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For centuries, perfumes have been an integral part of people’s lives. The early Egyptians used perfumed balms to spice up lovemaking, as well as to fill the air with fragrance during religious ceremonies and other special occasions.

The early Europeans used plants like peppermint and rose, which were steeped in oils, and exuded a unique scent. People use perfumes differently; some use it to smell uniquely fresh and sweet, especially when they’re in a date, a romantic dinner, or a black-tie party, and even when in a disco.

The perfume and fragrance industry now has become a $1 billion dollar industry, and it’s believed that on average, women will have at their collection at least 6 different types of perfume, rather than maintain a single fragrance, as they’ll want to use different scents for different occasions.

How Sarah Jessica Parker Rose To Fame

Born in March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio, actress Sarah Jessica Parker first made it to the world of film and television, by appearing in the 1977-81 Broadway musical “Annie”, where she played the role of July, the cute depression-era orphan.

She also appeared in a number of hit television shows in the1980’s, as well as appear in movies like Honeymoon In Vegas, Hocus Pocus, Mars attacks, State And Main, The Family Stone and Smart People.

However, she’s best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, in the popular HBO TV series Sex And The City. The HBO sitcom series catapulted her into the spotlight, and truly made her a certified international star. And with fame and al the media hype comes the endorsements as well. She now has a new fragrance that’s aptly named Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker.

How Critics, and Fans, Describe The Product

Lovely was created by noted perfumer Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec, and is often described as an eau de perfume, and also possesses a lasting sweet scent.  The fragrance has a retail price of $48 for a 50 ml bottle, and $62 for a 100 ml bottle. The fragrance also comes with a matching shower gel and body lotion.

The perfume’s creators point out that the fragrance has a wonderful mix of rosewood, white amber, bergamot, lavender, orchid, cedar, apple martini, musk and wood.  Some have even agreed that Lovely has a scent that’s similar to For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, although some disagree with this comparison, a they insist that Narciso Rodriguez’ creation has a smell that the nose and throat easily pick up, and get mesmerized with.

Perfume connoisseurs agree that Lovely has a soft, citrus-type wood scent, with a healthy dose of lavender, and in effect should dry down with a musky-wood, rosewood and cedar feel. It’s floral appeal is quite muted, but it sure will give you the idea of the confluence of floral scents.

The perfume’s creators stressed that Sarah Jessica Parker wanted a perfume that wouldn’t completely dominate, or drown out the other scents in a room. She expressed that she wanted one that would exude a soft, quiet fragrance, which stays closer, and longer, on the skin.

Is It Wearable, And Suited For Different Occasions?

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, according to perfume industry analysts, would be truly a wearable fragrance, as compared to other notable celebrity fragrances. The scent should find fans from people of all ages and persuasions, and the dominating scent is not as feminine as others would like to describe it. This should make the fragrance quite appealing for men to wear, and should serve well for the needs of both sexes. This observation should make Sarah Jessica Parker and her glee with delight.

Lovely Has a Layer of Different, Unique Scents

The creators of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker were said to be inspired by the idea of effectively creating a layer of scents, which would slowly come out and exude different aromas, one after the other. Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry have formulated a scent, which pits the scent of bergamot, lavender, rosewood, apple martini and mandarin on the topmost layer.

The fragrance’s top layer will then blend to give a soothing and soft woddy or citrus-like scent. The middle layer meshes a blend of paper whites, orchids and patchouli, which combine to create  subtle and softly overpowering floral air. The perfume’s bottom layer is created from mixing musk, amber and wood scents. These layers then successfully combine to create an overall soft musky and cedar scent.

Great For Casual And Formal Occasions

Many will agree that Lovely is a fragrance that doesn’t forcefully overpower you. It instead, stays close to the skin, and exude a soft but sensual air,. The perfume’s different layers are sure to leave an air of sophistication, as well as innocence, which makes it great to wear for both formal and extra-casual occasions, as well as be appropriate for women of all ages. Once you wear this, the scent does not flood the room, nor will it drown out other scents.

As the perfume stays closer and longer to the skin, you need not reapply it frequently, since it possesses the unique ability to last, and still exude that unique floral scent. While it truly doesn’t have an oppressive or overpowering air to it, Lovely has an impressive scent that makes you want to wear it, particularly in formal and black-tie events, where you need to exude an air of soft dominance and sophistication.

A Flowery Scent That Makes You Feel Fresh All Day

What’s also great about Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is that, the cacophony of floral, musk and wood scents do not quickly wear off or fade easily. The perfume’s soft, subtle and warm whiff not only would make you feel comfortable, but also should help to make you feel fresh all day. Apart from staying close to your skin, and allowing you to stay fresh all day or night, this fragrance doesn’t leave any ubiquitous damp marks or stains on your dress or shirt.

Unlike some signature perfumes that leave you with a stingy, or otherwise damp sensation, especially when you begin to sweat, Lovely is a truly delicate fragrance, that’s great for all types of skin, and great for those who have sensitive skin.

I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing any skin irritations or discomfort with using this perfume, and I surely won’t hear of anyone complaining that it has a burdensome or overpowering aura.

The Long-Lasting scent Makes For A Great Buy

Lovely sure has a distinctly original, warm and sweet flowery fragrance that is sure to enthrall both men and women.  Its vaunted long-lasting scent will surely make it a great buy, particularly for those who don’t like frequent reapplying perfume when they’re out on a party or meeting.

Its scent was analyzed to last for a full 8 hours, and users didn’t report the need to constantly spray themselves all the time. Now isn’t that a great buy? You’ll have a long-lasting and extra  sweet scent, and will have one that won’t quickly dry out or evaporate, as the number of sprays needed are minimal.

Overall, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is a great perfume. As Sarah and her perfume experts painstakingly   labored to create a wonderful fusion of floral, wood and musky  scents, arranged in unique layers, the end-result was an incredibly sensual but subtle and unobtrusive scent, which would abode well with those who want to feel lovely, but do not wish to wear scents that overpower a room.

The perfume’s packaging is stylish and well-designed, and the fragrance’s bottle is as elegant and as mystifying as the scent itself. The perfume bottle delivers a classy and elegant feel, as it features polished curves that have a slight dash of pink, and perfectly fits in your hand.

The perfume’s success in blending an air of sophistication and child-like innocence makes it great to wear for casual, free-wheeling occasions, as well as black tie, power-dress affairs. It’s ageless aura should also make it the perfume of choice for women of all ages, persuasions or social backgrounds.


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