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FatCow is one of the highly-rated Web hosting companies today. Aside from the cheap rates they offer for their services, it seems that their solutions are top-of-the-line and their customers have almost no trouble while being under their care. However, there are always problems cropping up on cheap hosting solutions to its best to get to know the company first before trying it out.

Company Profile

Fat Cow started its operation in 1998 and have been in the business with thousands of satisfied customers for 11 years. Their Web hosting solutions cater to personal use, as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

The company offers only one Web hosting plan and no other. So this means that interested parties should first find out the offer in detail before signing up since there are no upgrades to help you out.

New Offer Details

The original offer of FatCow is their $3.67 per month of Web hosting. They put up a new plan with the same name (The Original Fat Cow Plan), yet eco-friendly with the use of wind energy. This new plan costs $66 for a year, which was originally priced at $88; so that means you get savings of $22 with this new plan.

Plan details include unlimited use of disk space and bandwidth within the capabilities of their shared servers; unlimited POP email accounts, free domain, an on-site Web builder, script compatibility (PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, MySQL, Ruby, and more), e-commerce solutions and shopping cart for business-type users, SSL security, unlimited FTP user access, customer support, and a 30-day money back guarantee. The package also includes ad credits on popular search engines, like Yahoo and Google.

Application support is also available as part of their integrated features. FatCow customers can now integrate apps, like Joomla, WordPress, Gallery2, phpBB (forums), Gbook, and on-site monitoring tools (survey, polls, and visitor counters).


One of the best reviews written about FatCows online is their motto to provide a user-friendly environment with their Web hosting and development solutions. This way, first-time site owners don’t have to be well-versed in setting up their sites and domains from scratch since all the tools you need are all available in your on-site Control Panel.

Just one of their interesting features is to keep you updated with your site’s visibility and traffic through their integrated Google tools. This way, site owners under Fat Cow can easily find out if their pages are doing good or not.

Another appealing feature added to the service is the “Point and Click” site builder tool. First-time site owners can make their professional page from scratch without having to mess around with codes and tags. This feature also includes an Application Wizard so you can integrate dynamic content, such as multimedia, blogging, and other apps to your page for a productive use.

Business Functionality

Most shared Web hosting solutions only provide you with a space, a domain, email that’s it. However, FatCow made it a point of integrating features for online business use. Cost-effective solutions include integration of your site with billing modules for credit cards or PayPal; shopping cart, catalogs, coupons, sales options, and more. No need to complicate your business by hiring programmers to make it possible for your site to do online business since everything is there for you to use on your control panel — all you need to do is to use them.

Marketing Offers

Considering the demand for Internet Marketing solutions, Fat Cow provide their account holders with free marketing strategies to help boost their site’s productivity. Aside from tutorials available on the site, you get free Ad credits after signing up on their offers gives you advertising options to major search engines, like Yahoo and Google.

Customer Support

FatCow’s technical team goes by the name Friendly Moo Crew Support. Their support team is available 24/7 and can be accessed through phone, online chat, or email to help you with issues during the terms of the service.

Aside from the help of their team, Fat Cow also included on-site materials to help their customers in dealing with issues or answers to common questions in regards to the features and settings of their account.

Step-by-step tutorials gives you in-depth instructions on how to customize your account, setting up domain names, configuring emails, and of course, a tutorial regarding the site builder feature to flawlessly start your website without problems. They also have a FAQ library found on their page for commonly-asked questions.

HeiferCratic Oath

FatCow is said to be the only Web hosting company that follows the HeiferCratic Oath as part of their customer service portfolio. To sum it all up, you will get a call from the company to welcome you within 7 days of your membership with them, answer your call under 2 minutes, resolve issues within a specific timeframe, courteously attend to customer issues, and continuously improving their customer support in line with quality standards — if not, you get a free 1-month hosting added to your account.

Downside To Fat Cow

As with any cheap Web hosting offers, FatCow is not without its downside as well. Though their technical solutions are almost free from issues and their technical team is always on the look-out for problems and getting it fixed in the shortest possible time; most of their issues stems from pricing.

There were comments about Fat Cow regarding their latest offer that seems to be only available to new customers — the $66 plan. Old customers who are aiming to take advantage of the price drop were not eligible on this offer.

Another downside with FatCow is that their servers are shared with their account holders. Despite the minimal problems that crops up during the service, most of these customers voice out their complaints that the “unlimited” database promised has limits. Only 5 MySQL databases are allowed by default though it is quite possible to talk to their Moo Crew to give you some leeway in case you need more.

Lastly, Fat Cow only offers a single Web hosting plan to the chagrin of account holders who are desperate for an upgrade. This is quite evident on customers who request for additional resources due to increase in site activity or if the business is in need of an upgrade. The only solution to this problem is to move your site to another hosting company that offers what you need — though FatCow does offer prompt refund if you wish to take this step.


Due to the lack of negative reviews on the Web hosting services offered by Fat Cow, we can safely say that the company is one of the best in the industry. They live up to the expectations of their customers in regards to stability of their servers and integrated features that adds flexibility to an account holder’s use of their websites, emails, and domains.

However, as with any shared Web hosting offers, it is best if you look into the details of their services first before signing up for one. After all, it is important that the boundaries of their offers are within your specifications to avoid troubles with it later on.

All-in-all, FatCow holds fast to its standards as a credible Web hosting company and is continuously striving to reach quality standards to address the needs of their customers.



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