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Ematic MP3 Video Player

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Ematic MP3 Video Player allows the user to play music, shoot and watch videos, and take photos. It has a built-in 4GB flash memory that allows you to store 2300 songs, 15 hours of video playback and capture thousands of pictures. It also has the MicroSD card slot that makes you add up to 8BG of memory. This sleek and stylish device gives you a fashionable entertainment.

Photos and Videos

The user can record up to a few hours of video and take thousands of photos. Play them all back with the 1.5 inches color screen and share with friends and family

Listen to your Favorite Songs

With 4GB memory capacity, then you can play and listen to more than 1000 songs and hours of videos. With built-in equalizer, you can easily adjust the way you want to listen to your music.


With 1.5 inches color screen, you can easily navigate your files and media browsing. This device allows you to go through the controls effortlessly for video playback.

Recorder and FM Tuner

With headphones as the antenna, plug them and listen to your favorite FM stations. Record the broadcasts and store them for easy playback. The device also has built-in voice recorder to easily record lectures, quick notes and even important ideas so you could easily remember them.

E-Book Reader

This feature allows you to browse and read e-book files of your favorite books. In a cheaper prize, you can read your favorite and the best-selling books.

ematic mp3 playerConnect and Play

Using the high speed USB 2.0, you can quickly transfer all your files with Drag and Drop feature. You can also plug it in your TV or computer monitor and stream your videos, pictures, records and pictures to your friends and family.

Format Compatibility

This Ematic MP3 Video Player can play different audio and photo formats such as MP3, BMP, JPEG, WMA, MTV and protected DRM files.  For videos to fit perfectly with your media player, convert it to 320 by 240 resolutions or less with Ematic Video Converter. It can also acts as a flash storage device for different types of file so you can quickly access them wherever you go. The media files can be converted with Conversion Software that comes with the package

What Customers Have to Say?

“It’s lived up to expectations and I’d recommend it.”

“A little confusing at first, but if you read the instructions, it’s really easy to figure out.”

“It keeps getting stuck and now the reset button doesn’t work. ”

This media player is affordable that you can get your kids and husband as present. It is also convenient to bring it along when you jog in the morning as well as when you to gym for your workout sessions. It is easy to use and even programmed them with a separate of USB port.

One thing users love about is the built-in microphone that you can easily use to record lectures for immediate playback. This device exceeds the expectation of many users from a small and cheaper device they find in the market. You can give it as a present to your kid so he can put in his backpack and pull it out when he rides the school bus. He can also listen to his favorite songs while studying or just chilling out in his room.

If you just want music with no other additional features, then this is highly recommended. Transferring files from your computer to this device is piece of cake, but with videos, there is some work to do. However, it still offers the music experience users need with good sound quality.

It’s really easy to use which makes it very convenient for first time users of media player such as your kids and old folks. They have simple instructions and buttons. If you want to buy something for a person who is not that tech savvy, then this is the perfect choice. The device is worth every penny.

This can also be used for audio books you can have in your libraries. Listening to lectures makes you focus on what you are studying.

The downside of Ematic MP3 Video Player is the plastic-like casing which makes you think twice if it is durable than your solid MP3 player. However, the sound is comparable to Samsung and Sansa Clip which is a big plus for people who plan to purchase this product.

Also this is the not the best choice for streaming videos or movies since it only accepted one special format. Another downside is when you upload the songs to the player, the songs are organized in one long and alphabetical list. So you have to scroll down to find the one you want to play.

So if you want to have a media player that works for you conveniently or for your kids to have a media player of their own, then Ematic 1.5 Inch Media Player is the perfect mp3 player.

With Ematic MP3 Video Player, you can take thousands of pictures and hours of videos playback. With a built-in voice recorder, you can store voice recordings easily. You can also share all your media files with your family and friends with high speed USB port. Ematic MP3 Player is the best choice for entrainment and a fashionable accessory while on the move.

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