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Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 Player

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Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 Player is trendy and stylish, and available in 16GB, 8 GB, 4GB and 2GB. This media player has the mosaic keypad, a very unique design which makes you stand out from the rest. It has a unique form and has amazing functions. With its 1.8 inch display, you can play back videos and photos in high quality while listening to your favorite songs. The battery life lasts up to 32 hours so you can fully enjoy your media file. Creative Zen Mozaic will change your music experience which is why this is the best choice for on-the-go entertainment.

A Stand-out Design

With Zen Mozaic, you can make a very unique statement which will make you stand out from the crowd. Very distinctive and trendy, this media player is striking and convenient while on the go. You can use it when you jog in the morning, ride a bus or when you just want to chill out in your room. It is available in different colors including silver, pink and black, so you can surely select one that suits your lifestyle and personality. Zen Mozaic has built-in speaker that makes you share and fully enjoy your chart-topping music loud and clear. With the 1.8 TFT display, you can go through your gallery and view your photos in sharp details while you listen to your favorite playlist.

Features you will Lovezen mozaic mp3 player

This Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 Player has dynamic features, making your music and entertainment more fun than ever. Lightweight and comfortable to carry around, you can have this media player anytime and anywhere you want. With 32 hours of continuous media playback, you can listen to your music for a long period of time. This is the time based when the bundled earphones are used but the actual life of the battery will vary depending on the different earphones you will use. If you use the speaker, then battery life will be less than expected.

You can use it to act like your alarm clock, the good thing is it is just handy. You can view your calendar for important dates, and can also serve as your external storage device where you can have your important documents and files stored.

You can get the latest news and traffic updates with the FM Radio integrated with the device. You can choose from 32 presets that you can find. Record your voice or create voice memos wherever you choose. Play them back whenever you want.

Multiple Audio and Photo Formats

Zen Mozaic has wide audio supported formats such as WMA, MP3, Audible 4 and WAV. You can store photo formats such as jpeg, tiff, gif, png and bmp.  You can also the download Creative Centrale to easily transfer, rip and organize your media contents. Have audio effects to improve your music experience. Select from the eight EQ presets or you can even customize your own EQ. Enhance your sound with smart volume effects and bass boost.

Get a collection of free audio podcasts channels and videos from Manage all your subscriptions with the Zencast organizer. Experience and share the free formats available in the website.

What Customer Have to Say?

Here are some what customers have to say to this amazing Zune Mozaic:

“I would recommend this product to anybody that wants an MP3 player.”

 “It sounds very good and has very good battery life.”

 “I’ve had the Zen Mozaic 4 GB for about a week now, and I love it!”

What users really love about this device is it is very cost-effective for a player with a lot of features included. The built-in speakers sound better than others considering the small size of the player. Also as the manufacturers claim about the 30+ hours of battery life, which is definitely true according to users.

The manufacture provides software that allows you to convert your video to .avi so you can play it in your device, although the screen is way too small for video watching. You can use Windows Media Player or Media Monkey to sync or you can simply Drag and Drop.

This Zune Mozaic works great for audio books which you can download from local libraries and is compatible with the OverDrive Media which many public libraries use today. Users also love the fact that this device remembers where you left off when left in pause mode. This is amazing for students studying for their exams.

Users can also customize the navigation around the device. They can move menus and place them in a convenient place. Also you can delete, add or set a specific item as hot key. This is not only a Zune Mozaic but “your” Zune Mozaic because of the customization features.

According to users, you can bookmark your songs, search for a certain artist or song, creates all-favorite-songs playlist and variety of the tracks while playing. Also this device has the sleep mode feature which will shut down the device after the time you have set it to be in this mode.

What they don’t like is the device is made out of plastic which makes it look like a toy. But somehow the overall result is well-made and sturdy. If you want a metallic feel for your device, then you should invest on a bit expensive than this one.

Another is the headphones. For users, the headphones are inexpensive and the sound quality isn’t that good. Using other headphones is ideal and brings out the great quality of the sound.

With eye-catching mosaic keypad, Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 Player is the trendy media player today. With 4GB storage capacity, you can listen to 1000 MP3 files and 2,000 WMA. View your photos to the 1.8 inch screen in sharp details and while you are tuning in to your favorite songs. Zune Mozaic comes in colors such as black, silver and pink colors that will definitely fit your kind of lifestyle. With more than 30 hours of battery life, you can continuously listen to our favorite playlists. It only weighs 5.6 ounces so you can put in your pocket and go to a party or to a friend’s house without hassle. This media player will change and improve our music experience in a stylish way.

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