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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is an online fitness program that has been receiving a lot of hype from the online crowd. In fact, it has been regarded as the best fitness book, or e-book for that matter, available.

This fitness e-book was created by world-known natural bodybuilding champion, Tom Venuto. He teaches people that people can “gain in order to lose.” That statement basically meant that people gain muscle and lose weight.


Well, according to Tom Venuto, it is, indeed, possible. In fact, many have already decided that the best fitness e-book is Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. With hype like the one this particular online fitness program has, people feel inspired to go through each of the pages, chapter by chapter, and finish the e-book in order to determine if the program actually lives up to what it says it is.

What is included in the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle package?

The sales letter of this online program includes six bonuses that could total to about one hundred pages that are jam-packed with fitness-related data. But many do not actually read this them thinking that these extra pages are just bonuses and not really part of the e-book.

However, these bonuses are actually good additions to the package because they tend to talk about issues and information that are usually not covered by other online fitness programs. With this said, it can be assumed that it is best to read these bonuses. That is why they are called “bonuses”, because they are good stuffs that come free.

The diet list

Inside the e-book is also a complete diet list that discusses which food make people fat and which food do not. If the buyer actually weighs the book itself, it could weigh to around three hundred forty pages. That is quite massive for a fitness book! The cover is totally solid and the buyer can guarantee that the book is completely filled with data and information instead of simply a smattering of before and after pictures.

Although there are some tables of important data in it, the graphics end there. Even the tables require a whole lot of reading. With this, burning the fats and feeding the muscles are not the only things that are accomplished, but reading and comprehension skills are also enhanced, but that’s an entirely different story.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle can be bought from book stores, or can be bought from the Internet in e-book form. Either way, buyers would still have to read it.

The introduction

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, in its introduction, talks a lot about the principles associated with dieting and fitness. For instance, it says that there are certainly no quick fixes, losing weight is not the exact same with losing excess fats, and that the book, itself, does not only face issues about fat loss but also about making people healthier as well.

Motivating the people

Everyone knows how setting goals is actually difficult. But still, it is done by everybody with the knowledge that it is important when it comes to actually reaching what is wanted.

Many have already talked about this somewhat sensitive issue. But what is totally impressive, is that Tom Venuto touches this topic like it has never been touched before. He has done quiet an admirable job as he was quite scrutinizing in discussing the art of setting goals. The way Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle puts it, setting goals, in this case, ones that are related to fitness, and actually achieving them, can be done by anyone.

About body types

It is, indeed, a fact that people differ in their body types. Many fitness trainers believe that no matter how different a certain body type is from another, the body reacts somewhat similarly to the very same kind of diet and exercise. However, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle says it is otherwise.

Come to think of it, it would really not make any sense if the body reacts the same way, considering that each body is layered with different amounts of body fat.

Eating right

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle also includes in its package some concepts that are oftentimes overlooked by other online fitness programs. Contrary to what others might think eating anything is actually not allowed even if exercising is totally consistent. This book enlists the proper food types and liquids that serious exercisers and dieters must be well aware of.

In fact, Tom Venuto dedicated approximately twenty pages to this topic so that he is able to help in ensuring which food must and must not be eaten. This includes talking about some food types that are usually thought of as perfect “replacements” for prohibited food, that turn out to be part of the prohibited list as well.

X for supplements

Everyone knows how overpriced these supplements are. For all the buyers know, they could just be placeboes, meaning they contain nothing and that it is actually the faith of the people that makes something happen.

These overpriced supplements actually have more losses than benefits, if ever benefits can be derived at all. In fact, supplements have even somewhat inspired people to under eat, believing that they can get the same amount of nutrients they need from their expensive supplements. Think again.

Cardio training

Exercising is somewhat congruent with dieting and losing weight. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is aimed towards both the weight training and the cardio aspects of the fitness program. Moreover, these two are probably the most essential parts of the whole package.

Becoming fit becomes even more possible and easier when dieting is partnered with exercising. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle also puts some emphasis on the positive effect of good exercises to becoming fit, especially if done with a proper diet.

The physical part

Being a natural bodybuilding champion, Tom Venuto is definitely the right person to ask about weight training. In his book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, he talks about the kinds of exercises that make the exerciser gain strength and have some lean muscles.

Some types of exercise are quite difficult to do, but those are the ones that are usually most effective. So, with this book, readers can get to learn about the techniques that make the steps easier to do in complete detail.

Price to pay

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, with its ultimately helpful complete package and all, actually only costs for as little as thirty-nine dollars ($39). This price is actually common among e-books, but others are not as jam-packed with useful information like this one. It is not all the time that books weigh more than three hundred pounds once in printed form.

The reasons why this e-book is this affordable is because most people’s lack of confidence in it. They think that with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, they cannot actually burn the fat by feeding the muscle. They probably do not believe that such a thing is actually possible. But boy, are they in for a surprise – if, of course, they actually read it.


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