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The Motorola Droid is truly one attractive and unique piece of technology. As it has forged a strong alliance with Verizon and Google, this famous US phone maker has, according to some observers, finally come up with a device that should pull the phone maker back from the brink, and compete with the other smart phone giants.

Basic Features That Make It Sizzle

Motorola DroidOnce you pick up the Motorola Droid, you’ll be sure to easily notice it’s smooth yet solid touch and feel. This smart phone offers powerful Web surfing and communication features, which should help it live up to all the hype and fanfare.   It also makes full use of a Motorola Droid 2.0, which is a wonderfully updated mobile operating system from Google, and offers a lot of leg room behind the phone’s 3.7 inch touch screen.

Apart from the innovative operating system, the Motorola Droid also has a newly-configured navigation application, improved e-mail management system and browser, and more refined social network connections. You could get the Motorola Droid for around $200, and this includes a 2-year contract with Verizon.

Touch Screen Has Great Pixel Density

The Motorola Droid’s 3.7 inch, 854 x 480 touch screen offers better clarity and density, with a pixel density of 267 ppi, a full glass display, and high-quality WVGA resolution. Technology observers agree that the Motorola Droid’s responsiveness can be at par, or could even be better, than it’s other AnMotorola Droid colleagues or competitors.

Another plus factor to the Motorola Droid’s touch screen, is that it offers better Webpage viewing, and browsing on this phone’s much easier and more flexible. The screen’s additional pixels will truly come handy, especially if you are on the lookout for graphically demanding and wordy stuff.

So what’s behind the touch screen’s wonderful features?   Could it be because Motorola upgraded its screen technology,  or the CPU inside the phone’s much faster? Honestly, the Motorola Droid’s touch screen offers better and more captivating text clarity, and reading ebooks on this phone would be much easier and more relaxing than doing so on a iPhone. With the phone’s more-improved pixel density, you could go on reading and browsing for hours, without getting a headache. And the colors are more solid and vivid as well.

Upgraded Operating System

As I mentioned earlier, the Motorola Droid features a fluid and well-upgraded mobile operating system. The AnMotorola Droid 2.0, from Google, offers improved e-mail management, web browsing, navigation tools, and new contact/social network connections.  However, you’ll find a few bumps when managing video or music, which some critics argue is not at par with the iPhone.

Solid Look And Smooth Feel

The Motorola Droid’s hardware basically has hard edges and angular slopes. The phone is constructed using a mixture of soft-touch materials such as metal and plastic, which offers a solid feel and expensive touch. The Motorola Droid has two main structures, which are the glass display on top, and the slightly long keyboard on the lower part. On top, the 3.7 inch touch screen covers all spaces, and there are four easy to grasp buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

The phone’s top section also slides smoothly to reveal aWell-designed Qwerty keyboard, although some argue that the keyboard doesn’t quickly snap into place, and requires a little pushing to move it up. However once the initial forceful clicks are done, the keys then become easier to snap and click.

The keyboard though offers only minimal spacing between the keys. On the upper portion of the phone lies a 3.5 mm head phone jack, a power/sleep button, and on the right edge lies a volume adjuster, and a camera button is positioned on the opposite end. The hpoe’s left side has aMicroUSB port, and a 5 megapixel camera is positioned at the back, and a thin, gold-colored strip indicates the phone’s speaker.

Mixed Reviews on The Keyboards Look And feel

The Motorola Droid’s keyboard has mixed reviews among buyers. Some groan that the phone’s  keys are positioned in an awkward manner. Its keys also feel a bit clicky, and puts  your right hand in a quite awkward position. However, some stress that with a few minutes of adjusting to the keyboard’s positioning, users will be able to click keys and type normally.

Some also complain that the keyboard doesn’t easily light up when touched, which requires you to close and open the pad again.    However, the keyboard surely is easily readable, and is aesthetically-pleasing as well.  The phone’s touch response is quite effective as well,  and you’ll be able to flip your fingers to pull out the applications menu.

Although we may hear a number of complaints regarding the keyboard’s flexibility and ease of use, there thankfully have been no serious complaints yet regarding the keypad’s overall performance.

Fairly Good Battery Life

Most users agree that the Motorola Droid’s battery manages to make it through 8 to 12 hours after recharging. The battery’s 8 to 12 hour staying power fits perfectly if you’re a moderate to heavy user, doing a lot of Web browsing, e-mail, moderate app use, navigation and constant playing of music and videos.

The battery’s mileage, however, will depend on how many applications are you running, or whether how much you use the GPS.  However, on average, the battery performs well according to expectations, and should be fairly acceptable for a smart phone.

Motorola Droid’s Camera Doesn’t Perform As Expected; Video Works Well

While you got to thank Motorola for outfitting the Motorola Droid with a 5 megapixel camera that offers an Led flash, there are some quirks noted on its performance. While the camera may take wonderful-looking photos, using its other features may be a bit cranky.

Most users complain that the camera is too slow to focus, as well as snap picture, and the results can be a bit disappointing.  There’s also a problem with adjusting to closer objects, even if it’s in broad daylight. While I would agree that most will get a decent picture when using this, the process of getting a good shot may be a bit testing.  Overall, the Motorola Droid’s camera offers better flash settings and effects, focal length and balance.

The Motorola Droid’s video camera on the other hand, works surprisingly well.  It performs well when shooting videos at a720 x 480 resolution and it produces high-quality, less-shaky, or even shake-free videos. This would be great for filming home videos, or whenever you feel like having your short video posted on Youtube.

Supports Multiple E-Mail Accounts

Motorola Droid is great for those who have more than one email account. Its operating software allows for better support of multiple Gmail and Exchange accounts. It also has a universal inbox that allows users to check their electronic correspondences in a single look, and allows your other accounts to be meshed an d fit in a combined inbox view.

While it may not truly suit well for those who have both Google and Exchange email accounts, the improvements have made it passable, and more comfortable, as compared to other  AnMotorola Droid versions.

As most of us will love keeping a few of our email accounts in our smart phone, Motorola Droid users will however experience a few minor glitches, especially when you’re trying to attempt to remove one of your emails. Try using two Gmail accounts on this phone, and remove the other account, and the device will inform you that you need to factory reset your phone, because the account was needed for certain applications.

Improved Social Networking Integration

It will also be much easier for you to integrate your Facebook account with the Motorola Droid, as the AnMotorola Droid 2.0 system now makes it easier for third parties to plug into your phone’s contact and calendars.  The good thing about the Motorola Droid’s new contact/social network integration is that it doesn’t fill up and clutter your Gmail contacts with extra names and contacts, and you have the option to synchronize your contacts, as well as keep certain sets from being displayed or cluttered in your contacts list.

Another plus factor with using the Motorola Droid’s social network system, is that it also has a “Quick Contact” menu added to your list of contacts.  This unique function enables you to simply tap a person’s name, and allows you to use different options  to reach out to your contact.

For example, if you have friends on Facebook, you will be given the option to send either an SMS, phone or email message to them. The phone’s AnMotorola Droid software makes the user’s MMS and SMS experience a more fluid and flexible one, giving them the option to easily search tier messages, as well as allow them to set the limit for the number of SMS messages to store, before they start deleting the older threads.  While the social networking and new contact features of the Motorola Droid are not that breathtaking, they’re surely nice to have around.

To be honest, the Motorola Droid is probably the best AnMotorola Droid phone so far, and should make for an all-around smart phone. And if you’re hooked up on the Verizon network, this phone will surely offer more action than the others, although you may encounter a few quirks with the camera and some applications.

In terms of functionality and ease of use, the phone should pass muster, and would only get a few smirks
and raised eyebrows from users.

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