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Just Host is one of the most popular Web hosting provider in the industry. Their affordable rates are said to be the cheapest among the rest, not to mention features to their hosting plan that is compatible for personal and business function.

This Web hosting provider has also won numerous awards in regards to quality service and active customer support; however, this should not be your basis in signing up since you have to base it according to how their solutions are able to help you achieve your wants and needs.

Keep in mind that JustHost offers a “shared” hosting package so you will be lumped into their servers with other account holders making use of the same machine. So before you try out their services, it would be best if you get to know them first to avoid regrets later on.

Plan Comparison

Just Host offers 2 Web hosting package — the JustPlan and the JustPlan Premium. Both plans offer the same features, yet only different to how many free domains you can register to each account. JustPlan offers 1 free domain, while the Premium plan offers 3. Both are plans are on shared servers.

JustPlan and Premium offer the following features:

• unlimited disk space, hosted domain names, email accounts, bandwidth, and SQL databases
• 24/7 customer service support (email, online chat, toll-free number)
• “anytime” Money Back guarantee

Hardware Specifications

JustHost is keen on keeping their customers informed regarding the hardware specifications of their servers. This is a unique quality of the company that bodes well with those who are technical with things they work with. Their server specs include:

• quad-core processors
• Linux-based platform
• Customized Apache server
• UPS power backup/Back-up batter included
• OC-96 connection
• 400GB per second
• 2×2 Leibert 120-tons cooling capacity
• 4 servers (2 on and 2 off)
• Dedicated IP available
• Fire suppression system
• Biometric/CCTV security

Unique Qualities

Unlike other Web hosting companies available today, Just Host has two unique qualities that make them stand out as the best. Their “anytime” money back guarantee is great for those who want to cancel their account and get a refund even after a year of use.

Another interesting quality is their offer to give you monthly service for those who are on a tight budget. Other Web hosting companies offers minimum registration of 3 months. So if you are aiming for Web hosting solution that bills you monthly, then JustHost is the right one for you.

Cheap Business Solution

Just Host is also one of those Web hosting companies that provide a full-set of features for business use. Their e-commerce package include SSL secure servers, OS Commerce and Agora shopping cart, certificates, password protection, PGP/GPG encryption, PayPal support, self-signed SSL, and Merchant Account support.

Included in both Web hosting plan are Free Site promotion to popular search engines. Upon sign-up, you get free Ad credits for Yahoo, Google, Miva, and BidVertiser.

Extensive cPanel Features

Quite a lot of reviews on JustHost out on the Internet praise the provider’s extensive cPanel features that give members complete control of their accounts, as well as user-friendly environment expected from a server running on Linux.

Their cPanel allows account holder to create their own website from scratch through on-site tools and scripts, such as:

• 1-click installation for WordPress, b2evolution, Mambo, and Joomla;
• Site creator supporting blogs, WordPress, phpForm Generator, and b2evo;
• Scripts compatibility (PHP 5, Perl 5, CGI, Python, Ruby/RnR, JavaScript, Flash/Shockwave);
• Online Form Builder
• CMS Software
• Dreamweaver support

Web Developers Heaven

Just Host also provides solutions for websites created using Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Their platform is compatible FrontPage extensions so there are no issues when uploaded to their servers; as well as fast upload via FTP as an added bonus. Multimedia features are also included in their basic plan; this includes multimedia support for images, audio, and videos, and Macromedia Shockwave

File Limitations?

There are those who claim limitations in regards to JustHost’s “unlimited” disk space. In their defense, those who usually complain are those who don’t understand the concept of “shared” servers. Considering that you will be using the same resources as with the rest of their account holders, limitation imposed guarantee server stability to ensure optimum performance of their machines and avoid issues to everyone located in the same machine as you do.

Some claimed of an imposed limitation of 50,000 files per account holder. Despite the size or file type, you can upload or create this much files on their system without getting a suspension notice or downtime. It is advisable, however, for those that require hosting for large disk use or high-end database access to stay away from Just Host servers and go for dedicated accounts or VPN to avoid issues.

Customer Support

Customer support of JustHost doesn’t bode well to some despite the minimal occurrence of server issues and other problems with website, emails, or refund. Some claimed that their toll-free number doesn’t accommodate much and there are those who complain that they have to stay long on the line just to wait for someone to pick up. However, Just Host also provides other alternatives for customer support, like email or online chat through their website for problem resolution.

There were also account holders who put feedback on JustHost customer services outsourced to other countries to deal with the queue. Their encounter often includes language barriers (non-Native English speaking representatives) that make it hard for account holders to understand what the person is talking about. Other than that, all their technical crew is competent enough to deal with basic and advanced problems.

Also, Just Host also provides their account holders with access to a community forum to help interact with other members, as well as their administrators in regards to request of info or troubleshooting issues. This hosting provider also offers video tutorials and an extensive database of common topics and frequently asked questions to help you out.

One Plan Only?

One drawback to JustHost Web hosting solution is that they only offer a shared hosting plan and that’s it. No upgrades to dedicated servers or VPN when you want to improve your site to accommodate a much productive use. This is one reason why some of their customers are branching out to other hosting companies since they lack what they need for such an improvement.


If you’re looking for a basic Web hosting solution to accommodate personal and small business websites then Just Host is highly recommended. Their shared hosting package, for the lack of a better word, is excellent considering the features included with the package range from simple site builder to more complicated scripting demands.

Also, JustHost is the only hosting provider in the industry that offers anytime money back guarantee. You get a refund quick if you want to end the service with them and they have no hidden charge that will put a dent on your credit card. So to sum it all up, Just Host is what you need if you’re looking for cheap, quality hosting solution. Just don’t expect it to be perfect, though, since you get what you pay for after all.



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