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Fap Turbo is one of the recent foreign exchange programs, or often called forex robot. It is a plug and play software, also called Metatrader 4 forex expert advisor (EA). This is an executable software where in you link, or attach it to tour Metatrader 4 and leave it as it does business for you. It automates all trades, it’s like your very own secretary working your trades, making you have more time to do other things and multitask.

This is one important software for newbies who don’t know a lot about the forex scene. The developers are known as the three geeks, Steve, Mike and Ulrich. The main goal of Fapturbo is to control the entire forex robot market trading. It allows people to trade on the foreign exchange market, even with doing nothing.

Knowing How it Works

But how does Fapturbo work? It works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even when you are sleeping. It gives you time to rest and unwind without worrying about work. Since it operates 24/7, when you have placed a trade, even on the wee hours of the day, Fapturbo will still be able to monitor your trade. And the greatest part is, it will be able to make money for you without lifting a finger. It also provides a calculation with regards to the right time or moment of trading. This increases the probability of making money.

The Scam – Free Forex Robot

Moreover, to prove that Fapturbo is not a scam, it allows new forex traders to use a demo account first. It will allow you to experience the greatness of Fapturbo first, so that as you purchase it, you will have no more doubts about the product.

What It Has in Store for You

Fapturbo is the most recent and most successful forex robot in the market today. This EA comes in a couple of versions. It has a regular version that trades between 9pm and 1am GMT on 5 currency pairs using two strategies. It also has a pro kind of version that contains the exact same mechanics yet allows you to tweak extra parameters here and there, such as trading hours. It’s up to you which version you want to use.

There are two strategies that you can perform with Fapturbo. First is the Scalper strategy. It trades on the GBPCHF & USDCAD, EURGBP, EURCHF, on 15 minute charts. And the other is the Long term strategy which trades on the EURUSD, on 1 minute chart.

When a trade opens on a particular currency pair e.g. EURGBP, no second trade can be opened until the first trade has closed. If you want multiple trades for your Fap Turbo, you need to purchase another license. The developers offer discounts for returning customers of the product.

Fap Turbo’s Proof of Excellence

fap turbo review

On, the developers made the page very attention catching. The FapTurbo has excellent results and performs better than past forex robots. The developers brag of the back test results paired with the validation with live test results, ensuring 80 – 100% profit in live trading. The results are just too good to be true.

• 10 Years Back-test
• 13,014 Total Trades
• 99.68% Winners
• 8,792% NET Profit
• 0.37% Drawdown!

These are the results, which just showed how incredible the performance of the Fap Turbo is.

Bold and Outstanding Developer

Since Fap Turbo’s developers were only known for their nicknames, the controversy of one of the developers’ identity was also revealed at their official site. Since they posted such bold statements on their product, it is a pretty straightforward move to reveal his identity. His name is Steve Carletti, a professional I.T. Programmer. The developer also stated how he got rich and how working smart, pays off better than working hard. The site also pointed out the advantages of forex trading which is a good sales move because they are selling the best forex robot at the moment.

Why You Need the Super Forex Robot Fap Turbo

Such are the advantages of forex trading.

• Low Startup – You can start with as LOW as $50!

• Huge Market – $3 TRILLION traded around the world every day (Actually, the Forex market is bigger than ALL the world stock, bonds, and futures markets combined!)

• 24/5 – Non-stop action, with twenty functioning hours in one day with five days per week (Starting from Monday up to Friday)

• Volatile – The most volatile market in the world…what does that mean? HUGE opportunity every moment of the day

• Low Cost – While with stock trading, futures and options you pay spread plus commission, with Forex your only “cost of trade” is spread (that can add up to ALOT!)

• No Cornering – Unlike any other markets, it is IMPOSSIBLE to corner the Forex market….and, no matter how many people trade with the exact same forex robot, its efficiency and profitability will always remain intact; a factor that is, in fact, a huge plus!

• Up & Down – Profit from rising and falling prices…you don’t care which way the market goes. Unlike with the stock market in the USA, with Fap Turbo you no longer have to wait for a shorting-related up-tick!

• No Size Limit – You can trade as big or as small as you want! This is something that ONLY the Forex market allows you.

During testing period, the developers lost their own money with testing out so-so forex robots in the market, and in the process, they lost a lot of money. It was the way to test the results of the forex robots. Almost 99% of the forex robots were crap, according to Fap Turbo’s developers, and even described Fap Turbo as the super forex robot, doing everything that other forex robot’s could not.

The Positive Feedback

There are a lot of contented users of Fap turbo. The positive feedbacks were really overwhelming. Some people said that it changed their lives. One user said it tripled his account in three weeks, and is happy how it is up to date with the crazy forex industry. Some people even recommended the product to their families and friends due to the awesome results they have been getting so far.

Backing Up the Big Talk

Overall, at this moment, the Fapturbo has been living up with the expectations of the users who have purchased it. It works for a lot of people. Overwhelming good reviews have been flooding the internet. And people are pretty impressed. It is a really good catch. If used correctly, it’s like having a fountain of money, and it never runs out, as long as nothing goes wrong.

It makes the unfriendly forex trading world a little less harsh. Even Forex trade newbies can rock this thing out as long as they ride with the Fap Turbo. A lot of Fapturbo users are new to the forex business and is currently doing well with it. So I think anyone can do it.

One Worthy Piece of Investment

The Fapturbo was first priced at a $97 dollar rate, but with the increased size of demand, the price was increased to $147. For other people, it’s not that much of a big deal, as long as the Fap Turbo makes them tons of money, they’ll pretty much triple the price of what they have invested with the Fap Turbo.

Fapturbo developers have claimed that your investment can turn to thousands in just few months. For about two months, a $370 account can turn to $7300. While an account of $2500 can be $8700 in as much as forty-five days.


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