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Originally released in 1982, with a wide variety of standard and exclusive models, the Nike Air Force shoes are back in the mainstream more than ever with the retro and old-school style trends going around. Since then, over 1,700 colors and design variations have been produced, bringing in an estimated $800 million per year in revenue for Nike.

These designs variations have been relatively mild, such as adding a Velcro closure strap at the top, at almost ankle level and making it more aerodynamic as shoe ergonomics and related material technology progressed.

Nike Air Force 1 features

Nike Air Force 1s were originally considered the favored shoe of subculture rapper youth in the 80’s, then hip hop artists in the 90’s and famous basketball players. In fact, this model is still used as a performance shoe, either as for basketball in the street as well as for professional play. Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Williams, among other NBA stars, have used and advertised these shoes.

The market they usually cater to has gotten bigger through the years. Now there is a line for women and kids with the same signature design, and even more lively colors and designs.

Nike Air Force 1: a clothing choice problem solver

The o9’ model is predominantly black with some colored versions. The Nike with the swoosh logo under the soil prevails. Jet Black is a color that can combined with any other color, or design, so it was smartly thought. You can find them for the price of $100 or less, if it’s not a special edition.

As always, there’s a low-cut and a mid-top version. There’s not really much difference between them; just a matter of personal preference. There’s still a rare high-top version but that falls under the collectibles category.

Overall, it can be considered a basic timeless shoe or sneaker piece that you should always have in your closet, it looks great with anything casual, just as the little black dress. They can be definitely considered a problem solver when you’re in a hurry and is a safe choice when you have to pull the first thing that comes out of your closet.


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