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GreenGeeks is one of the few Web hosting providers today that use “green energy” — which is to say that they provide their own energy supply through natural wind power to supply electricity to their own equipment. They also have a full-featured Web hosting package that fits personal websites to large businesses easily, as well as a reseller package for those who wants to jumpstart their own income through the company’s offers.

Company Bio

Green Geeks is quite proud of their “eco-site” campaign — which is to say that they save their environment while running a full business. This Web hosting provider has their base in California which houses their equipments, as well as their customer support crew. They are a relatively new company in the Web hosting industry, yet feedback from their customers have been nothing but positive.

Hosting Offers

GreenGeeks offers a shared hosting package plus a reseller plan. Their shared hosting plan offers two pricing solutions — $7.95 per month if you subscribe for one year or you can get a discount if you go for 2 years for $6.95 per month. Both offers incorporate a free domain name and waived setup fee. They also have a monthly plan but costs more if you sign up for more.

Their shared hosting plan offers features, like unlimited space, bandwidth, domain and sub-domains, email — similar with other hosting providers that feature a shared hosting plan. However, Green Geeks promises easy migration to and from their servers since they will be handling it on their end.

High-End Technology

GreenGeeks is also one of those few Web hosting companies that inform their customers in advance regarding their hardware specifications. Their servers run on Linux OS and incorporates a high-performance MySQL (backend), Dual Quad Code processing capabilities (Frontend), optimize HTTP server, everyday scheduled backups, and of course, a high-end connection to make sure that access to and from their servers remain at top speed.

Personal Solution

Another advantage to Green Geeks’ Web hosting solution is the fact that their shared hosting package fits well with personal and business use. If you search for reviews on other hosting companies, most of them do well with personal low-level functionality, yet encounters problems with bandwidth issues when delving into medium to large-scale business sites.

Aside from the control panel where their customers can navigate and modify their accounts, Green Geeks also offer compatibility support to all Web languages and platforms on their servers to guarantee that their customers get what they paid for; such as MySQL databases, CGI, FTP access, SSH, and the like.

Also, bonus features offered by GreenGeeks to their account holders make it easy to customize your own website according to your needs; such as phpBB (forum), Web blogs (WordPress/B2Evo), image galleries, site monitoring tools, surveys and polls, Mambo and Joomla, phpForm generator, PHP/Perl 5, Python, Ruby (ROR), customized PHP.INI, JavaScript/DHTML, and Shockwave/Flash support.

They also incorporate support for multimedia files and streaming, like audio and video streaming, Flash, MIDI, and MIME.

Business Solution

If you’re looking for a Web hosting solution to fit your business needs without emptying your wallet then GreenGeeks should have everything you need to help you out. Their shared hosting plan offers an e-Commerce feature that provides everything, from SSL server to shopping carts, as well as promotion credits to popular search engines to improve your productivity.

Reseller Option

If you chose to start up a business using Green Geeks as a foundation then you might find their reseller hosting plans a flexible option to work with. They offer 5 reseller hosting solution, namely Seed, Sprout, Plant, Tree, and Forest. Reseller account holders will be provided with a Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel that allows them to manage their customers through GreenGeeks servers. Pricing ranges from $19.95 to $99.95 per month.

Their reseller hosting plan incorporates features, like unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The number of individual cPanel accounts differs from 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250 depending on the plan you subscribed with.

Reliability Issues

Not all Web hosting solutions offer reliability, especially when you’re paying for quality below $10 a month. In most cases, you get downtime, email and site problems, or even crappy customer service to get your problems solved in the shortest possible time. Checked online for possible feedbacks of their customers but was able to find none so we can safely say that GreenGeeks stayed true to their word of being a reliable Web hosting provider.

The promise of a perfect Web hosting solution offered by Green Geeks is made reliable with their foundation of high-end servers, guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24/7 customer service, and of course, the daily backup service to safeguard important data of their customers to avoid issues. If you’re not happy with their services then you can make use of their 30-day money back guarantee.

Importance Of Customer Support

GreenGeeks have made it clear that their customers are important by providing highly competent customer support to deal with issues. Their customer support team is based in North America and can be reached via phone, email, chat, or ticket system. Average wait time is 2 minutes via call and email or tickets are answered and processed within 24 hours.

Aside from their team of professionals to handle issues, Green Geeks also provide an on-site knowledgebase to help their customer troubleshoot basic issues without having to resort to contacting customer service. FAQ, tutorials, and site information is readily available online to help you to fix common problems and technical issues if you want to take care of it on your own.


If you check out their offers, we can safely say that the only drawback in signing up to GreenGeeks is their lack of hosting upgrades. All their account holders, even resellers, are placed on a shared server. No dedicated server plans or upgrades are provided for those who want to house large scale business on its own hosting plan to avoid potential downtime and other issues that often happens during expansions.

However, despite this disadvantage to their Web hosting solutions, Green Geeks were able to provide the necessary resources for those who want high-end specifications to their hosting plans — without the problem usually felt in shared hosting.


It would be safe to say that GreenGeeks offers more than what they are asking. Well, it’s true that their pricing is more expensive than other hosting plans in the market today; however, the reliability of their services, as well as the competent technical support is enough to sway you to sign up under their wing.

Also, a one-time sign-up might not be conducive to the purpose of those who want to try out their service. Their yearly plan is quite cheap considering that you are only charged $6.96 or $7.95 monthly. However, if you want to try it out for a month then you need to dish out $15 for it, not to mention the setup fee of $15 more.

Also, monthly sign-up doesn’t offer free domain registration so if you want them to register your domain name then you need to pay an additional $10 a year for it.

All-in-all, Green Geeks is a great Web hosting provider if you are not planning to hold back on the cost of being in one of the most reliable hosting solutions in the planet. The idea of them using “green energy” to power their servers is also a plus since you get to save the environment at the same time as running your business.



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