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See What You Get When You Join Doba – Part 1

There are actually only a few companies that are able to provide the right service the clients truly need, especially the ones related to drop shipping with a wide variety of suppliers. Doba is one of these companies, and is actually recognized by many as one of the best in the list.

About the Doba directory

The Doba directory has products that come from a wide variety of niches which is able to integrate the products into the purchasing portal of a single drop shipping. With Doba, there is no urgent need to have to contact the supplier for a negotiation. There is no need for a reseller license. If the client wants to use the data feeds, then they can be used because the data feeds have already been incorporated into Doba.

See What You Get When You Join Doba – Part 2

Ordering products from different vendors can still be accomplished by just making one single order. This somehow separates Doba from other directories and makes it unique. Although many people might perceive of drop shipping as something that is quite complicated, it is not the same thing with Doba. This is so because Doba makes sure that the entire process of drop shipping and product sourcing is simplified into only one user interface. Of course, they would not want to get their clients confused.

To avoid further confusion, Doba also prepared a training program that is extensive about their systems. This program also provides clients with a how-to system when it comes to looking for reliable suppliers and about selling items online, in stores for eCommerce or in auction websites like eBay. The trial period with Doba can be availed for as long as 14 days, to start your Free Trial Click Here

The price to pay Doba

It is a fact that Doba has the greatest service, with the best integration and tools that are the easiest to use. However, all of these come at quite a cost. This is because, according to most experts, Doba is a middleman. The good thing is that the overhead costs that have been added are actually exceptionally small.

The price for drop shipping is still competitive especially in today’s market. Clients avail themselves the monthly membership offered by Doba.

Doba is certainly unique in the industry of product sourcing and eCommerce. It is a combination of product fulfillment, education, product sourcing, and drop shipping, all put together nicely.

DobaTrue wholesale

A true wholesale gives the details to the true suppliers. In other words, there are no middlemen. There are also quite a lot of education and eCommerce tools that are available.

Big wholesale

A big wholesale is actually quite cheap and has many suppliers. The difference is that it does not emphasize much difference between the middlemen and the true suppliers. There are also very many resources, but clients have to be careful because they can be paying some inflated rates without even realizing it.

Broker networks

Broker networks give out huge claims saying that they are drop shippers with a lot of products included in their list. However, the truth is, they are merely teaching their clients about the right ways of using affiliate marketing in order to look like a drop shipper.

Broker networks are not related to product sourcing. They are much more knowledgeable with affiliate marketing. Many think that paying for such service is something that is absolutely pointless and a total waste of money because affiliate marketing can actually be availed for free.

Doba is similar to a direct supplier. Having a list is not something that is necessary because Doba itself is the drop shipping center. With Doba, clients do not have to contact the suppliers because Doba is actually the supplier.

The process

When the client has finally chosen a product, it will be searched first in the portal. Once it is put on display and someone is interested in purchasing it, the purchase needs to b e made via the Doba portal. Simply type in the shipping address of the customer but the client’s billing address should be the one that will be typed in.

Whenever clients get confused, there is no need to worry because they have access to an educational program that gives the clients access to a lot of fantastic and educational articles. Getting started may be a little difficult at first but Doba provides clients with a step by step training program that has been personalized.

What does Doba sell?

Some people are still wondering if Doba sells real existing name brands are merely some Chinese rip-offs. Actually, majority of the products that Doba supplies come from real name brand products, such as Nautica, Apple, Cuisinar, and DKNY.

Additionally, the products are also brand new. For those that are surplus products or products that have been refurbished, there will be huge reductions in the price. Correct and true details will also be provided per item.

Comparing prices

DobaBeing a member of Doba will prompt the client to pay almost fifty dollars per month ($49.95). The prices of Doba products will also be somewhat higher than the ones that a direct supplier offers.

What makes Doba a middleman?

Doba usually acts as a go-between between the seller and the purchaser. The prices may also be mildly higher than the ones offered by a true drop shipper. Also, a reseller’s license is not necessary before clients can actually purchase from them.

What does not make Doba a middleman?

Majority of their supplier sources are only exclusive for Doba. This means that they are simply acting as distributors and not middlemen. All of the purchases can only be made inside the website of Doba. This means that there is absolutely no need to communicate with the many suppliers in order to negotiate because everything can already be accomplished with the use of the Doba portal. Using the Doba portal is also very easy and is actually as easy as purchasing products online from Amazon. Doba is also not a directory that enlists other websites because all of the products can already be found inside the Doba website.

The slight premium

The best advice for those who are still beginning in their own business of selling products on the Internet is to keep things simple at first. First things first, the client needs to completely understand the market first and try to predict if a product can be sold even without any profit or if there is a loss.

Data feed system

A data feed system allows the client to give the market some ways that they can integrate their own database into the existing website of the client. Doba is known to have one of the best data feed systems to have ever been made as it automates lots of demand, supply, and pricing issues.

The perfect place

Many believe that Doba is the perfect place for testing their products and the market to see if their products can actually sell. Doba also gives client a very effective avenue for supplementing the client’s present list of suppliers.

Doba teaches clients that before people start investing lots of their time and source products directly from their suppliers, they should test the market and how strong it is first. Doba allows clients to do this with only a small amount of risk.


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