Euphoria Men By Calvin Klein

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Euphoria Men By Calvin Klein

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Price$35.00 to $50.00

Euphoria Men was created by Calvin Klein, the legendary clothing designer since 1968 who has also been astounding the perfume world since 1985.

Euphoria Men has a Eau De Toilette and an After-Spray splash that was first introduced in 2006. Its fragrance has the mixture of Amber, Suede Note, Patchouli, Brazilian Redwood, Sage, Cedar Leaves, Black Basil, Chilled Sudachi, Raindrop Accord, and Ginger Pepper Cocktail. Top notes, specifically, are pepper, raindrop accord, sudachi, and ginger; middle notes are hydroponic sage, black basil, and cedar leaves, while base notes are amber, suede and patchouli.

Cooling and Relaxing Scent

Unlike most traditional perfumes that are usually over-powering and tend to irritate the person beside you, Euphoria for Men has the right combination of non-offensive fragrances.

This is not even a strong perfume; but what it lacks in strength it makes up for in intensity and depth. Euphoria Men is more a collection of the warm notes and musky side of scents. This can be the right perfume if you prefer something to wear daily or at any time of the day. It gives a relaxing feel and sends off a cool impression to the people around you.

Simply Euphoric

The name itself definitely serves its purpose — simply euphoric.

It is exciting, blissful, pleasurable. According to most of its users, when sprayed for the first time, the first thing noticeable is its rather sharp but very sensual fragrance. It has a stimulating scent that sticks to skin. It also boosts the mood when inhaled and is pleasurably sensual.

Euphoria Men isn’t described as possessing a fruity scent. The scent is more into the musky side of fragrances. Having the right fragrance balance, this is simply not overpowering, neither it is too sweet or agressively sexy. It is just right for daily use. For men, this works to have more women gravitate curiously toward you to savor every blissful scent. It simply evokes a higher state of consciousness.

Testing Skin Compatibility

Not all scents work best in all people. Scents work differently and react differently on each of us. Some fragrances, although meant to last for long hours, may seem to stick for just less than an hour. Some fragrances may even change how they smell after a few minutes or hours. This is why it is best to test the perfume or cologne on your skin first before purchasing one.

How to best apply a perfume? First is by getting to know your body’s pulse points. These pulse points are the where blood vessels are nearest to the skin’s surface. These areas release heat.

As studies show, perfume works best together with heat. These pulse spots are located on the throat, back of arm and knee, and wrist. After spraying the perfume, let it stay for a while and let the oil settle before smelling it. Take note, perfumes smell differently on different people and is usually affected by a person’s skin type.

Bottle Fashion

The Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein bottle has a classy yet modern and stylish look.

Its modern elegance is so sleek and shows off a revolutionary high standard of artistic design. This was designed by Calvin Klein himself, with the help of Fabien Baron. The exterior look is rectangular with its edges that are slightly rounded smoothly, giving off that stylish yet masculine aura. The bottle is one of the high selling points of Euphoria for Men.

Here’s a tip when storing a bottle of perfume: to keep it in excellent condition it must be stored at a room temperature that is not so cold or warm. Extreme temperatures can cause the perfume not just to evaporate, but experience a change in chemical content that may also result in a change in the way it smells.

The Verdict

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein is a perfume known for its irresistible and sensual fragrance that is not overpowering but lasting at the same time.

This is wearable at any time of the day and at any occasion. Experience wise, however, it is highly recommended for evening wear. Iits lasting smell, which is built to stay on for around 6-10 hours, makes it a practical buy, since you don’t have to spray it on several times in a day.

Also, the scent is musky rather than fruity or citrus and gives off a cool and refreshing feel. The bottle size comes in 1.7- 3.4 oz and prices range from $25 to as much as $60, depending on the supplier.

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Launched by the design house of Calvin Klein.


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