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What is Affiliate Marketing?

A marketing practice from which rewards are given to one or more affiliates by a business for every visitor or customer that has been brought by the affiliate marketer is called Affiliate marketing. Cash and/or gifts are given to the affiliates as rewards of the affiliate marketing’s efforts.

About this Type of Business Endeavor

This kind of business consists of four core players which are as follows: the merchant also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’, the network, the publisher also known as ‘the affiliate’, and the customer. Affiliate marketing, indeed, lies on top with other Internet marketing methods in some degree, simply because of the fact that affiliates often use regular advertising methods. Those methods comprise of organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and sometimes display advertising. Less orthodox techniques such as publishing reviews of products and/or services offered by a partner are also being used by the affiliate in some instances.

The $1M click bank account that offers the one assigned for signing up so that it is possible to steal the six figures and also swipe from the super affiliates. This is like raiding the gurus without anyone even knowing it. That is what the Day Job Killer is all about.

How It Works

How does Day Job Killer work? It is only possible to finally understand the system’s entirety if you read the official website. It is stated in the website that “Discover the super affiliate secrets, and break away from the failure and lies”. It sounds interesting but still confusing. So, I continue to read the content and what the owner of this strategy guide states for affiliate marketers. For sure, what the program developer is saying can greatly help them promote products through direct linking. His name is Chris McNeeney and he created Day Job Killer in the year 2007. This is his third major release after AdWords Miracle and Affiliate Project X both created in the year 2006.

What Day Job Killer Offers

It offers the readers or consumers the following: to learn the most devastating AdWords techniques and the ones the top 1% use against one’s right, exposes the step by step detail on the affiliate marketing tricks that the six figure guys use, uncovers the secret in swiping the blueprint of the seven figure ClickBank dynamo, and also to learn the reason why one is living a lie and take a revenge on the gurus. Also, the author gives the ideas on the three reasons why affiliates fail to profit from ClickBank, with a failure percentage of 99% and what the 1% does differently.

Moreover, Day Job Killer offers more strategies as compared to other programs. Campaign nuking is a strategy that enables one to locate and steal profitable Adwords campaigns which are profitable but brutal. Another strategy is the one teaches how to guru and generate multiple income in a flood which is called the “leveller” method.

Day Job Killer Package Inclusions

So what is inside the Day Job Killer? First: “the step-by-step methods that the super affiliates use in 2007”. Second: “Take from the gurus and borrow from the super affiliates”. Third: “The secrets they don’t teach anywhere else”. Fourth: “Little need for capital”. Fifth: “Advanced AdWords techniques”. Sixth: “The only affiliate manual that lets you compete with the gurus”. Seventh: “The biggest revelation to hit affiliate marketing in three years”. Eighth: “Learn things from the six figure guys that rarely surface”.

Getting Enrolled

One does not need a lot of money. Just a few dollars will do. One does not need a website or any inventory. And lastly, one does not have to have an advance knowledge or special skill which one only needs to have wise mentality.

Day Job Killer uses three methods. Direct Linking X, the Leveller, and Campaign Nuking.

Direct Linking Method

What is direct linking method then? According to a web hosting site’s definition, direct linking also known as hot linking, leeching, and bandwidth theft happens when a certain website owner links his or her website directly to the image or other multimedia. This is done with the web host files owned by another website owner. This is accomplished without the permission of the one he or she is linking with, which is actually a form of stealing bandwidth.

Leveller Method

What about the Leveller method? It is the number 2 method of the Day Job Killer. It is also known as the “How to Rob the Guru” section. From the so called power techniques, this is the most amazing technique which has unique difference from the other power techniques. It is a matter of doing what the gurus are doing rather than doing what the gurus are telling. That is, instead of following what the guru is telling the person or the customer regarding what to do, he or she is doing or copying the things the guru is doing. With this kind of method, a person who is the customer can learn what the guru is doing and in short, enables him or her to rub the guru.

Campaign Nuking Method

How about the Campaign Nuking method? According to a dictionary, nuke is defined as a great tool which is oftentimes considered as a nuclear device or weapon. Nuking is the act of attacking an opponent with the use of nuclear weapons. In the definition of nuke, based on the readily installed definitions within the computer, nuke is the act of intentionally deleting the entire contents on a certain directory, hard drive, or another storage device or computer.

Nuke is associated by nudge. Nudging is the act of doing something just to get attention, no matter how gently it is done. The strategy of nuking and nudging is the number 3 method in the Day Job Killer. It has been a very trendy kind of strategy associated with the Day Job Killer ever since it has been released. Many understand the strategies and the potential benefits of campaign nuking. But, some are still stopping in their tracks as they consider the potential drawbacks. Before a person begins campaign nuking, he or she must consider a few things. How? Know what nuking and nudging is. In simple terms, it is outbidding one’s competition. It is an essential method so that he or she can have all of the pay per click traffic in relation to a specific URL.

About the Benefits

The benefit of receiving all the clicks and traffic is very obvious but the risky part is the price he or she has to spend in order to achieve the benefits. Therefore, before the person will begin this method he or she must consider what he or she can really afford to pay. The amount to be paid is normally affordable. However, it actually depends on the person on how much he or she is willing to invest. It takes a lot of guts to pay more and more before a person sees the results of his or her investment.

Before purchasing the Day Job Killer, one should read and know more about the product, not just merely reading about it, but actually reading the testimonials of the people who have really tried to use it. Those who are interested must not base their decisions on those other people who are just trying to promote it.

The truth of the matter is, most of the people across the globe want to earn a lot of money in an instant without spending too much time and effort. That is why many ways of instant money earnings are being made up by those business-minded people. They offer other people certain methods or techniques in order for them to get to earn normally and also earn double. So, if you are one of the people who would like to try the abovementioned kind of business, think twice before trying it. Doing so guarantees that in the end you will have no regrets.



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