Hugo Boss Energise by Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss Energise by Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss Energise by Hugo Boss shows no limitation, no barriers. It is fresh, stylish, effortless energy, giving off more that what he can but stays in control. This is the metropolitan fragrance of the new generation of men.

Who’s the Boss?

Hugo Boss Energise was launched in 2005, by the designer house of Hugo Boss. Ever wondered who is the boss behind this? No one else, but the German Hugo Ferdinand Boss. He is the maker of the Hugo Boss fashion house that started in 1923, the kingdom of over 5,000 retail stores all over the world. Success must have been an innate trait that led to so many expansions of fragrances and fashion.

Fragrance of Hugo Boss Energise

Hugo Boss Energise is a woody scented fragrance for men.

Top Notes

The first impression is the blend of kumquat, mandarin, and citrus. These are serves as a great start as the scent can be sniffed from a distance. It is fresh and distinctive but short-lived because of its swift evaporation pace.

Middle Notes

The middle notes or the “heart notes” serve as the character, the main body of the scent, usually with a floral, spicy or herbal character, surfaces shortly after the top notes die down. Middle notes of Hugo Boss Energize are composed of coriander and juniper berries creating a powerful kick to the fragrance.

Base Notes

And lastly, the base notes is the most unforgettable part of Hugo Boss Energise, follows right after the middle notes cease, and evaporates slowly… making the fragrance stay and long-lasting. This base notes are composed of smooth blend of suede and jacaranda wood, creating a sensually distinct trail.

Bottle of Hugo Boss Energise

The bottle comes along with the urban, high technology trend, having its very unique, curved and distinctive shape that is inspired by an energy battery. It has a silver slightly edged spray cap with a red stick that looks like glowing inside the bottle. Hugo Boss Energise bottle is available in 75 ml and 125 ml.

Package of Hugo Boss Energise

There is a complete series of fragrance products to choose from with Hugo Boss Energise eau de toilette. These are deodorant stick or spray, shower and bath gel, and after shave to add on the fresh and fragrant men. With the help of these, it can guarantee comfort and freshness from morning and until the day is out.

For the New Generation

Fragrance of Hugo Boss Energise gives appeal and purchased by mostly younger men from ages 18 to early 30s. Not only does the scent is sweet and fresh, it is versatile that makes it usable for any occasions and even practical enough for daily use. Hugo Boss Energise can last 6 to 8 hours making a fresh image from day until night. With this there is no need of constant application and no worry of emptying the bottle fast. This is ideal for practical men who greatly value their purchases.

Good as this eau de toilette may seem, but it has its draw backs too. The bottle shape doesn’t give the right appeal like it was meant to be. It doesn’t give an energizing aura but rather reminds some of medicine or any hospital bottles. The bottle design may be stylish for the modern man, but can be too stylish enough to look like a perfume for the women. The scent doesn’t exactly imply energetic vibe but rather just a regular fragrance of plain freshness. Also, to some it can last long up to 6 hours, but to some the scent is just passing as quick as 20 minutes.

Nevertheless, with the unique blend of notes of Hugo Boss Energise, it offers a magnificent effect to many users. It has energizing appeal for the notes quickly but smoothly evolves in different levels. It’s woody yet citrusy, giving exciting feeling of freshness and power, perfect for everyday use.

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Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. The nose behind this fragrance is Claude Dir. Top notes are mint, pink pepper,

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