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Who created Combat The Fat?

The person who wrote Combat The Fat used to work for the United States of America Military, Jeff Anderson. In fact, he actually worked there for ten years before he finally became a fitness consultant and trainer. Combat The Fat makes use of bodyweight exercises in order to tone and build the lean muscle, right at the comfort of people’s homes.

Combat The Fat can be much more productive with the assistance of a gym. If the program user or follower has a personal gym, then the thirty-minute travel to the gym will not be necessary. But all in all, Combat The Fat exercise routines can only take up to forty-five minutes three times per week. Being able to do the program’s effective exercise routines at home is a big bonus for Combat The Fat.

Although it can be done easier with the assistance of a gym and the equipment found in one, Combat The Fat exercise routines can actually be accomplished right at home, with other equipment that can replace and compensate for the missing ones. Just because a gym can be helpful, it does not mean that the entire program cannot be done without it.

1st module: Secret military fitness program

Combat The Fat is further broken down into three primary modules. For the first one, Jeff Anderson, Combat The Fat creator, discusses fat loss through exercise, and other factors that can speed up the weight loss process.

This is beneficial for everyone since in order for fat loss to actually look good, the muscles need to be toned, which can only be accomplished via exercise. Without it, fat loss is still possible, but the skin will only look flabby. This is definitely not the kind of look Combat The Fat provides to its loyal users and followers.

2nd module: Workout workbook

For the second module, he becomes more detailed with the workouts that those who are interested to lose weight should actually be doing. Moreover, Combat The Fat also comes with a printable workout log for each session that makes the workout much easier for Combat The Fat users. The log tells the individual about a particular schedule and to-do list that can definitely speed things up and make everything organized.

3rd module: Nutrition manual

The third module talks about the proper diet and nutrition. This proves that Combat The Fat is also concerned about keeping the health of the followers intact. There is no use having thin users who are unhealthy and malnourished.

This is a great deal, especially for those who love diets. Unlike other online weight loss programs, Combat The Fat is not merely concerned with the weight loss factor, but is also concerned with the general health of the person. This is why the Combat The Fat nutrition manual talks about the right food to eat and in the right amount.

All in all, the modules prove that Combat The Fat is a well-rounded system that can help its followers in building a lean and stronger body. Although the physique created is not as “oily” and packed as bodybuilders, it is still well-toned and very attractive. And besides, more of the public want to have a not-bodybuilder physique.

Program bonuses

Those who purchase their very own Combat The Fat also get a bonus audio session that is timed at ninety minutes. A DVD copy of the exercise program is also provided.

The only probable downside of these bonuses is that many might think they are quite useless and cheap. However, buyers must take note that it is the main product, that is the Combat The Fat exercise program that they pay for and not the bonuses. The bonuses are merely add-ons to an already well-functioning and effective online fitness program.

An advantage for Combat The Fat is that, despite the fact that it is very effective and sought after by many people, it is not as expensive as other online fitness programs. In fact, Combat The Fat is one of the cheapest online exercise programs, which makes the program such a great value for money.

Who is Jeff Anderson?

Jeff Anderson is the gym buff whom many regard to as the Muscle Nerd. He is the one who created the Combat The Fat program, making sure that he is able to help those who want to burn the unwanted fats.

Most people would feel ridiculed once compared to a nerd, but Jeff Anderson does not take it this way. He is actually quite flattered about it. He likes to be called the Muscle Nerd; especially once the term is associated with his successful exercise program, Combat The Fat.

This Combat The Fat creator and developer used to work for the military as the former military fitness trainer and instructor. Through this online exercise program, Jeff Anderson was able to break the code of silence and revealed the techniques and tricks that the US Military use to get their soldiers into shape as quick as possible.

At first, many believed that this information is classified, but it looks like Jeff Anderson insisted on sharing to the world these fat-burning military tricks and fitness techniques for the rest of the world to use and benefit from.

In conclusion, the public loves the exercise program Combat The Fat provides for everyone. It is very effective and productive. Another plus to this program is that it is very easy to understand because it is easy to read, plus the words used in the program are quite easy to comprehend.

Moreover, the entire e-book of Combat The Fat is very entertaining as well. So the users of this online fitness program are not only provided with easy tricks for losing weight, but they actually get to enjoy the process as well. Many also love the military look of things, as some feel that Jeff Anderson acts like their fat-burning commander. People also love the reminder tips that come with each of the three manuals that come with the Combat The Fat program.

The military approach

Combat The Fat makes use of a military approach in handling the exercise routines. Since Jeff Anderson used to work for the military as the military’s trainer, the people are given the notion that he will also make them look like soldiers, with well-toned bodies and lean muscles. Basically, Combat The Fat users are taught how to “wage war” against all of the individual’s unhealthy body fats. In the end, Combat The Fat followers will win the war.

Combat The Fat’s military muscle-toning exercise tricks provided are given at a too cheap price. The program’s users get at least ten times the value of their investment. In fact, one of the bonuses is actually worth of the entire price of admission. This is a win-win situation for the program user.

Unlike other online fitness programs, Combat The Fat is very easy to follow since the words used are easy to do and very easy to understand. The information provided in the program’s three manuals is also very accurate. This means that unlike others, Combat The Fat is not a false-claiming program. What Combat The Fat says, Combat The Fat actually provides.

The negative side

A downside for the entire Combat The Fat program is that the sales letter might drive the female population away because of the military commander approach that is used. Although women might think that this program is strictly for men, Combat The Fat is actually dedicated to women also. Women can actually benefit a lot from Combat The Fat.



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