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This online weight loss program is actually made by a real-life muscle building buff named Jason Ferruggia. His experience in fitness and health dates back as far as twenty years. In fact, he has been undergoing training for over twenty years, including the fourteen he spent as an instructor.

Jason Ferruggia has actually successfully helped lots of people from forty-three different nations. Aside from that, he also enlightens his fans and followers by writing for some known magazines such as Maximum Fitness and Men’s Health.

The start

The Muscle Gaining Secrets program starts out by claiming that they only need the dieter or the exerciser to spend three short hours at a gym and the results will show.

First of all, how it begins is just like any other online weight loss program. For instance, giving out huge claims is not something that is new. Moreover, Muscle Gaining Secrets is also grand with the information regarding avoiding exercise-related injuries, and warming up.

What makes this program somewhat different from some is that it also talks about the different ways of ranking exercises and the exact number of repetitions that must be done in order to actually acquire good results. The right food and drink to eat are also included. This makes the Muscle Gaining Secrets one full package.

Money back guarantee

The Muscle Gaining Secrets is definitely worth a try, especially for those who are truly serious about losing weight yet maintaining health. However, if fans or followers do not find this program suitable for them, then they can always return the program after eight weeks or approximately two months. If they do so within the allotted time frame, they can get their money back a hundred percent (100%).


At first, Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets seems like a good-for-nothing program that releases huge claims but does not generate positive results. In fact, many have verbalized that they find this particular program’s website very low quality with pictures that did not at all look real. Moreover, they have also noticed the site’s bad editing. Conclusively, many have stated that the Muscle Gaining Secrets website is not worth looking at.

However, when people actually overcame their inhibitions and delved deeper into the program, they realized that the Muscle Gaining Secrets is such a great product and is actually worth the price.

What is included in the package?

Upon purchase of a Muscle Gaining Secrets membership, a book is also provided. Aside from that, the buyer also gets access to a bunch of free bonus books. To be specific, six of Jason Ferruggia’s other books are given out for free.

Aside from the book, a workout plan for roughly thirty-four weeks is provided, which includes sixteen weeks of exercise routines with the use of a dumbbell or a barbell. The e-book or electronic book, on the other hand, includes tips on high powered nutrition with some quick meals that are very easy to do.

Unlike other fitness books, Muscle Gaining Secrets freely discuss the truth about supplements that everyone else needs to be aware of. Many are confused and led to believe that supplements will make them thinner. However, this is actually not the case because the supplements are just robbing them of their money without having any wanted effects.

Moreover, Muscle Gaining Secrets also gives access to its followers and users to an exclusive interview with the creator of the program himself, Jason Ferruggia.

Since Muscle Gaining Secrets also discusses nutrition in the pages of its book, there are recipes for delicious shakes in there that have been tested to be quite effective when it comes to muscle building.

About the book

Generally, the book that comes along with the Muscle Gaining Secrets membership is such an amazing book. It is definitely filled with information which cannot be found in any other fitness book or in any other weight loss programs. The book also comes with another thinner book that is entitled Injury Free for Life, which basically talks about the different ways of avoiding injuries and treating them if ever they were acquired.

The pros

Muscle Gaining Secrets review

Beneath the pictures of the Muscle Gaining Secrets guide are the secrets that people can use in order to actually build some muscle. These secrets are actually the best secrets online when it comes to building muscle. These are not simply claims because client testimonials have certainly stated just how effective Muscle Gaining Secrets is. Although the pictures associated with the guide are somewhat cheesy, this part is compensated by the amount of information that is contained inside the guide’s pages.

The book is just extremely filled with information regarding, exercise, diet, fitness and health. The Muscle Gaining Secrets guide makes sure that no tip or secret is left unturned. Basically, it discussed everything there is to know with losing weight the healthy way.

Aside from having a guide that is fun to read and easy to follow, the exercisers get a good feeling that makes them feel confident and great because they can excel in the routines provided by Muscle Gaining Secrets.

Having a colorful page is a plus for most people, but having a page filled with drawings that make the adult buyer feel like he or she is being treated like a child is a big no-no. Instead of attracting further buyers, this tends to drive them away.

The cons

As mentioned, one disadvantage of this particular online weight loss program is that the creator, Jason Ferruggia, used some low quality pictures that are really not attractive. Although it is just a minor part of the project, readers will be able to see this low quality part of the product right away and probably judge the program as a whole.

Muscle Gaining Secrets review

For instance, if potential buyers see that the program’s book’s cover has a cheesy drawing, then they probably would not think twice and drop the idea of buying that particular program. Of course, online weight loss programs have to make sure that they attract buyers. This is one gray area that the art team of Muscle Gaining Secrets must look into.

The upside to the low quality images is that it makes the size of the package smaller. This means that it takes lesser time to download since larger items take longer to download, and also because it takes a smaller space to occupy. For sure, no one would want to have a huge space taken from their hard drive memory just in the effort of actually losing weight.

Although there is no single book dedicated to nutrition and its science, there is a similar book that talks about food and the right food types to eat entitled Quick Meals for Fast Muscle. This book tells the dieter about the food types that can be enjoyed while building the muscles.

Basically, the Muscle Gaining Secrets is a bargain. The effectiveness is very high and the price is affordable too. The techniques are all easy to do despite their uniqueness and are very effective as well. For many, Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets is definitely what they have been looking for a long time now.


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