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With the ever-expanding influence of the Internet, online marketing has truly become one innovative and feasible vehicle for earning solid revenue streams these days. However, online marketing experts worry that most online marketers are too busy trying to make a fast buck by joining affiliate campaigns such as Google Adsense, Clickbank, and others, while only 5% of individual Web marketers actually operate their own e-commerce Web site.

The Niche Blueprint is an online marketing course, which teaches you the proper way for making your e-commerce Web site generate significant amounts of revenues. And it’s true that you can make thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in profits, through using your own Web site.

The Niche Blueprint Makes Online Marketing Simple, But Effective

Some still cling to the old notion that running your own e-commerce Web site is one big hassle, because you’d have to personally handle shipping, delivery, customer service and other tedious stuff, and you would rather jump on affiliate marketing advertising campaigns, which you think are more lucrative, and quite easier to operate.

Well, with the Niche Blueprint course, running your e-commerce site shouldn’t need to be a tough thing anymore. The Niche Blueprint is a course that covers all the important aspects of online marketing. It covers 9 modules, and consists of 20 plus instructional videos and manuals. The Niche Blueprint was also created by David And Michael Hermansen.

Who Are David And Michael Hermansen?

For those who are just starting out in the lucrative but highly-competitive world of online marketing, David and Michael Hermansen are famous personalities. These two individuals are well-known e-commerce geniuses, and while their products and services are not directly anchored to online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing or Internet marketing, these people know just how to make money online, and they’ve practically got every trick in the books. These folks have learned what it takes to efficiently market a Web site which caters to a specific niche.

David and Michael have also been working in tandem with with guys like Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, and these folks are also equally-famous Web marketing personalities, in creating the Niche Blueprint. Now this explains why the creators of this innovative online marketing program are nothing short of brilliant.

These notable online marketing geniuses have devoted a lot of time and effort in creating a cutting-edge system, which has been proven to make over a million dollars in profits each year. The succeeding sections are an overview of the Niche Blueprint’s modules and course materials.

Video No. 1: Module 2 – Market Research Part 1

This is the first video of the Niche Blueprint 4-part course series. Module 2 gives an overview of how to find a niche, how to conduct research, and how to formulate an effective keyword phrase. Here, the instructors teach you how to make full use of the Market Samurai, which is a software that enables you to quickly sniff out less-competitive keyword phrases. Once you do your research, and determine the potential keyword phrases, you will be taught how to analyze competition, through search engine optimization. This course should help you to determine how to target the right key phrase for your online marketing campaign.

Video No. 2: Module 2 – Market Research Part 2

The second video delves further into the research process, and explains how to effectively expand your keyword list, so you can make full use of what are called “killer” key phrases.

Video No. 3: Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization Concepts

This part teaches you the different Search engine optimization (SEO) concepts, ranging from basic to advanced SEO methodologies and concepts. This video should bode well for newbies and amateur online marketers.

Video No. 4: Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization Plan

On this part, you will be presented with a constructive, step-by-step search engine optimization (SEO)plan, that’s both feasible and doable. This portion is great for both amateur and professional online marketers, and it won’t matter if you haven’t heard of the term SEO before. The video will conveniently walk you through the whole process, and would also provide you with a workable step-by-step framework for getting your Web site to the top of the search engines.

Will the Niche Blueprint Be Worth The Price?

Once you get the Niche Blueprint, learn it by heart. Read the modules step by step, and analyze the videos. Once you understand the system, you’ll surely agree that the guys behind the Niche Blueprint truly know what they’re talking about. And in case you don’t know how much the Niche Blueprint costs,it runs for just $497. If you think it’s expensive, well take into account the returns you’ll be getting from it.

And because only 700 copies of this course are being offered, it would be great if you’ll be the first to get your hands on this doable but easy-to-follow strategy for online marketing success. Once you order this, you need not worry about having to ship anything. The course won’t require that you pay for any shipping or handling fees, because it sends the course to you through DropShipping. So if you;re still worried whether you’d be able to make a million dollars with this course, well your success is completely up to you, and it will depend on how quick you learn the methods, as well as on the amount of time and effort you invest into it.

What’s Great With The New Niche Blueprint Version 2?

David and Michael Hermansen have also released Niche Blueprint Version 2. The good thing about the new version is that the changes include the addition of new software, which would enable people to quickly start earning money with using the Niche Blueprint. Niche Blueprint Version 2.0 comes with access to 7 cutting-edge and useful tools which aim to make your e-commerce venture much easier.

The NB version 2.0 includes software such as the Keyword blueprint. This software allows you to speed-up your keyword research process, a sit simply goes to Google and pulls in the appropriate keywords for you. It helps you determine whether the keyword you find or wish to use is valuable or not, and whether you’ll be facing fierce competition should you decide to use a certain keyword.

The new Niche Blueprint version also includes the Authority Hub software, which helps you to determine all the competitors for your keywords, and also provides you details such as backlinks and PR of all the top-10 ranking sites. The Authority Hub software also will show you the exact sources of the links of your competitor Web sites. The Authority Hub software basically allows you to plan your own Web site on your competitor’s backlinks.



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