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Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

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Every man must has a distinct characteristic in the way of how he walks, speaks, acts, dresses, and as basic as how he smells. And same as every man differ his clothes according to day, time, or mood, it is similar to fragrance too. Boss Soul by Hugo Boss, launched in 2005, is the scent of mystery, power and seduction for any woman to swoon over. It is the man fragrance recommendable for evening wear.

The Appeal of Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

Same as creating a good appearance by the way of choosing the right combination of clothes from head to food, it is by choosing the right notes in order to create a scent that serves its purpose. For Boss Soul by Hugo Boss, the aim is personify a character that is seductive and deeply soulful.

Once the perfume is smelled the first to notice, as top notes, is the freshness of cardamom oil, star anise, black pepper, mandarin, and bergamot. These top notes are the freshest scent but quickly fades since it evaporates quickly after a few minutes.

Followed by the top notes are the heart notes. These compose cinnamon, coriander seeds, lavender, and mace. These heart notes, or also called middle notes, are usually give warmer fragrances that remain longer than top notes.

After the heart notes are the base notes. These consist of the perfect blend of cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood, and notes similar to mossy, amber, vanilla and musky notes. These base notes gives off spicier and drier aroma that stays longer, at times can linger throughout the day.

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss : The Bottle

This bottle is one factor that instantly gets anyone’s attention. The first thing noticeable is its uniquely distorted figure. Boss Soul bottle is designed by Frank Gehry, enthused by the modern look of the Guggenheim Museum located in Bilbao.

The glass bottle is unusually curved, having a contrasting shade of light and dark, transparency and opacity, curve and straight lines. Colors play with a cloudy darkness, purple, clear and lightness at the bottom. The shape embodies the art of masculinity, the play of colors shows influence, poise, and supremacy, darkness implies mystery and night, the curve exterior represents flexibility and emotion.

All together, the bottle appearance is beautifully seductive for any man to wear. It adds mystery but know for sure that it will lead you to an experience you’ll never forget.

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss : Size and Add On

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss is available in sizes of 50ml and 90 ml. Other than the perfume alone, other fragrant products of Boss Soul is available to better serve the market. These are deodorant sticks in 75 ml, deodorant spray in 150 ml, shower gel in 200 ml, after shave balm in 75 ml. To make Boss Soul by Hugo Boss eau de toilette stay longer on skin, these add-ons are applied prior to application of actual perfume.

Scent of Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss gives off aromatic scent that is warm and spicy that is pleasant to sense. At first it may smell somewhat strong and a bit sweet but it dies down. This is surely a modern fragrance for men because it is not overwhelming that it intensely irritates anyone’s nostrils, unlike the old-style of perfumes that are super strong. Its fragrance is just enough to catch anyone’s attention telling that your presence is somewhere nearby. It leaves a trail of scent as a Boss Soul man walks by.

Try visiting the official site of Hugo Boss, their site will describe further the contents of Boss Soul. There you will see that from the liquid contents until the bottle of it shows that it is distinctively created with flavor, sexiness and masculinity. Many users found it very wearable for evening use, however some can say it works best even for daily daytime wear.

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Amazon Boss Soul By Hugo Boss For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.0 Oz.

Boss Soul by Hugo Boss was introduced by the designer in 2005 as a mysterious scent for men. This masculine scent possesses a blend of Mandarin

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Go to Store Boss Soul Cologne by Hugo Boss, 3 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Boss Soul Cologne by Hugo Boss 3 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for MenBoss Soul By Hugo Boss Was Introduced By The Designer In 2005 As A Mysterious Scent


Go to Store BOSS SOUL by Hugo Boss EDT SPRAY 3 OZ for MEN

Launched by the design house of Hugo Boss in 2005, BOSS SOUL by Hugo Boss for MEN posesses a blend of: lavender, amber, cinnamon, nutmeg, vetiver,


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