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Fat Burning Furnace

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Price $39.97

The owner of this online exercise program is Rob Poulos. It belongs to the company Zero to Hero Fitness LLC at a cost of almost forty dollars ($39.97) or almost seventy dollars if the exercise videos are included ($69.97).

What is it?

The Fat Burning Furnace is actually a one hundred fifty-eight-page guide that talks about losing excess fats and gaining lean muscle. This makes the person look so much better with an increased RMR or resting metabolic rate.

The “furnace”

Raising the RMR helps increase the body’s capacity to burn more calories each day without having to alter eating patterns. Although this particular online exercise program puts the person involved on a diet, the diet does not disrupt normal eating habits unlike other online exercise programs.

The Fat Burning Furnace is a very well-written guide that includes all the necessary details. In fact, it is too detailed that the “good stuff” starts around the twenty-fourth page. The first several pages are all focused on the program’s introduction, talking about how many vouch for the program’s effectiveness. Further information about the online exercise program is discussed until page 104 and the remaining pages talk about proper nutrition.

No long workouts

Fat Burning Furnace

Everybody knows how tiring and uninspiring having to sweat it out for more than a few hours is. This is the main reason why the creator of this program did not include any extremely long exercise routines or cardio workouts.

Weights are the probably the only instruments needed, and the routines can be finished in as short as twenty minutes and as long as twenty-five minutes in a day. This is usually done thrice a week, and can be toned down to twice a week as the person involved gets further in the program.

The program’s main focus

Instead of having to perform separate and extremely different routines, the Fat Burning Furnace focuses on having a full body workout routine that is basically made up of exercises of the same style. These related exercise routines must be done very slowly so that the impact of each routine is maximized.

Furthermore, this means that the exerciser can only do a set of these exercises a day, unlike in other online exercise programs where they push their exercisers to tire their muscles out with three sets.

About the exercise

The exercise routines that are included in this particular online exercise program are all discussed in detail. In fact, there are even pictures posted in the guide in order to further explain and describe the routines.

Upgrading with the BlowTorch system

Moreover, if the exerciser even upgrades to the BlowTorch system, then an extra two hours of the videos can be given of the program’s creator doing the BlowTorch exercise routines himself. Rob Poulos shows that the routines associated with the BlowTorch system are different from normal exercises. He also shows the right and effective way of doing the routines.

The package of the Fat Burning Furnace includes a guide for the “break in” exercise routines for those who want to exercise but have never done so in years. After the “break in” guide, there is a beginner, then an intermediate, then an advanced workout plan for gradually setting into the online exercise program.

The aforementioned BlowTorch system is similar to a super advanced exercise that allows the exerciser to target different but specific areas of the body.

About nutrition

The Fat Burning Furnace also talks about nutrition its last several pages. In fact, around thirty-five pages discuss the food types that must be eaten in order to maximize loss of excess fat. These pages are not as strict as fad diets, but they only provide a very easy way when it comes to watching what is to be eaten and what the body truly needs. An example of a recommended meal plan, plus some free recipes, is also provided.


Planners can also be printed out to assist the exerciser in tracking fitness progress. A body fat percentage analyzer is also provided.

Different levels

The Fat Burning Furnace is, indeed, very effective, especially when it is further classified into three levels, namely, Deluxe, Ultimate, and the Ultimate version of the BlowTorch video upgrade.


With the Deluxe package, an additional three months packed with coaching through electronic mail or email is included aside from the primary 158 pages of the exercise manual. Within these three months, a newsletter will be sent per month.


The Ultimate package provides the exerciser with the main exercise guide plus a couple of helpful online tools, namely, a body fat analyzer and a metabolic rate calculator. Apart from these tools, a printable and very detailed progress tracker is also given to help in figuring out progress with the workouts.

Furthermore, instead of the three months of email coaching with the Deluxe package, this package has twelve months, or a year, of email coaching. Although it may seem like this package is more expensive than the Deluxe package, this one is actually much more practical because it is sold at the very same price with that of the previously mentioned package.

The BlowTorch upgrade

This upgrade includes what has already been mentioned, including a twenty-one page digital guide with a set of seven videos. The videos all vary in length, some are as short as sixteen minutes, while some are as long as twenty-one minutes. The creator of the online exercise program, himself, gets himself sweating it out right in his personal gym at home.

Although the videos are not of perfect lighting, they are still very high quality, as the routines can all be clearly seen.

The pros

The Fat Burning Furnace is a well-written guide that includes every detail that needs to be known regarding the online exercise program. It also talks about the reasons why people choose to exercise, why the particular exercise routines work, and how they actually work.

The workouts associated with this exercise program are relatively quick, and requires no warm up. They are actually as quick as twenty to twenty-five minutes long. Even though these routines are short, some exercisers still get confused with the routines. When they do get lost in the program, they can easily have access to the program’s author and creator.

Unlike most online exercise programs, the Fat Burning Furnace does not have a cardio required. The routines are cardio workouts themselves without having lengthy walks on the treadmill.

The cons

The regular package does not include videos that explain the exact instructions. Some think that the provided pictures and explanations are not enough.

Most of the exercises also become much easier with the use of some weights. Weights can only be accessible at such time if they are bought for home use or if there is a present gym membership. Unless, of course, if the exerciser chooses the bodyweight exercises, which are made of routines that only require the use of bodyweight instead of regular weights.

Many of those who want to slim and tone up are interested in diets. This is a disadvantage for the Fat Burning Furnace because this particular online exercise program does not force exercisers to commit themselves to a strict diet.


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