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Perfumes have been a commodity throughout history for various reasons. For the modern men, it is mostly for proper grooming or impressing somebody, or basically for the expression of identity. Givenchy Blue label by Givenchy is a fresh, energetic and exciting scent ideal to a man who is active yet wants to unwind, relax, and let loose.

Introducing Givenchy Blue Label for Men

Givenchy Blue Label Pour Homme for Men by Givenchy is an eau de toilette that was first launched in 2004. This is fragrant homage to the classic gentlemen of today’s time, perfect for the contemporary man who loves action. Givenchy Blue label personifies style, energy, and characteristic of an active man.

Fragrance of Givenchy Blue Label

The scent provides the freshness of a rich mixture of grapefruit, tangerine showing off the live citrusy scent, blended with oliban wood, cardamom, davana, pepper, bergamot, hedione, vetiver and cedarwood. It has the top notes of grapefruit, hedione, and bergamot as the introductory or the first impression of the scent that usually stays within 1 to 5 minutes. Then the middle notes of cardamom, pepper, and davana, or can be referred as heart notes, making up the body of the blend. And finally, the base notes of cedar wood, vetiver, and olibanum, the last level of scent that usually creates the long-lasting impression.

Choosing your Givenchy Blue Label Cologne Level

Most perfumes brands are made in several concentration levels, each having its own purposes. Givenchy, like other perfume brands, offers these varieties. You can choose between eau de perfume, eau de toilette, perfume, or cologne, accompanied by other fragrant products. Perfume has the highest concentration of fragrant oil essentials; it evaporates slowly making it long-lasting and ideal for evening and special occasions. Eau de perfume is the most common choice because it is the second high concentration level and the price is lower. Eau de toilette has lower fragrance concentration level, ideally used during day time.  Cologne, also known as “perfume water” has the lowest concentration of essential oils and easy evaporates.

Some Tips on How to Make Givenchy Blue Label Stay Longer

Other than getting the right concentration of essential fragrance level of Givenchy Blue Label, other best way to make the scent last longer is with the help of using body lotions or cream.  You can include other Givenchy Blue Label products, such as after shave, deodorant stick, and bath and shower gel.  Or if you don’t want to buy more of the same signature products; you can try to use unscented creams such as petroleum jelly, Cetaphil, or jojoba oil. You may also want to try and give a light spray on your hair, which can hold the scent better and longer than skin.

Tips on How to Use Givenchy Blue Label

Since signature perfumes, like this Givenchy Blue Label Pour Homme for men, can really be a pricey buy, of course you want to make sure that the fragrance will perform at its best. So to ensure that the fragrance will give-out at its best and longer-lasting, it is best to apply it on your body’s pulse points.  These are your wrists, neck, behind your ears, base of your throat, fold of your knee and arm. Pulse areas releases more heat since the blood vessels are closest to those skinareas, making warm effect , thus releasing Givenchy Blue Label’s fragrance.

As mentioned earlier, this eau de toilette spray can cost you much, and some users say it is not worth the cost. For some, they say it is way too expensive and comparable to Bulgari Acqua, Issey Miyaki, Kenzo, and Acqua di Gio which offer better quality and fragrance than Givenchy Blue Label. However, compared to the latter version of this, Givenchy Pour Homme, Givenvhy Blue Label is a whole lot better, giving adventurous feel for the modern men.

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