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Commission Blueprint 2.0

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Commission Blueprint Overview

Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton are two really busy guys. These two are very popular folks, especially when you talk about online marketing, as they are known for operating and managing a number of successful online businesses for the past three years.

In 2008, these two marketing geniuses created what is now known as the Commission Blueprint. The Commission Blueprint is actually an Internet marketing course that teaches beginners how to market digital products via affiliate marketing sites like Clickbank, Google AdWords, and many more. Here’s a balanced and honest review of the Commission Blueprint course.

How Commission Blueprint Became An Internet Marketing Sensation

The Commission Blueprint is a course that offers cutting-edge and truly potent affiliate marketing methods and tools for budding online marketers. The system created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey has become an Internet marketing sensation, and has already sold over 20,000 or more copies since it was launched in 2008. The Commission Blueprint has also already become the fastest-selling Clickbank products of all time. A new and more-improved Commission Blueprint version however, teaches you how to make money through Clickbank and other affiliate marketing companies as well.

Just Who Exactly Are Steve And Tim?

For those who don’t know these guys yet, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey are popular Internet marketers, and these two own a number of successful Internet businesses, and they have also been able to accumulate a turnover in excess of $7 million in profits each year. These affiliate marketing geniuses have shown how they actually made over a hundred thousand dollars in just 30 days, through promoting just one Clickbank product. The recent success of the Commission Blueprint actually shows you why it’s a workable system, which allows you to earn steady income through affiliate marketing.

Here Comes Commission Blueprint 2.0

In 2009, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey released the sequel to the first Commission Blueprint course. Now called the Commission Blueprint 2.0, continues to focus on what are the best methods for earning more revenue through affiliate marketing. However, Commission Blueprint 2.0 doesn’t simply focus on using Clickbank, but it also harnesses the potential of other affiliate marketing links such as Commission Junction, Amazon,CPA and others. Commission Blueprint 2.0 teaches Web marketing beginners proven and truly feasible affiliate marketing strategies, which enable neophyte marketers to earn from $500 to a thousand dollars each day, and all of this will come from free online traffic.

The New Commission Blueprint Version Shows You How To Make Money Through CPA

According to affiliate marketing experts, the Commission Blueprint version 2.0 includes a section that’s devoted to CPA-related affiliate marketing details.Commission Blueprint 2 doesn’t simply offer you proven methods towards making money on CPA, but also gives you you sharp insights on which CPA networks to join, and what techniques are great for quickly earning profits through CPA.

Neophyte online marketers need to know that CPA is considered to be the “in thing” in Internet marketing today. However, getting in the CPA network is not easy, especially for newbieonline marketers. With Commission Blueprint 2.0, the barrier is now easier to cross for amateur marketers, because Commission Blueprint 2.0 now comes with a CPA network that you can use and join. The best thing is that Commission Blueprint 2.0 is a recommended CPA network, and you can easily join become accepted to it.

Commission Blueprint  2.0 Also Provides An Impressive Array of Software Tools

The Commission Blueprint 2.0 version doesn’t only teach you both basic and advanced affiliate marketing strategies and methods, it also provides you all the necessary tools and software needed. The Commission Blueprint 2.0 package includes useful software such as Ad Spy, Article Blueprint, Site Builder,Serpy Tool, and a whole lot more.

Actually, the cost of the software provided should even exceed the price of getting the Commission Blueprint course, however the creators of the Commission Blueprint version 2.0 know what your needs are. The other major change in the Commission Blueprint 2.0 feature focuses on how to get free traffic, as compared to simply using AdWords, since using AdWords doesn’t come cheap today. Well, despite teaching you how to easily get free traffic, the Commission Blueprint 2.0 will continue teaching you how to use AdWords as well. It also teaches you how to use article marketing as a useful tool for getting free traffic.

The Article Blueprint software should help you to address the need for writing good-quality and fresh content each day of the week. The Article Blueprint software is both an article submitter and article spinner in one package, which allows you to easily spin one article into a number of fresh and unique write-ups. Once you spin your articles, you then choose the directories where you want them to be submitted or posted. The software should help to quickly allow you to get back links, as well as get more free traffic to your affiliate marketing business.

Other Topics And Courses Covered By Commission Blueprint 2.0

The new Commission Blueprint version also covers useful topics. These include determining the right affiliate marketing products, using social networking and social bookmarking sites, how to get better affiliate sales, keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), using pay-per-click (PPC) and AdWords, email marketing, list-building, article marketing and social media strategies.

The course format is quite similar to the original Commission Blueprint course, and most of the courses are also presented and mentored by Steve Clayton. Instructional videos and audio material are also provided, although Commission Blueprint 2.0 is more stuffed with useful courses and software tools.

The Commission Blueprint 2.0 course covers the following modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Commission Blueprint 2 (Breakdown of course and module components);
Module 2 – Keyword Research ( Conducting keyword research using Keyword Blueprint);
Module 3 – Finding And Picking Offers (Choosing and using affiliate marketing companies);
Module 4 – Creating Conversion Sites;
Module 5 – Affiliate Sales And Conversion Methods;
Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization;
Module 7 – AdWords And PPC;
Module 8 – Article Marketing And Social Media;
Module 9 – Email Marketing and List Building;
Module 10 – Conclusion and Moving Forward.

The video instructions are mostly presented by Steve Clayton.

While the original Commission Blueprint course managed to achieve striking success during its first release in 2008, the Commission Blueprint 2.0 version is pretty certain to surpass the performance of its predecessor. The solid tandem of Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton have once again provided a sure-fire and proven blueprint for success in affiliate marketing. Apart from providing a truly useful online marketing training course and starter kit, these geniuses have rolled out a course that’s so affordable, and is filled with innovative content, useful software tools, and expert advice on how to use the available resources for jump-starting your affiliate marketing campaign.


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