ibiza Rhapsody H1B004AQ 4GB Wifi/MP3 Player by Haier

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ibiza Rhapsody H1B004AQ 4GB Wifi/MP3 Player by Haier

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There is a revolution happening in the music scene. And those who are always on-the-go might finally say their pleas are finally heard with the miniaturization of a gadget that truly gives a whole new taste to your music experience.

Who would ever thought that MP3 players can be modified and improved for it to be able to surf the net and give you your choice of music even if you don’t have to sit long hours waiting for a download to finish.

 That is what Haier’s ibiza Rhapsody H1B004AQ 4 GB Wi-Fi/MP3 Player promises its users. This 12 ounce device with a dimension of 2.4 x 0.4 x 4.1 inches is a music player that allows you to connect to the internet and listening to your favorite songs, straight from an internet radio or playlists.

 With 12 ounces, it is a bit heavy but still, it allows you to have many wonderful features other than its weight. It also comes with aqua, blue, pink and purple colors, making it even more stylish for you. Who says you can’t express individuality and uniqueness with the color and style of your MP3 player?

Aside from that, it also uses Windows XP and Vista operating systems so rest assured, your device is compatible with your PC and you don’t have to worry much about having to install it again and again once you plug in to a computer.

 More than just the appearance, this ibiza Rhapsody H1B004AQ 4 GB Wi-Fi/MP3 Player also has the following wonderful product features:

Wireless MP3 player keeps you connected on the go

Tired of having to sit long hours looking for perfect music tracks to download? Tired of waiting for file transfer and music downloads? The definitely, an MP3 player directly connected to the internet is the best gadget for you. Having a wireless MP3 player really has its pros: you can surf the net, browse music playlists and directly download them without plugging in to a PC. More than that, you can evn play the songs directly from the internet. You can download applications that would allow you to play music straight from the net. And with that, you are connected, anytime, anywhere.

 4 GB hard drive

A 4 GB hard drive is such a large memory, enough for you to store at least 500 songs. And it is even better because it allows you to have faster memory storage and access for your internet connection.

 2.5-inch color LCD

Having a screen in an MP3 is great but making the screen colored is even better. This is allows you to view album covers, and even access the internet on a colored screen. Definitely very easy, eye-friendly and less boring.

 15-plus hours of battery life

The foremost requirement of any device is longer battery life. His music player offers just that. Longer battery life allows you to surf and listen to music for many long hours without the word of charging your device again and again, causing eventual damage to you music player.

Hot button for instant access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos

Having this hot button easily connects you to a number of songs, playlists and videos you can view or download straight to your music player. You don’t have to keep scrolling to find what you are looking for. Aside from that, it provides suggestions about the best songs releases and so, you will be so updated with the latest tracks from your favorite artists.

 FM and Internet radio

An FM Radio in a music player is good but having an internet radio is even better. FM radio allows you to listen to music over the radio while internet radio will definitely keep you connected with internet streams. Both of these will definitely come in handy.

 1,000 categorized podcasts and over-the-air updates

These characterized podcasts allow you to get access to series of audio and video files segregated according to categories, ready for you to check out. You can either download them or just stream them online using this wi-fi music player. The updates provided will also come in handy for you to know what are the latest song tracks you have to access.

 Comes with free 30-day trial for Rhapsody To Go

Rhapsody to Go allows you to access smashing hits from yesterday until today. It even allows you to customize you own playlist. You can share them with friends and loved ones who also have a Rhapsody account. You can also check out the what songs do the best playlist contain and get them to be a part of your growing music collection. 


However, nothing is really perfect. This product also has drawbacks that include:

 Plays selected Internet Radio Stations only

It can’t play everything, it has a number of radio stations over the internet that this device can’t get access to

Plays WMV movie files only

Since it can’t play other video formats, you might as well convert it to WMV before you can play it in your music player.


With all these information about the ibiza Rhapsody H1B004AQ 4 GB Wi-Fi/MP3 Player, don’t wait a long time for you to consider its purchase. Decide now, be part of the revolution and have a whole new experience with music playing.


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