Emporio Armani Remix by Giorgio Armani

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Emporio Armani Remix by Giorgio Armani

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Strength In A Fresh Scent

Perfumes have different purposes. They are made or concocted to provide its owner with a scent that fits the man’s personality quite perfectly. For those who have a domineering and strong personality, then a musky scent is suggested. On the other hand, for those who are ultimately friendly and nice, they are given fresh scents. Even if they are a few feet away, their presence can be determined, and in this case, sniffed.

Sophisticated Flowery Scent

Upon smelling the Emporio Armani Remix by Giorgio Armani, a flowery and fresh scent can be obtained. Its scent lasts for a long time, even if he applies the perfume in the morning and stays out until night. Despite the fact that it carries a flowery edge to it, the perfume still has enough strength to somehow “announce” entry to other people within the environment.

Its flowery scent does not counter the person’s manliness. In fact, it exemplifies how much of a man a certain man is because it proves that he is not afraid to be stereotyped. This is just the same with a real man who feels comfortable wearing shirts that are colored pink.

Emporio Armani Remix is very suitable for the men to wear even during the day. In fact, men feel much more comfortable with the crisp smell because it attracts pleasantness for the whole day.

A Unique Smell

The fact that not many people actually use this perfume makes it a very unique scent. It piques the curiosity of the people after getting to smell it since they have not ever smelled this divine yet strong enough scent before.

What truly make this perfume unique are its key components. For the top components, Emporio Armani Remix has bergamot, cardamom and basil. For the middle base fragrances are only two components, the mace and the lily of the valley. And for the third, licorice, vetiver and white musk are added as notes.

What Users Say

Some men who have already tried Emporio Armani Remix like the starting point of the perfume, which is a lemonesque scent that goes along with a pleasurable tinge of basil. According to what they have to say, this perfume is more feminine than masculine, especially because of the presence of the licorice. Although they admit that it smells rather very manly from the bottle, once they expose themselves, with the perfume on, to outside air, the licorice shines through.

But for most of those who have the Emporio Armani Remix on their tables, they like the presence of the licorice. For them, it is merely a fresher version of a masculine scent. The licorice might just be there but its scent is not at all dominant.

Inside the Perfect Bottle

The casing of the Emporio Armani Remix is coated with plastic. It is long and is perfect for men who live such hectic lives.

Since it is not made up of glass, then it can be tossed anywhere without having to worry about shattering the bottle into shards of glass.

The perfume’s bottle looks very nice because of the attractive silver and lilac combinations. Also, it is made slim so that its owner will not have a hard time holding it. Apart from being user-friendly in terms of handling the bottle, it also does not take up lots of room inside the bag.

The Price

The price of thirty-two dollars for the bottle that measures fifty milliliters is already a good buy. But what Emporio Armani Remix lovers usually purchase is the bigger bottle that can carry up to one hundred milliliters for only sixty-one dollars. This bigger bottle can be used up for one whole year, even when it is applied everyday. Even at one year’s usage, the perfume still retains its scent and corresponding strength.

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Launched by the design house of Emporio Armani.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the

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