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What is Cheat Your Way Thin?

Cheat Your Way Thin is a weight loss program created by Joel Marion. This best seller’s main principle is to make sure that calories are burned. Burning more calories than usual helps in quickening the weight loss process, and also leads to more effective results.

The advantage

One advantage of Cheat Your Way Thin is that the diet associated with its program is designed specially for those who live busy lives. Mostly, such people hardly get to spare time for exercising and jogging. If a hectic schedule is what keeps them from getting a thin physique, then this program, the Cheat Your Way Thin is definitely the one for them.

What makes Cheat Your Way Thin different?

Many are simply tired of hearing the exact same things being instructed in other weight loss programs. Most of the online weight loss programs have diets that only generate short term results. The disadvantage with short term results is that the weight or the fats the exerciser or the dieter has lost tends to return in only a matter of months.

An interesting thing with Cheat Your Way Thin is that it was created by Joel Marion during a struggle with another diet which was useless beyond words. Joel Marion, before, was forcing himself on a diet which only ended up frustrating him even more. The other diets he has tried only made him binge out on products which were advertised by the very same program. In short, if people are not careful, they could end up getting scammed.

These online weight loss scams are as useless as they can get because they were created in just a snap of the creator’s fingers. The plans were not well laid out, and everything was a haze.

Unlike these scams, Cheat Your Way Thin took five years to be finally finished. The diet plans were researched and were very well thought of. The diet plan associated with Cheat Your Way Thin makes the dieter lose weight without having to give up indulging in his or her favorite food. Binging out is most definitely out of the question, but still, Joel Marion, through the Cheat Your Way Thin program, tells its followers that those irresistible treats can still be eaten and still lose the flab.

The process of starvation

Cheat Your Way Thin review

When the body gets inadequate amount of its essentials, such as the nutrients, fats, and proteins, then it is fair to declare that the specific diet is a failure. It is against the very nature of the body to go into starvation. This is why Cheat Your Way Thin does not let its followers starve.

During starvation, instead of losing unwanted amount of fats, the body tends to hold on to the all the fat it can hold on to. This only successfully slows down the metabolism of the body, which also further leads to burning lesser calories. Aside from burning fewer calories, the person would also feel very tired, restless, and would want to eat an awful lot of sweets.

Yes, it is possible.

As the creator of Cheat Your Way Thin explains, eating of food types that have a high content of fats and sugar is not prohibited at all costs. Eating delicious and absolutely tasty food can still be done without gathering a lot of weight. This is the “cheating” part of the diet plan.

The art of cheating

“Cheating” is a big part of this diet program. With “cheating”, what is meant is that the dieter can eat food types that usually contain large amounts of fats so that the metabolism can be left running as high as it can. This process prevents the onset of starvation. All in all, Cheat Your Way Thin is a clever method of losing weight while protecting the general health.

What’s included?

The Cheat Your Way Thin package includes a main guide, two audio sessions, some reference cards, a video, a workbook, checklist, ad a journal where success with the program can be written down.

What clients say

Cheat Your Way Thin review

The diet plan of Cheat Your Way Thin is definitely right for dieters who are totally interested in losing weight yet still being healthy. In fact, most clients say that they have lost over twenty pounds in only lesser than three months.

Clients also like the sixty-day guarantee that comes with the Cheat Your Way Thin package. Within the given sixty days, dieters and exercisers can see for themselves if the program suits their lifestyle.

Just because this diet and weight loss program is called Cheat Your Way Thin, it does not immediately mean that the dieter can “cheat” all the time or every single day. Most of the body types are not properly equipped for successful balances between losing weight and overeating on a regular basis.

However, what Cheat Your Way Thin is capable of doing is to help dieters eat what they are comfortable eating, and still lose weight.


Many have noticed that with the Cheat Your Way Thin program, the effects are at their peak during the first few eight weeks. It is during these first several weeks that most of the program’s effects are observed because the body is not used to the changes. After this time, although the effects are still very active, they slow down.

Cheat Your Way Thin is highly recommended by many of the leading experts in the fitness industry. But then again, just to be cautious, people still have to check first if their body type is compatible for the program’s processes, before the guide is actually downloaded.

About the Leptin

The body normally releases a chemical tagged Leptin. This certain chemical is responsible for dulling the sensation of hunger. It is also responsible for telling the body that the proper weight has already been achieved.

This chemical, Leptin, is reduced during dieting periods. This is why during diets; people tend to feel even hungrier than they have ever felt before. Oftentimes, they feel hungrier than they actually are. This is also the reason why dieters have such strong cravings whenever they are on a diet. This is basically the logic associated with Cheat Your Way Thin.

An advantage of Cheat Your Way Thin, which also helps in making this online weight loss program even more sellable to the market, is that on a psychological level, the diet itself is not so difficult to maintain by the dieter. There are also days when the dieter can eat whatever the heart desires. This is perhaps what the public loves most about Cheat Your Way Thin. This is also perhaps the reason why Cheat Your Way Thin is one of today’s top online weight loss programs.


All in all, Cheat Your Way Thin seems to be a legitimate product. The clients are very generous with their testimonials, and most of them have been highly favorable.

For those who are interested, they should purchase their very own Cheat Your Way Thin guide now, while the price it offers is still considerably low. If it generates good results, as expected, then it is a good deal at an affordable price.


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