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Kindle Wireless Reading Device

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Our world has become a truly wired one today.  Technology has improved the way we live, and has even altered the way we work, do business, read books and listen to music, as well as interact and socialize with other people. Now you can even read books or magazines, without having to actually hold a real book or a magazine.

Yup, with the Kindle Wireless reading device from, reading is made easier, more high-tech, and compact  as well as fun.

Basic Product Specifications

kindleThe Kindle’s screen has a resolution of 800 x 600, and the screen size measure 6 inches diagonally. It has a side scroller, and Linux serves as the device’s operating system. The device also has a fully-functional keyboard, and is primarily boosted by a Marvell PXA255,  that runs at 400 mhz.

It also has an SD card slot that’s powered by a 1530mAh lithium polymer battery. The device weighs only 292 grams, and is also equipped with an AC adapter, stereo connector and built-in speaker.

Read Books While On The Go

This revolutionary electronic device now allows you to read books and magazine articles anywhere, anytime. Although some may mistake it for a computer, it isn’t one. Basically, this device is a stand-alone wireless unit, which just looks and feels like your mobile phone.

The idea behind the creation of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device is that it should enable users to easily access from over 90,000 books, which are available on You’ll even be able to access the books that are included in the New York Times Best seller list, as well as download the first few chapters of the book.

All in all, you’ll have at your disposal over 360,00 books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other information materials.


The product goes for $399, and right now is only exclusive to, and you can’t get this wireless reader anywhere else.  What’s good with subscribing to this service is that you’ll truly be engrossed with getting updated information from top-notch news providers such as the Washington Post, wall Street Journal, New York Times and premium magazines such as Time, Forbes and others, which are all pre-set into your wireless reader through wireless technology.  And, in addition, you could even subscribe to international newspapers and magazine who are also offering the service.

A Small Monthly Fee Is Required For Subscribing To Magazines & Newspapers

Once you get the Kindle Wireless Reading Device, you can easily subscribe to as many magazines and newspapers who offer the service. However, you need to pay a small monthly fee to the publications that offer the wireless service.

The fee may be nominal, but what’s good is that you’ll never miss out on reading your favorite newspaper, especially when you’re traveling and staying in a hotel room.  What’s best about getting this wireless reading device, is that you’ll have 24-hour wireless connection, and you won’t need to shell out a costly monthly bill for it.

Users of the wireless service don’t need to worry about paying for hidden charges or installation fees, and once you get your unit, shopping for e-magazines and books can be done in a flurry.

The Electronic Reader’s Designed To Operate on It’s Own

The Kindle wireless Reading device is designed to seamlessly download blogs, books and newspapers, magazines and e-books. It’s also designed in such a way that it operates on its own. The wireless reader is connected to Amazon’s 3G Whispernet network, which allows better media flow and Web browsing.

By the way, Whispernet is’s wireless network, which delivers its ebooks and other reading material. What’s good about this is that the system  doesn’t require you to pay a service plan, so you won’t have to worry about paying any regular bills, since the Whispernet feature is paid for by The only costs you need to worry about are the power consumption level of your battery, as you’ll probably need to recharge your battery every 4 to 5 days.

Easy-To-Read Electronic Screen

The wireless reader also offers users a black-and-white easy to read display screen. Reading your favorite book or magazine should be a breeze, as the reader’s display is based on E-ink technology, and you won’t have to worry about burning your eyes, or worry about touching a hot screen.  Actually, utilized an ink that makes it softer and easier for readers to read their favorite books or magazines.

Perfect For Passionate Readers

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device is tops for passionate readers. Apart from being a handy and easy-to-carry device, the tool only weighs a measly 10.2 ounces, and is only an inch thick, making it a perfect item to bring along with you anywhere; you could read your favorite stuff on the beach, in your hotel room, and even in the movie theater.

Downloading your favorite reading materials is also done in a jiffy, you won’t have to keep your eyes glued to the Web, as well as get tired of waiting for the magazine or book to appear on your screen.

Packed With Wonderful Applications

The Kindle wireless reader’s also packed with a bevy of wonderful functions and applications. It has a built-in dictionary, bookmark feature, a search function that looks for a book’s sections or pages, a web browser and other functions that make it more comfortable for people to read. The added features all come at a reasonable price too.

Is It Okay For International Users?

For those who regularly travel outside of the United States, the Kindle may be quite tough to use, since only a few countries offer wireless coverage that’s compatible to the device. And if you’re lucky to find Whispernet coverage, the charges may range from $2 to $4.99 a week, specially for magazines and books that are downloaded outside the continental US.

However, what’s good is that international users will still be bale to download sample chapters of their favorite books at no extra charge.  For those who live outside the United States, first you need to read the product page thoroughly, and see what restrictions and conditions apply for international buyers.

Once you see the product page, you’ll see a section which pertains to buyers outside the United States. Sadly for overseas buyers, they surely won’t get the same deals and prices as compared to US residents. But if they still would like to experience the same stuff that US residents get, then they could do so, despite having to cough out for a few extra charges, which are levied in US Dollars.

What The New Kindle Version Offers

The new Kindle 2 is reported to be a notch higher than the first version. The new model offers a memory expansion port, a built-in Wi-Fi, as well as color-touch navigation screen, which are all absent on the current version of the reader.  This should compete well with the upcoming release of the Barnes & Noble Nook, which is also similarly priced with the Kindle Wireless Reading Device 2.

Negative Attributes of The Device

While a large number of users and observers have nothing but praise for this wireless reader, some have criticized its other functions. The device’s protective gear is said to be not suitable for holding the device, especially if the cover is open, because you may accidentally press some of the buttons. The screen is also rumored to have a low refresh rate, so the process of transferring e-books from one device to another is restricted, or frowned upon.

This unique and innovative wireless reader surely packs a powerful punch, and delivers all the stuff it has promised. Its equipped with a paper display that is electronic in nature, although the formats are proprietary in nature.  While the device uses the vaunted Whispernet service, it only has limited coverage outside the united States, and may temporarily not be feasible for overseas  buyers.

When it was initially launched, customers were in a frenzy, and it was highly-applauded by tech observers and critics as well.  It currently sells for $359, although the new model’s suggested retail price has yet to be announced.

In addition, the device’s improved display characteristic allows for easy reading, just like reading a regular newspaper or book.  It features 16 shades of gray, and offers users crisper images. It also has a longer battery life, as you can enjoy reading your favorite e-books, magazines, journals, without requiring you to go back and forth the power socket.

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