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What is the Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat is a weight loss program created by Brad Pilon. He makes use of intermittent fasting in order to burn calories without having to specifically count calories every meal time.

Many would be skeptic about this dieting program at first because of the common perception that fasting is not good for the body. However, according to Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat weight loss program, people are told that fasting can make them lose unwanted fats in such a healthy manner.

Who is Brad Pilon?

In fact, Brad Pilon proves to his followers through fifty-seven pages filled with information that he is definitely qualified to give advice to those who believe in what he says and does. Actually, Brad Pilon knows a lot about dieting, fitness and health because he used to work as a researcher at a big manufacturing company of supplements.

The book that comes with the Eat Stop Eat program is very professional in its own way. In fact, it shows precisely how professional and scientific Brad Pilon was in his research and studies. It is because of his knowledge on fitness and health that many views have been changed about fasting.

The program’s concept

Eat Stop Eat’s concept is actually very simple to understand. The dieter only needs to cut down weekly calories without needing to commit himself or herself to a strict “special” meal or other activities that seem to be extraordinary.

Eat Stop Eat’s creator advises followers to perform some strength training so that the muscles are kept healthy during the process of dieting. But what is good with the muscle training is that there is no strict list of exercises that must be done. The exerciser can be spontaneous in the exercise methods.

About the Eat Stop Eat guide

The main guide of Eat Stop Eat is made up of ninety-one pages. However, if the buyer upgrades to the Deluxe version, the buyer then gets more pages at one hundred twenty-one pages.

These data-filled pages all talk about the facts related to the ingestion of protein. Moreover, principles on muscle building are also discussed. They become much more helpful for those who are trying to build their muscles because the guide is very detailed.

Upgrading to the Deluxe version

The advanced Deluxe version gives the buyer more add-ons entitled Ten Day Diet Solution. This part of the guide talks about developing three new effective eating habits so that health is further maintained and more of the excess fats are burned. Dieters can choose a minimum of three of the meal plans out of ten. They only have to choose the habits that they think they can successfully accomplish.

The buyer who upgrades to the Deluxe version also gets access to a PDF transcription that tackles some interviews between some experts on health and fitness and the creator of the Eat Stop Eat himself, Brad Pilon.

Apart from the PDF transcription, an audio file is also provided entitled Why Diets Stop Working. This freebie shows followers what the real purpose is why people reach a certain point in their dieting programs where the diet itself ceases from being effective. The Eat Stop Eat weight loss system teaches its followers some ways how to get around such drawbacks.

Basic package

The Eat Stop Eat program is comprised of three packages, namely, Basic, Deluxe, and the Advanced version.

The Basic package includes a ninety-one paged guide that predominantly talks about the Eat Stop Eat principles.

Deluxe package

This upgraded package still has the ninety-one paged guide with the words Eat Stop Eat on the front cover, plus a guide entitled How Much Protein? amounting to one hundred twenty-one pages.

Advanced package

The Advanced version includes the portions that have been mentioned above. Also, it includes a guide of twenty-five pages entitled the Ten Day Diet Solution. A transcript of two hours of a single file of audio is included. Moreover, there are actually six advanced audio files. Another technological add-on is twenty-two minutes worth of audio entitled Why Diets Stop Working. And lastly, is the set of six quick interviews initiated by various fitness experts for the Eat Stop Eat creator in a PDF format.

Another thing that makes Eat Stop Eat different from other weight loss programs is the sixty-day money back guarantee that the payment processor provides the Eat Stop Eat buyers. This gives them a financial support to fall back on when the need for it arises.

Eat Stop Eat pros

The claims that the Eat Stop Eat weight loss program declare are actually not just “claims”. They are backed up with scientific results after years of research. This is no problem for Brad Pilon, Eat Stop Eat’s creator, because he has experience with being a researcher for a huge supplement-manufacturing corporation.

The diet associated with the Eat Stop Eat weight loss system does not require the dieter to commit himself or herself to a strict diet menu with special food types that are oftentimes not as tasty. The fasting part also does not have to be as long as how other weight loss programs suggest their followers to do.

The fasting portion of the Eat Stop Eat system is also very easy to follow. It does not take a genius to actually understand what the program wants its followers to do and believe. Moreover, the Eat Stop Eat fasting system is much easier and more effective to do than specifically counting the calories that are ingested and burned regularly. Normal eating habits do not even have to be interrupted.

Eat Stop Eat cons

This kind of weight loss program is not suggested, and is actually contraindicated, for people who suffer from medical conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus. Moreover, there is no specific exercise plan that exercisers need to strictly follow. They can exercise in whichever way they want to exercise. They can exercise while still feel comfortable about what they are doing.

The claim

Eat Stop Eat creator Brad Pilon states that Eat Stop Eat can certainly help its users in losing weight quick. He shares that the processes of Eat Stop Eat are also backed up by correct results from scientific research. Through Eat Stop Eat, the stubborn body fats are removed without disrupting normal metabolic patterns. Moreover, lean muscles are also not wasted.

The truth

Although it is true that other weight loss programs are pull of mumbo jumbo about losing weight, the diet plan with the Eat Stop Eat weight loss system is nothing like that at all. In fact, it is the exact opposite since Brad Pilon, himself, did research regarding the Eat Stop Eat dieting mechanism.

The research was about the metabolic effects of short durations of fasting in human beings and its possible application as an effective principle for successful weight loss.

The price to pay

The Eat Stop Eat weight loss system is actually not complicated to follow. Also, it is not at all expensive, but actually quite affordable. Regardless of the fee,  however, spending for this program would be worth it because the creator of Eat Stop Eat has the credentials that can certainly back up his claims.


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