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Fat Loss 4 Idiots

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots is actually a website that showcases a specific kind of diet which is as only as affordable as thirty-nine dollars ($39). Although the price can only be found out after clicking a bunch of linked pages filled with the program’s information, having an effective online exercise program for as low as the aforementioned price is definitely a good deal.

Most health and fitness enthusiasts out there know that losing weight is not an easy task, yet Fat Loss for Idiots makes it sound so easy. This is the main reason why many become quite skeptical about this program, despite all the hype it has around it.

What can Fat Loss 4 Idiots do?

This particular online fitness program boasts that it can make the exerciser or the dieter lose as much as nine pounds in only eleven days. At first many do not think that this is at all possible. But actually, such situation can happen, but only with the right exercise program and diet. This further proves that when everything is right, weight can be lost and quite quickly at that.

When weight loss finally sets in, it is even more important to maintain the exercise regimen and the specific diet. Everything must be according to plan to keep losing all that fat and start shaping up.

Program’s imperfections

Many have already tried Fat Loss for Idiots and they have vouched about this specific program’s effectiveness. The support the people give towards this program is somewhat overwhelming. But still, just like other programs, Fat Loss 4 Idiots has its bad sides.

Everybody likes fruit.

Some of those who have undergone the program’s full cycle have some real problems regarding the program. For instance, many have already stated their dislike for the “fruit day”, which is basically the planned day where fruit must be the only thing to be eaten, hence, “fruit day”. Although everyone knows how delicious and ultimately good for the body fruit is, not everyone is a big fan of fruit, let alone eat it, and only it, throughout the whole day.


Another thing that most dieters and exercisers have a problem about is the fact that with Fat Loss 4 Idiots, they have to eat until they feel satisfied. They must never stop when they still feel hungry, but must be sure not to overeat. Simply put, they have to be just satisfied. The big question is exactly how much is “satisfied”?

Dieters, especially, would want to eat food types that are measured in particular amounts so that they find it easier to monitor and control what they eat. Dieters oftentimes already find it difficult enough to maintain the diet even if the food has already been measured. Now that they have to eat until they feel “satisfied” is the rule, then this must be even more difficult for them, especially as they do it themselves.

Not too much exercise

However, if sweating it out is part of the daily schedule, then this program is not the right one. Those who exercise and tire their bodies out oftentimes get what they want, in the sense that they lose calories. But then again, the body still needs some calories to function and get by. Drastic exercising regularly does not provide the amount of calories the body needs in order to keep functioning normally.

What is the diet made of?

The diet associated with the online fitness program Fat Loss for Idiots is comprised of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and fat sources from whole food like eggs or cottage cheese. Starchy carbs or carbohydrates are also included such as pasta and oats.

A typical Fat Loss 4 Idiots day is divided into four meals, which must be separately eaten with intervals of at most two and a half hours. As much as possible, counting of calories or carbohydrates is not recommended. Dieters must not limit themselves with the portion of what they eat. As mentioned above, they just have to eat until they finally feel full and not a single morsel more.

All about the meal plan

fat loss 4 idiots

The meal plan associated with this online fitness program dates up to eleven days, but after this duration, there is an available three days for “cheating”. In this cheating period, the dieter or the exercisers gets a small window to eat whatever the heart desires. After the three days cheat time, it is back to the strict eleven-day meal plan once more, and so on and so forth as the cycle keeps repeating.

What makes this particular online fitness program different from all other online fitness programs is that Fat Loss for Idiots makes the body think that it is not starving. In a way, the program seems to know how to confuse the body to think that starvation is not occurring.

Although Fat Loss for Idiots is not the first one to incorporate that uniqueness, it still makes it different. Unlike others, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is quite good with balancing the confusion of the body and having to control what may and may not be eaten.

There is a whole batch of food types that are preferred by the dieter or the exerciser, and the meal plan is derived from this list. Once the food types have already been selected, then the meal plan may already be underway.

Purchasing the Fat Loss for Idiots online copy gives the buyer a very comprehensive handbook that guides the exerciser or the dieter about the right way to eat. Moreover, the important points about the entirety of the losing weight process are discussed. For instance, the guide recommends doing some sort of exercise since it can help attain some additional weight loss. Instead of totally sweating out, exercisers can just walk or perform some exercise routines that are of low intensity, for as short as thirty minutes a day.

As previously mentioned above, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an affordable online fitness program. It provides the buyer with all of the above, plus a diet workbook and an online diet generator. It is through these tools that the nutritional value associated with the diet is determined. For instance, it can be found out that its diet has a reduced amount of carbohydrates, which go around macro-nutrient ratios. This characteristic tricks the body’s normal mechanism of metabolism.

This whole program is not difficult at all. It only requires the use of common sense. Common principles of weight loss are the main factors of this particular program.  The significance of brisk exercises such as walking and drinking of lots of water becomes very high. Also, dieters must avoid intake of processed food or supplements, especially ones that contain high amounts of sugar. They basically have to make sure that they only eat whole food.

“It will work”, they say.

This specific online fitness program has certainly become famous in the Internet. And it seems like that reason alone is enough for people to believe that it will definitely work. And just like the saying goes, what the mind can perceive, the body can achieve.

Also, in case, in the worst case scenario, that the program unfortunately does not work, then the one who purchased it online will get a full refund. Nothing can be lost by trying this program. Fat Loss 4 Idiots certainly proves to be such a great buy.


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