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Hugo XY by Hugo Boss

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Hugo XY by Hugo Boss : Product Description

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss was released by the designer Hugo Boss in the year 2007; it comes with a twin female perfume Hugo XX. These perfumes depict the intimate relationship of the opposite sexes. The fragrance features a light and clean scent that is not sharp and irritating.

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss is predominantly woody in aroma but it is also among the modern fresh-fruity fragrances. It has top notes of fruity scents from constituents’ cedrat, bergamot, and green pear. Heart notes of crushed ice accord, basil leaf, and mint. It dries down into the woody aroma of Lebanese cedar, patchouli, and muskroot.

About the Scent of Hugo XY by Hugo Boss

Top Note

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss opens up with the very light and pleasant smells of green pear mixed up with the similarly sweet aroma of cedrat and bergamot, very juicy and fruity but not sharp enough to be irritating.

Unlike the Boss in Motion editions of Hugo Boss, which are too sweet and nauseating, Hugo XY’s design comes rather fresh and clean. It embodies the freshness and coolness that one desires for the burning sensation of warm seasons. The ad for Hugo XY and Hugo XX depicts a man and a woman on top of ice, adept for what the product is intended for. To top it all the opening notes of Hugo XY by Hugo Boss stays long enough for one to enjoy its freshness and coolness.

Heart Notes

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss transforms into heart notes of mint, basil leaf, and crushed ice accord. The distinct scent of basil leaf in the middle note of Hugo XY is succinctly suited with the fragrance of a seemingly chilled mint. Very energizing and refreshing, but is definitely light and clean.

Other reviews compare this aroma with the scent of chilled minty fruit drink, again exceptionally apt for the warm season. This scent is very pleasant and positively non-offensive. Though not sensual it draws attention and it is very casual. Appropriate for daily use, may it be at the office, in school, etc.

Base notes

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss went into a complete turn from the promised freshness to a boring uninspired woody scent. XY dries down to the familiar scent of cedar, patchouli, and muskroot, another unoriginal smell — rather disappointing after the almost faultless fresh and cool aroma.

There is no hint of muskiness to Hugo XY by Hugo Boss; it is a package of all woody fragrance with a bit of spice. One who has been enjoying the breezy feel of the top and heart notes will find this dry down really irritating. You would want to wash out immediately as this fragrance transformation occurs.

About the Bottle

In contrast to most fancy perfumes, Hugo XY by Hugo Boss comes in a fairly ordinary non-outlandish modernized bottle. Though it lacks the innovative feature of other perfume bottles, this one does serve its purpose better. It is petite, stout, and very much durable, it can fall hard on the floor without you worrying of it shuttering.

The bottle comes with a black cap mounted on a transparent container with the letters X and Y in black font separated with the brand name Hugo in the middle on red ink. The base of the container is some centimeters thick and the spray is very convenient. It comes in a reasonably user friendly bottle.

Fragrance Duration

This is where Hugo XY by Hugo Boss meets its weakness, due to its lightness it would take a couple of sprays to get the scent out, four sprays at the least, and even after doing so the fragrance would not last up to 3 hours on a good day. When left unused for greater than three months the scent itself will vanish from the bottle. This can be a little impractical for quite a fancy perfume.

Availability of Hugo XY by Hugo Boss

The fragrance is in production up to the present, it is available in most retail stores and on the internet. Numerous discounts are offered online. Just make sure to check the authenticity of the sites online because a lot of complaints have been reported regarding sites that offer and charge services but will either deliver a fake perfume or worst will never deliver the package.

Age Limit?

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss, although a casual sent, can be a bit confusing. Its top and heart notes makes it appropriate for teenagers, young adult, and older men but as the fragrance dries down, the scent turns into the very woody and spicy scent one can think of for the very matured males only and not for teenagers. The mint flavor of the fragrance vanishes as the base notes appear changing the entire package of the perfume.

Generally, because the heart and base notes have lengthier duration than that of the fragrance’s top note, Hugo XY by Hugo Boss is most apt for adults alone. At perceiving its base note one can only imagine a man on business suit going on a meeting with top rank managers.

Suitable Occasions for Hugo XY by Hugo Boss

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss, as mentioned, has a rather confusing scent due to its shift from the fruity minty aroma to the woody and spicy scent. The fragrances of this perfume is generally appropriate for daily use; at school, in the office, at the gym, or anywhere else casual, save for its base note which is suitable at night, on dinner dates or for more formal gatherings.

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss can do either warm or cold seasons but generally it is more apt for warm weathers, save for of course the base note as said earlier, quite frankly I cannot fathom a dry down like this one being extremely far from the opening and middle notes, which is rather really perplexing.

Overall Appeal of Hugo XY by Hugo Boss

Not considering the dry down, Hugo XY by Hugo Boss has a very pleasant scent; it is very clean and fresh. Its lightness makes it non-offensive; it boosts up confidence without triggering allergic nasal reactions.

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss made a perfect twist on the sweetness of citrus smell having combined bergamot with green pear and basil leaf. In contrast to most sweet smelling perfumes like the other designs of Hugo Boss, Boss in Motion for example, this one is not feminine in appeal. Its sweetness was made very masculine by the distinct crispy scent of basil leaf and the little minty flavor added to it.

Also the design of the bottle makes it look rather smart for a perfume, not outlandish which could have made it dull, but rather very purposefully designed making it very brilliantly looking.

The downside to Hugo XY by Hugo Boss though is that the scent vanishes quite abruptly for a fancy perfume making it awfully uneconomical. Although the charming opening and the heart of the fragrance stays long enough for it to be enjoyed by users, it sadly transforms at dry down into the very common and rather boring aroma of cedar and patchouli, very unoriginal. The said muskiness is nowhere to be found at dry down.

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Launched by the design house of Hugo Boss in 2007, HUGO XY by Hugo Boss for MEN posesses a blend of: Patchouli, Musk, Green Pear, Basil, Mint,


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