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Boss in Motion Electric by Hugo Boss

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Five years after the release of the not so successful original Boss in Motion (2002) came the new dynamic and more sensual design, the Electric edition Boss in Motion (2007), sadly though this is a discontinued fragrance although some would say the world is not going to miss much about this one.

Boss in Motion Electric : Product Description

Boss in Motion Electric, released last 2007 comes in the same pewter made flacon designed bottle as with the other Boss in Motion editions, only this one comes in a silver colored pewter with a blue rim and has a sort of vinyl shine to it.

Hugo Boss released Boss in Motion Electric having fragrance notes of earl grey tea, cardamom, bitter orange, violet leaves, patchouli, sandalwood and cedar. The targeted consumers for this fragrance perfume are athletes, apt for the energetic and dynamic claim of the product.

About the Scent

Top notes

Boss in Motion Electric opens up with the interesting earl grey tea scent that has a hint of citrus, reason why people say it is aquatic. This is in effect of the constituent earl grey tea that is derived from bergamot, a citrus fruit. The combination of both the sweet scent of citrus and the interesting aroma of earl grey tea is reminiscent of the predecessors Boss in Motion original and Boss in Motion Blue.

The initial scent of Boss in Motion Electric appears very vibrant and sensual, a testimony of improvement from Boss in Motion. A revolution of aromas, the Electric edition in its initial blast of haze heightens sensation.

Middle notes

The elemental constituents, cardamom, bitter orange and violet leave converts the aroma of  Boss in Motion Electric into another citrusy scent but with the same twist of spice and a very subtle hint of tea. Unlike the original Boss in Motion, this edition proves to be a little less sweet but more sensual and very masculine in its scent.

Boss in Motion Electric stood up to its name,  being rather dynamic and energizing. Its fragrance is quite comfortable to olfaction, not too strong but still has spice and somewhat sensual, making it both sporty and casual. This makes the perfume versatile enough to be used during physical activities, like in the gym, or on more relaxed dinner dates and other casual daily activities.

Base notes of Boss in Motion Electric

The aroma of Boss in Motion Electric dries down into the signature woodiness and spice of Boss in Motion, ordinary but not at all dire, not impressive but not disappointing as well. There is no hint of the aquatic note or the tea scent as Boss in Motion Electric dries down, only the masculine scent of woodiness and spice can be perceived. This can sometimes be a drawdown considering the only thing that makes this edition of Boss in Motion interesting is its tea scent; no hints of this unique smell can be professed during dry down. Clearly, the base note of Boss in Motion is boring. A big disappointment after the very intriguing top and heart notes.

Downside to Boss in Motion Electric

Being a limited edition, Boss in Motion Electric is quite difficult to find in retail stores or in the internet. There is a great need to be cautious in purchasing the product online for a lot of reported sites are selling fake perfumes while the worst ones never do deliver the package.

Boss in Motion Electric For All Occasions

Boss in Motion Electric edition is dynamic enough to be used in casual, formal, and sporty occasions. It has a refreshing feel excellent on warm occasions but still has the same great upshot on much colder seasons.

It’s versatile enough to be worn with a suit, or in the gym. It is also fitting for dinner dates or in the office. It boosts up confidence when in a meeting or when with a date. The freshness of Boss in Motion Electric especially come in handy to athletes, it energizes as well as mask the smell of secretions.

Boss in Motion Electric : For men of all ages

There is actually no age limit for Boss in Motion Electric. Its sweetness and its aquatic note makes it fit for younger men but the woodiness as well as its spicy scent makes it apt for older men as well. Though it can do either, it does smell better on older males.

The packaging

Like all other Boss in Motion editions, Boss in Motion Electric also comes in the same modernized but purposeless sphere shaped bottle that, in contrast to older editions, is in a silver vinyl shine.

To get the contents out a button has to be pressed under the bottle; the way to do this is by using the thumb exerting pressure upwards. The perfume then frees at a whole situated above and in front of the sphere. Rather unique yes, but can be a little cumbersome for those who has smaller hands, not at all convenient for users.


It will require about a minimum of four sprays to get enough fragrance to last for three to six hours, any lesser than that and the perfume just fades away. This means that for daily use, the Boss in Motion Electric can be a little too expensive. A single bottle cannot last longer than a month. Considering that it is a discontinued perfume it’s just not worth the bother.

The Overall Appeal of Boss in Motion Electric

The primary reason why Boss in Motion is very interesting is its earl grey tea constituent. The tea scent of this fragrance makes it really enthralling and having been coupled with the citrusy smell of bitter orange then results into a rather fresh and clean appeal.

It is a fairly nice fragrance that it can be rather addictive. It’s the kind of perfume one can’t get over with. It is a fixative and ones you can sense its fragrance you will surely not want to miss it for a single day. It is apt for daily use, may it be at school, in the office, outdoors, or in much more formal occasions. It lacks the irritating quality of the other former Boss in Motion editions. It is light and rather bright boosting up confidence and energy.

The soul of a fragrance perfume lies in its heart and base notes, the problem with Boss in Motion Electric is that it loses its appeal just by the start of dry down. It tends to transform into the boring woodiness of all Boss in Motion perfumes, although it’s not at all a bad scent, it’s also a very common aroma and Boss in Motion has not made it quite better, other cheaper and more common fragrances for men does the same and most are way better than this one.

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