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* Indicates Required Field domain registration is one unique web site that provides you the opportunity to register your own domain and web site on the internet. You can start your own online business and gain cash residually provided that you understand the different requirements and processes. You have to know more about the history of first and how this has grown to become one of the biggest web sites on the internet. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get started.

What is Domain Registration? was founded by Bob Parsons in Jomax Technologies in 1997. He was also the founder of Parsons Technology, Inc, a software development company. The Group, Inc. includes Wild West Domains which is also its resale brand, and Blue Razor, which is its biggest domain brand. They have offices in Colorado, Arizona, Washington D.C. and Iowa. is now the biggest ICANN, an accredited registrar in the world. It is three times bigger compared to its closest competitor. It is also ranked first in the biggest ICANN-accredited registrar in April 2005, when it became better than Network Solutions in market share of all domain names registered. Some of the factors that caused the increase included expansion of the product line and lower prices. The company also provides you with hosting packages, web site design and other different services on the internet.

More About Domain Registration Domain Registration has continued to grow and has played a major role in different internet activities. During its first anniversary presentation, Bob Parsons interviewed Adam Lovell, the founder of

The company continued to boost its presence in Washington D.C. in 2007 and 2008, thereby helping the legislation in destroying dishonest online pharmacies and child predators. was sued by in 2006 for patent infringement. In 2005, also criticized the US Department of Commerce in 2005 for not allowing private registration of .us domains.

Lawsuits sued VeriSign in 2002 for slamming domains and sued them again in 2003 for the Site Finder service. The second suit triggered a huge controversy over the role of VeriSign as primary and sole maintainer of the .net and .com top-level domains. VeriSign then shut down the Site Finder service after they got the letter from ICANN ordering the company to comply with the service to stop providing the service. A DDoS attack was made on in January 16, 2009 which affected thousands of shared hosting customers for many hours.

Getting Awards was recognized as a top growing tech company in Arizona in 2003 up to 2005. was recognized as the Most Innovative Company in 2007 by the ACE or 2007 Arizona Corporate Excellence awards. also ranked second on the 25 Fastest Growing companies list. was listed No. 1 Software Company in 2009 and the Best of the Best technology company by Ranking Arizona USA. was also voted as Best Registrar by the Domain Name Wire annual survey from 2006 up to 2009. won in the 3rd Annual Reader’s Choice by in the Best Perks category in 2009. It is also listed as one of the Best Place to Work in the Valley for 5 straight years from 2003 up to 2008.

On Marketing

The advertising of is made in-house and usually contains sexually suggestive material, except for the NASCAR advertising to avoid being attacked by NASCAR fans and other networks. CEO Bob Parsons says that the marketing approach is called, and can be described as fun, a little inappropriate and edgy.

A lot of’s early television advertisements include former WWE Diva, Candice Michelle in a semi-sexual theme. The celebrity has been referred to as Miss domain registration or the Girl by several WWE TV shows. She also does the Dance during her wrestling appearances.

IndyCar driver Danica Patrick was also sponsored by beginning in 2006. She also became a Girl and played major roles in many of the company advertisements. added Vanessa Rousso, a professional poker player in March 2009. Anna Rawson, a professional golfer was added to the line up. In all, there are 5 girls. The most recent one added is Marina Orlova, an online linguist. She has a web site called

Sports Advertising for Domain Registration can be seen in big sporting events such as football and NASCAR. bought a couple of Super Bowl spots for various commercials approved by NBC. As expected, these commercials were semi-sexually related featuring Danica Patrick. There are also internet-only versions of the commercials presented by during the game. These have added risqué content and are extended versions. “Baseball” is now the most watched Super Bowl commercial. It is the name given to Patrick’s shower presentation.

A Number of Controversies has also been involved in a number of controversies. On January 24, 2007, the company deactivated the domain of computer security site called, which took away 250,000 pages of security content off the internet. The shutdown was triggered by a complaint from MySpace to domain registration about 56,000 user names and passwords that are posted 1 week earlier towards the full-disclosure mailing list and filed on the site and several other internet sites.

Gordon Lyon is a administrator who provided the logs to CNET presenting deactivating the domain 52 seconds after the company left him a voicemail. The general counsel, Christine Jones indicated that has a terms of service specifying that the company has the right to stop access to services at any time, without any notice for any reason.

More Complaints received a third party complaint of unacceptable domain contact info in the WHOIS database for sent a letter to the owner of the domain indicating that they can start an investigation immediately if they get a complaint, per the regulations set by the ICANN. The contact data showing in the WHOIS database should be determine as either valid or invalid first. The domain name was suspended because of invalid WHOIS. The domain will not stay suspended via expiration, including the redemption period in the registry, except if the owner will update the contact info before the time period.

Describing the Marketplace Marketplace is another aspect of domain registration and is described as a safe online shopping place that gives people a common storefront, wherein clients can sell and promote various products. Shoppers get access to buy products using a community shopping cart. The vendors can make a shop, manage the different products and orders through the Products Manager found in the Marketing Solutions Manager. The shoppers can also conduct searches, browse and buy products through different vendors.

Selling Online Aside from Domain Registration

You can use Marketplace as your primary venue in selling goods and offering services. You can place your online store in the right category at a fixed fee each month. You can then increase your online store traffic by putting different details and information about the product, such as articles, photos at various angles and other important information.

You will determine the method of shipping and payment. In most cases, you can be paid via credit card or a PayPal account. The good thing about Marketplace is that there are administrators and moderators who will oversee transactions, so that you can stay away from unscrupulous individuals. You can immediately report suspicious characters online. You can also post complaints for any type of service that you are having trouble with or which does not work.

Final Words is one company where you can register your own web site. You can also rely on their different programs and services to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. You can register .org, .com or .net domains at relative fees depending on the size and coverage.

If you want to sell products online, you can also invest in the Marketplace. You only need to pick the right category, then start offering various items. You can expand your network since there are millions of visitors that come to the web site each day. You can sell anything from computers to food to cars and homes. Domain Registration is a multi-awarded and highly reliable company that gives you online help every time. You can let them help you establish your web site, as well as design the pages. You can also get a lot of information from other users and online sellers in their marketplace.

They also have a help center where you can get tips and guidelines on how to use the web site to your advantage. You can get information from domain registration on proper navigation and other tricks to move about the site in the most convenient ways possible.



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