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FastDomain is actually a new company which was established back in year 2005 in Utah, specifically in Orem. FastDomain provides clients with hosting solutions for websites that involve both personal and business matters.

The main goal of FastDomain is to deliver internet hosting packages which are high-powered to their customers at a fraction of the original cost. Their specialties include hosting with the greatest quality and with the lowest price in the market. At such an affordable price, clients can now have a chance to a complete package which has advanced features. Such features are oftentimes exclusive to the companies that are much more expensive.

The customer support system of FastDomain is also top of the line because their agents have been well-trained to always assist their customers along the way.

Its reliability

According to some clients, FastDomain was able to give them a very powerful and highly reliable service with regards to web hosting. They received a supremely advanced data center that is inclusive of high-powered equipment that has the best quality.

The system is very sophisticated, which makes the server’s uptime guaranteed, mainly because of the functional administration tools. FastDomain also provide their clients with a live monitoring system that goes on for 24/7. This is perhaps the reason why FastDomain is able to maintain their reliability and routine backups.

Those who are second-guessing FastDomain’s services put this server to the test and were actually embarrassed when they saw for themselves that FastDomain is really honest when they say their network has the up-most quality.

The features and the benefits

Unlike other web hosting servers, FastDomain has a single plan and price package that fits virtually all kinds of websites, ranging from small to medium-sized ones. They provide their customers with a huge storage space, with a generous amount of bandwidth allowances every month. Of course, FastDomain clients are also provided with quite a few highly useful resources.

Once people check out the FastDomain main website, they will gain access to a site builder which is all for free. With a single account, FastDomain customers can have all the domains they want, since the FastDomain package offers their clients unlimited domains even with just one account.

In fact, users can have as many as two thousand five hundred email accounts, around one hundred MySQL databases, and approximately one hundred PostgreSQL databases. Moreover, they are also given access to a free domain name for as long as they host with FastDomain. For those who are unhappy with how FastDomain serves them, they are also provided with a money back guarantee which can be claimed after thirty days.

Managing accounts

This particular web hosting server is also capable of providing their customers with their own control panel interface they call CPanel. This kind of control panel has all kinds of functions that are extremely useful and very user-friendly. This makes it very easy for clients to manage their accounts.

About CPanel

CPanel is inclusive some search engine submissions, web statistics, database administration, script implementation, and boards for bulletins or forums. Clients also find it much more convenient to handle their email with FastDomain as compared to other web hosting servers.

With FastDomain, customers can now edit all of their email accounts quite easily, and manage their files and domains. FastDomain also has Fantastico, which is an easy to use tool for installing scripts and software onto their particular website. With this new tool, clients can now have access to shopping carts, forms, and blogs.

Customer support service

Unlike other web servers, FastDomain gives their customers a list of support options instead of giving them a fixed choice. This includes having a toll-free support over the phone which can be availed by FastDomain users for 24/7. They also have an online ticket submission system and a highly dependable list of help guides with FAQs that are filled with valuable data and information.

What clients love about their customer support service is that their staff members are very attentive and listen to each and every word that they tell their clients over the phone. They are eager when it comes to helping clients with their problems and other problems that might occur in the future.

Their customer support agents are also very friendly. Basically, FastDomain’s customer support services are the best among all client services, especially because they clock in under only two minutes of phone holding time.

The price to pay

People can now avail of FastDomain for only almost four dollars a month (FastDomain $3.95 coupon). The fact that FastDomain can be purchased at a very affordable price, despite its top of the line and state of the art features is a very great deal. In fact, it is listed as one of the top ten web hosting websites. Clients are very pleased with the services they have received from FastDomain.

What clients have to say

Some clients are very much interested in finding coupon codes for FastDomain. Aside from the coupon codes, this particular web host gives what more expensive companies offer even at such an affordable price. In fact, many clients have tagged FastDomain as the “Little Web Host That Could”.

For those clients who are interested in adding some features that are related to e-commerce to their website, they can have their own choice of shopping cards and a certificate that they can generate all for free. With the package FastDomain provides, clients can also add Shockwave, streaming video, Flash and audio to their website.

They love the fact that their hosting experience with FastDomain is backed up by a customer support system that allows them to look for answers, watch some video tutorials, use the open ticket system, and get help through the toll free telephone service that is open for 24/7 or through the live chat.


Unlike other web hosting servers, FastDomain has a lot of freebies prepared for their clients. Clients can now have access to a free membership to SimpleScripts, which allows them to install applications such as PHPbb, Joomla and WordPress quite easily.

If people sign up with FastDomain now, they can also get a fifty dollars worth of Google Adwords Credits and Yahoo PPC Credits.

Although FastDomain does not offer the cheapest price among all web hosting companies, paying the price it requires with all the features it has is definitely worth it, especially because FastDomain servers and staff work so fast. They work quickly starting from the order process, adding new functionality, and managing the website.


FastDomain has a Secure Shell Access or an SSH for security. This allows clients to make some changes to their website within a very secure channel. Clients also have SSL secure servers that help them ensure that all of the information that is exchanged between guests and their website are encrypted and safely protected.

More on Fantastico

Fantastico is regarded as a very efficient timesaver. With Fantastico, clients can now add resourceful features for their websites such as forums and blogs quite quickly. These are the things that oftentimes attract the guests and encourage them to keep coming back. Of course, aside from these special features, they are also provided with an ample amount of disk space and bandwidth, which all ensure that they have a lot of room for them to grown online and expand their online presence.



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