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IX Web Hosting is said to offer quality service at an affordable price. It would be safe to say that there are other similar offers in regards to online hosting solutions, but this company is rated to be one of the best due to their affordable rates, quick technical solutions, and of course, a credible name in the industry.

However, IX Web Hosting is not without its ups and downs. If you check feedbacks from their consumers, you will see that some brag of quality service while other frown of being unsatisfied customers. It is best if you know what they offer to avoid regrets later on.

Affordable Solution

IX Web Hosting offers three service packages — Expert, Unlimited Pro, and Business Plus.

The Expert plan is said to be the basic hosting package among its Web hosting solutions. This is priced at a monthly rate of $3.95 within the promo period. Normally it’s priced at $6.95 a month. As with the rest off the offers, Expert plan includes unlimited multiple domain hosting, online disk storage, data transfer, and sub-domains. The only drawback to this service is the lack of support for Windows-based hosting solutions. It only supports Linux.

Their $7.95 promo packages are the Unlimited Pro and Business Plus. These have compatibility to both Linux and Windows hosting platforms so this caters to various function, for both personal and business use of their websites. Their database quota of 5GB and 10GB respectively is perfect for websites that requires high-end database solutions — preferably for business functions.

Services to their packages include:

• Free scripting
• Email (Catch-All, POP3, IMAP)
• Databases
• E-Commerce (SSL, dedicated IP, Shopping Cart)
• Technical and security support
• Multimedia compatibility (Flash, Shockwave, Audio, Video)
• File Transfer (FTP)
• Web Site Administration Control (Control Panel, Templates, Log Files)
• Domain Management features

Customer Service Solution

One of the highlights of IX Web Hosting is its excellent customer support. Their members can choose a variety of ways to connect to their representative to address on-site or off-site issues for quick resolution.

The company offers an on-site chat with their team of customer service representatives to address your concern. Email is also available, as well as a toll-free number for those who want to talk to someone regarding their concern.

Also, IX Web Hosting is the only hosting company in the business that allows their members to speak with specific agents they have worked with in the past. They have a team of agents available 24/7 to work on your hosting problem and you can request to talk to one who knows about you concern to avoid having to explain yourself over and over again with a different agent.

Keep in mind that the toll-free number of IX Web Hosting can be a bit busy so connecting to their representative might take a while. However, many have testified regarding the use of the site’s chat for technical support has yielded excellent resolution to their problems.

Direct Technical Assistance

Another factor that makes IX Web Hosting stand out from other hosting companies is the technical knowledge of their staff to help with the problems of their customers. Aside from having to fix the problem on their end for quick resolution, their agents will also take the trouble to help you configure problem areas on your computer to address certain issue, like configuring 3rd-party email programs, tutorial with their features, fixing up your website, and so on.

Lack Of Domain Security

What IX Web Hosting doesn’t have is the security of domain names registered on their servers. There have been known issues of “hacking” as outside users were able to determine the proxy of customer’s domain names and stealing them. WHOIS privacy is not included in the package and not supported by their system, so if you’re quite concerned about the privacy of your domain names then you might want to look for other hosting companies who do.

Slow Database Performance

There have been issues regarding the promise of IX Web Hosting for reliable and quick use of their database and online space. One of these problems includes the slow processing to and from their servers that resulted to evident speed decline of a website’s loading. In most cases, these customers get access errors or even issues on downtime that spans from a few hours to days.

However, many who made use of their services have defended the company in regards to the offers and what you get from it. After all, you get only what you paid for so if you want a better service then you might want to upgrade to better hosting plans to get the quality you need.

Email Issues

IX Web Hosting offered unlimited emails before, but later amended their legal agreement to put a limit to outgoing emails. This resulted to a number of disgruntled customers, especially those that depend on email for business. In most cases, the lack of update from IX Web Hosting on the change of the service, as well as to the agreement, is said to be the source of the problem.

There were also some issues regarding their email filtering system as well. Spam blockers to help eliminate intrusion of spam mails to a member’s email account are said to be non-existent. Many of their members who set parameters for spam detection found their changes to have disappeared the next day. Not to mention that slow processing time when changing or modifying blacklisted address on your Control Panel.

Issues With Customer Service Representatives

An issue cropped up as members found language barriers in dealing with their customer service representatives. These members expect a native English speaker to help them with their problems but ended up talking to representative who they have trouble understanding. In most cases, there were speculations regarding the company outsourcing technical assistance to Asian countries, like India, to help with the influx of inbound calls and chats for problem resolution.

Issues With “Unlimited Offers”

Aside from issues with their customer service representatives, there are also some problems regarding their “unlimited offers” as mentioned in their ads. Many who tried out the service experienced slow file transfer for both upload and download. To contradict their offers, IX Web Hosting imposed a limitation to their “unlimited” offers to maintain the stability of their servers — 300,000 files for Linux and 100,000 files for Windows.


No Web hosting company is without a few disgruntled members who are dissatisfied with their services — same also goes with IX Web Hosting. No matter how perfect their offers are; issues do crop up from time to time. After all, their offers are quite cheap and you shouldn’t expect much in terms of quality.

However, a majority of those who have tried out IX Web Hosting are quite happy with the service. Hosting plans offered by the company is a flexible solution for those with various needs — from personal websites to high-end business solutions.

It is best if you read through the offers of IX Web Hosting before you sign-up to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and not get into trouble as you go through their services.



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