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According to user reviews, HostGator is one of the most reliable Web hosting companies in the market today. Though it is somewhat pricier compared to other hosting solutions offered online, the difference is made worthwhile with their quality hosting solutions, competent tech team, and of course, reliability for being in the business for more than 5 years.

Business Profile

HostGator started its business in Brent Oaxley’s dorm room in Boca Raton in 2002. He later stopped his schooling and went full-time into the Web hosting business. The business is now based in Texas and Brent Oaxley as the president.

Today, HostGator has been in business for 5 years and has more than 150,000 account holders worldwide. Business magazines ranked the company in 21st place among the fastest growing ventures in 2008 and are still getting a good name even today.

Web Hosting Offers

One of the factors that made HostGator one of the best Web hosting companies today is its flexible hosting solutions — different packages ranging from personal home use to high-end business requirements. This is a plus to account holders using the company’s services for business use — giving them the chance to upgrade to higher features if their venture is in need of it. HostGator’s hosting offers are:

1. HostGator Shared Web Hosting Package

HostGator offers flexibility like no other hosting providers. Even their shared hosting plan incorporates three distinct offers with their own unique features to satisfy affordable hosting needs — even if they are a few dollars up compared to other providers.

They have 3 shared hosting plans to date, namely the Hatching plan, Baby, and Business priced respectively at $4.95, $7.96, and $12.95 monthly. All three are similar in terms of offers like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and SSL certificates; but with some differences, like the Baby and Business plan with unlimited domain names, as well as the latter with additional features, such as Dedicated SSL and IP, and a free toll-free number for direct communication with their tech crew.

2. HostGator Reseller Hosting

This is perfect for those who want to make use of HostGator services to jumpstart their own career as a hosting provider. You can provide your customers with their own accounts in HostGator with their own access to cPanel and other services.

The reseller hosting plan of HostGator is priced from $24.95 to $99.95 per month, all in 5 different bundles. All have unlimited domain names, disk space from 50GB to 200GB; and bandwidth of 500GB to 1400 GB. Standard features are also included in this hosting plan.

3. HostGator VPS Hosting

If you’re looking for VPS hosting then HostGator offers a Linux based server for your personal use — from level 1 to 9. Their system runs on Linux with 32 and 64-bit compatibility. Included in the package are Apache Web server, script support, secured VPS and firewall, Virtuozzo panel, customizable applications and installations, and more. Prices vary from $19.95 to $209.95 a month.

4. HostGator Dedicated Server

HostGator also offers dedicated servers for small-scale business to high-end corporations in need of large disk space and bandwidth allocation without the downtime that is a possibility in shared server environments.

Flexibility For Upgrades

Unlike other Web hosting providers, HostGator is highly valued by their clients due to the flexibility of their offers. Account holders have the choice to upgrade to powerful hosting packages to fit with their growing needs. Shared servers are good for personal sites and small-scale businesses; but what if you need to more disk space, or high bandwidth allocations for a much larger functionality? Well, HostGator has a full compliment of hosting packages for you to choose from if such a need arises.

Price Issues

Considering the quality of their hosting packages, HostGator’s pricing might be too high compared to other hosting providers in the market today. This is one reason why many opt for much cheaper solutions, especially those that charge $5 and below for a month’s use. As the provider put out, you get your money’s worth so you need not worry about problems cropping up during your use of the service.

However, their pricing is overshadowed by the fact that their services are top notched compared to others. They are the only provider that guarantees 99.98% uptime; or if there are issues, will be quickly resolved by in-house technical support.

Not only that, HostGator is also keen on giving you your money’s worth. If you’re not satisfied with the service then you can take advantage of their 45-day money back guarantee. A definite plus is that you can subscribe to their service at a monthly basis with no contracts or setup fees added to the cost — this way; you can cancel or transfer anytime without any worries of lose ends holding you back.

Also, the hosting company has various affiliates on the Internet that sends out coupons to get discounted prices on their various packages. You can get as high as 20% discount if you find the right coupon to start your account.

Customer Support

Another highlight of HostGator’s solution is their customer support. Even Brent Oaxley, the president of the company, state that they are concerned with the quality of service to their customers so they are diverting a lot of effort to make sure that account holder’s issues are dealt with appropriately in the shortest possible time.

They’re representatives and technical personnel are highly competent in dealing with small-scale site problems to more advanced technical matters. They can even help you with your setup and configuration, as what you would get from text-based tutorials. They are available 24/7 via toll-free number, email, chat, or through their online community forums.

The company also released a statement that all of their technical personnel are in-house — not outsourced to other companies or countries just to keep up with their demands. So there are no worries of you encountering agents you have trouble understanding while dealing with your issues.

Also, HostGator take charge of your move from your previous hosting provider to their servers. Other hosting companies will just wait for your previous host to transfer; HostGator on the other hand will take charge of everything — from account creation, configuration, and migration issues with their competent expertise.

In regards to server issues and downtime, HostGator is also in contact with The Planet that hosts their datacenter so you can expect quick resolution if some issues crop up.


Despite their expensive pricing scheme, HostGator is practically the best Web hosting service in the market. If you’re aiming for cheap solutions then you might get stuck with getting one from HostGator since their basic shared hosting package costs almost $8 a month compared to others that offers the same features for $3 less.

Also, the customer service crew of HostGater offers quick response to many issues. This is practically why a lot of their customer stayed in the company since any downtime issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

However, those who have tried out the so-called “expensive” fees of HostGator were more than happy to pay the price considering the quality of their service. Reliable server, downtime non-existing, and customer service representative ready to take on any issues that might crop up during your use of their servers. In other words, with HostGator, you get exactly what you paid for and more.



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