The most popular being the eau de toilette spray.

Product Description

Boss in Motion is a mixture of some several kinds of scents from both sweet and spicy oils; Bergamont Oil, Basil Flower, Violet Leaves, and Cinnamon, to mention a few, making it smell woody and musky but at the same time sweet and lovely, or so they say.

Boss in Motion Eau De Toilette Spray comes in a flacon designed bottle made up of pewter and fashioned in a perfect sphere.

About the Scent

Top Note

The immediate smell of Boss in Motion generally sells the perfume to consumers. Although a men’s perfume, women in particular loves it’s sweet citrus smell, an attribute of its bergamot content that blends with the spicy smell of violet leaves and basil flower.

The initial smell of Boss in Motion generally lasts for a few seconds to a minute. The citrus smell makes the perfume a sellout to most teenagers and some young adults but older men just detest this kind of smell.

The combination of bergamot, violet leaves, and basil flower makes the scent a little synthetic and quite ordinary considering its price. The bergamot scent dominates the rest of the perfume’s initial smell. The spicy aroma of violet leaves and basil flower is hardly perceived. Yes, it is creamy and citrusy but a lot of other cheaper perfumes have the same effect and some are even better.

Hugo Boss’ Boss in Motion, judging from its head scent, should have been for women and not for men. Although this can be an excellent way for men to attract the opposite sex, that is if a man can tolerate smelling like a woman.

Middle Note

The top note of Boss in Motion sells the perfume to consumers but these changes after the initial smell fades. If the citrus smell of Boss in Motion boosts up a person’s confidence then wait till it gets to the heart of the scent.

After the few moments of refreshingly citrusy feel of Boss in Motion the scent shifts entirely into a different kind of a very strong synthetic spicy smell that can be very irritating to the nose. One can wish to forget the sense of olfaction upon perceiving this nauseating smell.

The heart of Boss in Motion is said to be a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and pink pepper. But none of these fragrances can be hinted of its middle note. The deliciously sweet smell of cinnamon is nowhere to be found. Instead the perfume comes too strong and confusing. Entirely opposite from its initial creamy and citrusy smell which can be disappointing for those who bought the perfume from its deceiving initial scent.

Base Note

The base smell of Boss in Motion can be promising, if the scent will last until its dry down. Often times the perfume just fades away in the middle of its heart note which, to be fair, can also be due to the skin of the person wearing it. Some people’s skin are just not compatible with this perfume.

Boss in Motion commences with the scent of a few popular components of high-end perfumes; sandal wood, vetiver, and musk. Some users attest that they just love the woody and musky end smell of Boss in Motion perfume but others also say that there is just no hint of muskiness or woodiness from this fragrance.

As for personal opinion, Boss in Motion just ends up amazingly in a very ridiculous feminine smell with no single hint of muskiness, very disappointing indeed.

The Bottle

Boss in Motion, as said earlier, comes in a flacon designed bottle made up of pewter fashioned in a perfect sphere. Some may say that the bottle is indeed cool and very contemporary but to think it thru, the design just serves no purpose.

If one who has not heard of Boss in Motion sets out to look for a perfume, he/she will surely not bother checking this product for it can easily be dismissed for something else. It actually looks outlandish when placed with other ordinarily presented perfumes in upright bottles.

This type of bottle design though may well be forgiven if it does improve the quality of spray but the contrary is evident. The real bottle inside the pewter outer package is just way too deep inside making it awkward to spray. And upon squeezing, the content comes out way too slow, a very awkward experience. Not expected from a high-end perfume.


The duration of a single bottle depends upon the usage of the owner, but is affected by a few other factors as well such as the longevity of the scent to a person’s skin and by the preference of a person to the strength of the scent.

For the very athletic one’s the scent tends to fade much earlier than when used at nighttime or in other less active occasions. So, for the athletic ones the perfume can be much less economical than for those who are less active, most especially for those who uses the perfume only on special occasions, generally though a 40ml bottle does last more than a month.

Suits Any Occasion

For some people the strong smell of Hugo Boss’ Boss in Motion does come in handy when used at the gym. This can be because it does smell good when combined with their sweat.

The sweet smell of Boss in Motion also makes it fit for nighttime use, when going out on a date, especially because the smell attracts more women. The scent also works well with suits and other formal attires.

But Boss in Motion is best used during winter time when the cool season can mask the strong fragrance of the perfume, making it less irritating and making it rather relaxing and refreshing.

The Price

Compared to other high-end perfumes, Boss in Motion is fairly less expensive, with prices ranging from $35-$60. But still other cheaper perfumes can do better than Boss in Motion.

Overall Appeal

Generally, Hugo Boss’ Boss in Motion is a disappointment. The combination of strong spicy oil scents, sweet delicious fruit fragrance, and woody musky smell resulted into a catastrophe. It is both confusing and irritating to the nose. Its overall scent does far from serving its price.

Boss in Motion is one good example of the effects of commercialization. The product is too commercialized that it has lost its art. The manufacturer’s spent too much time on its packaging, which is also a disappointment, that they forgot to improve the heart of the product. Boss in Motion seems like a perfume specifically made to sell and just after getting sold it no longer does any good.

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Boss in Motion (Orange) by Hugo Boss

Notes of basil flowers, pink pepper & musk.

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Boss In Motion Cologne by Hugo Boss 3 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for MenBoss In Motion By Hugo Boss Is A Blend Of Sweet And Spicy Oils With Fresh Woody


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This edition of Boss in Motion is inspired by the laid-back playful spirit of the Boss Orange line. The Boss in Motion White Edition man is a


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