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What is new with iPower?

iPower now has a new offer for their iPowerPro plan for hosting, which is actually recognized as one of the ultimately popular web hosting packages from iPower. This offer is only available for customers who are interested in making a transition from the iPower Started to the iPowerPro, and also for those users who want to register with the iPowerPro Hosting Plan.

The price to pay

Hosting with the iPower is usually availed at a high price at almost eight dollars for each month ($7.95). But now, people can have their own iPower web server at only almost five dollars per month ($4.95). Savings are as big as thirty-six dollars ($36), but within a specific time frame only. Getting the iPower Professional Hosting Plan at such low price is definitely a great deal.

iPower services

iPower is capable of providing their clients with services for web hosting that are known by many to be highly powerful and reliable in their website-related problems. With the iPower Hosting Plan, clients can now have their website advertised and promoted on the major search engines over a list that includes more than one hundred thousand websites through the use of Google Webmaster tools.

iPower with the Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tools are very efficient in helping website owners get started and be quicker in improving their site’s traffic. With these tools, their websites can also be featured and very visible on the search engine of Google.

Moreover, hosting with iPower and Google Webmaster is not as difficult as other people might initially think. Working with it is actually very easy because all the user needs to concentrate on is a proper and correct registration and information. Once site ownership has been verified, users can now be able to check their information on the site. They can also learn new methods of monitoring and managing the website through the help of a Google Webmaster checklist.

What is included in the package?

The iPowerPro Hosting Plan is inclusive of an unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Users can also have access to two thousand and five hundred email accounts, some free website builder tools, be able to host unlimited domains, and a very friendly, dependable and accommodating customer support at a phone service which goes on for 24/7. The customer service also provides iPower users with a live chat system so that users can talk with each other and share their own insights and experiences on the product.

Aside from the unlimited disk space and bandwidth, iPower also provides its clients with guaranteed high performance through their Dell PowerEdge Servers. This service is inclusive of the Fiberoptic on Diverse Backbones, Microsoft IIS 6 Web Server software, UPS Power Backup, Multiple Gigabit, and their 24/7 Network Monitoring.

Working with Microsoft

Windows hosting is highly recommended for those web users who are quite familiar when it comes to working with Microsoft products. It supports other forms of framework which are known by many such as the AJAX, ColdFusion, 2.0/3.0, PHP, ASP, SQL databases, and also the Frontpage extensions.

What clients have to say

iPower most probably has the software that is easiest to use. Even the functions that are usually complex with other hosting servers are quite easy to manipulate and complete with the iPower. Clients like this aspect of their products very much because they can immediately finish what they have to finish without hassling themselves.

However, what clients do not love about working with iPower is that bugs tend to come up every now and then and getting rid of them is somewhat difficult. The good thing is that after some time, users can figure out some ways that they can avoid coming across such bugs. But then again, clients should not have to because iPower must already make sure that their clients will not be put into inconvenience with the bugs.

If bugs are not avoidable, then iPower must already be prepared with tools that can remedy the situation. According to the testimonies of their clients, iPower is aware of the bugs that are present in their system, but are not able to fix all of them. Either they are not able to, or they just do not want to.

Some clients also say that they have issues when it comes to the response time of the customer support of iPower. Clients had to give the company a few days before they actually acknowledged the problem. Clients are left wondering about the 24/7 customer support service they told everyone they had. When they finally sent their response, clients say that they became even more confused.

Working with iPower needs immense patience. The extremely long holding times and the hang-ups are nothing new with regards tot heir customer service options. But if the user is very patient, then they will probably get what they need.

iPower also does not have any creation tools, unlike other web hosting servers. Since there are no such tools, iPower customers can code their websites with the use of PHP, CGI, Perl or the SSI programming languages. However, this can only be advantageous for those who have advanced knowledge in website coding. For those who are not experts in website coding will have to overcome the struggles associated with figuring out how to create a website starting from scratch. To make things simpler, they can just surf to a website which offers clients with a very simple site builder. In fact, having a site builder in their website will probably be able to expand the amount of clients they can possibly obtain.

Clients find the FTP tool associated with iPower quite easy to use because it is pretty solid. However, they are just confused with determining how many users can be allowed to this tool.

Marketing tools

iPower is also good in providing their customary search engine lots of vouchers and a RatePoint membership. They also have SubmitNet, which is capable of optimizing the website so that it is included in the top directories and search engines. If people sign up with an iPower hosting plan, then they can have access to a SubmitNet membership all for free.

iPower has also prepared a graphical web statistics program for statistical analysis. However, they will never tell what specific kind of program they are using for statistics. iPower also gives their clients CGI error logs, access logs, and reports for their bandwidth usage.

Some clients state that they were able to empower their website and be better than their competition with the help of iPower. It is actually because of iPower that clients can now have the chance to operate at a one hundred percent (100%) uptime even though there is high traffic. iPower also has two hundred fifty gigabytes of monthly transfer ability. All together, customers never have to complain about getting bogged down because of too many users.

With this said, if people are finally ready to get themselves on the Internet highway, then they can get a ride with iPower so that they are able to have a smooth and accelerated ride. Many are telling everyone online about the negative parts of their services, but every company always has a negative side. According to iPower, most of the negative comments are not deserved because they are not true at all.



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  1. Linda  February 16, 2014

    Does Ipower Web have ColdFusion?

  2. Thomas Wordsworth  February 19, 2014

    Shared hosting solutions do not come with ColdFusion but you might wanna have a look at their dedicated server which supports ColdFusion.

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