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No Nonsense Muscle Building

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Who is Vince Delmonte?

Vince Delmonte is the man who invented the No Nonsense Muscle Building program. He has invested so much of his time and effort into instilling in people’s minds that the only reasons why some people are horribly unfit and have very huge bellies are ignorance and laziness. In fact, this is why he developed the No Nonsense Muscle Building program in the first place.

Instead of wasting money and time on other weight loss programs who simply push, push and push, people should fully understand the basic principles with training and dieting. Unlike other online fitness programs, No Nonsense Muscle Building guides its dieters and exercisers and helps them towards success.

What makes No Nonsense Muscle Building any different?

No Nonsense Muscle Building is different from other online weight loss programs because it encourages its followers to maintain a physique like that of a fitness model, opposed to others which only push their followers to having a bodybuilder physique.

The creator of No Nonsense Muscle Building himself, Vince Delmonte, is a fitness model who wins in a lot of fitness competitions. It is because of his skills and know-how in maintaining proper level of fitness that emphasizes the usual things that are left ignored or neglected by other online weight loss programs. No Nonsense Muscle Building assists its followers in endurance training, flexibility training, and muscular balance.

The primary focus

Although this program talks about a lot of factors when it comes to training, its main focus is having significant muscle mass to be maintained in a skinny person. It is through No Nonsense Muscle Building that people can have access to fitness expert’s core strategy for gaining muscles.

The program’s principles

Before anything else, No Nonsense Muscle Building followers have to fully understand that they are the ones who have control over their muscles. Once they finally know the basics, they are then taught about the nine growth principles that No Nonsense Muscle Building is predominantly based on.

Actually, some of these aforementioned nine growth principles are included in other online weight loss programs, but they are merely misinterpreted and forgotten. This is basically why most of the online weight loss programs out there suffer, hence, making their followers suffer as well.

These principles should be completely understood by the dieters or the exercisers if they truly intend to have some huge muscle gains. No worries, though, because Vince Delmonte has a gift when it comes to explaining things, as he makes sure that each and every follower of the No Nonsense Muscle Building program actually understands what is meant in the program.

Proper amount of rest

No Nonsense Muscle Building review

Minimal results in terms of fitness are caused by not having enough time to recuperate. The fitness trainers associated with the No Nonsense Muscle Building are strictly instructed about the significance of recovery, not merely in their line of work, but in their general health as well. In fact, Vince Delmonte dedicates a whole chapter of the No Nonsense Muscle Building guide to certain techniques about resting properly.

All about hormones

The program’s guide also has a whole chapter about hormones. Hormones have a very important role when it comes to proper muscle building. When the art of muscle building has been mastered, then the significance of optimizing the person’s hormone levels is also somewhat mastered. This is good news for the dieting methods of No Nonsense Muscle Building, because this weight loss program basically has a diet system that maximizes the hormones involved in muscle building.


No Nonsense Muscle Building is not merely about a simplistic routine and just going to the gym, it actually has a program that is done periodically with cycles.

Unlike other exercise programs which basically push their followers into carrying heavy weights at a particular number of lifts, No Nonsense Muscle Building has a periodization of alternating sets in order to prevent adaptation. Each of the phases of this periodization builds to the next phase.

Initially, the workout plan of this program seems complicated. At first, the reader would have to read the guide’s text a couple of times before the text actually makes sense. However, the reader must not get tired at this point because the guide is bound to declare information on some very impressive muscle gains.

Vince Delmonte also included in the No Nonsense Muscle Building guide the access to a member’s only area for his very effective workout plan that usually takes only fifty-two weeks. A calendar can be viewed so that the day’s workout schedule can be seen as it is laid out.

Workouts each week

Another thing that separates the workouts of No Nonsense Muscle Building is that its exercisers only have to commit themselves to three workouts each week packed with quick yet intense routines that require full body movement.

But since a part of the program individualizes the routines, it is responsible for assigning a lighter workout schedule for those who are somewhat weaker. The methods for determining this is further taught in the program.

The training section

No Nonsense Muscle Building review

The No Nonsense Muscle Building program has a training section in its guide which talks about many fitness aspects. For starters, it includes flexibility training as a topic, as Vince Delmonte teaches some very easy techniques when it comes to stretching to maximum flexibility right from the very first day.

Other things it talks about are the many ways on reducing the muscle imbalances as it balances the exerciser’s weak and strong sides, with some special workout routines aimed at the weak areas. The workout training starts out at the basic stage, gradually training the exerciser to some more advanced routines.

Listening to the body

Although it may not sound as scientific as it seems, the listen to the body technique is actually significant in the No Nonsense Muscle Building program. The stimuli released by the body greatly affect its entirety. In the long run, these stimuli are responsible for the person’s general change in the physique.


No Nonsense Muscle Building developer, Vince Delmonte, highly recommends that those who are extremely skinny must not perform routines that are categorized under cardio, especially if ten to fifteen pounds of muscle mass is lacking. But after the aforementioned mass is recovered, cardio has a big role in training.

Cutting fat is important too.

No Nonsense Muscle Building review

It is a fact that the main focus of this program is to help its followers in gaining muscle mass. However, this does not necessarily mean that the program is not at all concerned when it comes to cutting fat. Of course, it is only imperative that in order to have an obvious lean muscle physique, the fats have to be greatly cut.

The diet

It is a known fact that in order to have a lean body, that person or dieter have to commit himself or herself to a certain eating habit.

First of all, the amounts of calories that are consumed and the exact food types which are eaten have to be written down and calculated. Do not fret, however, if counting is not a forte, because an online calculator will be provided once membership has been established.

This calculator does all of the math and the technical work. All it needs are the measurements, goals, and activity levels, and the online calculator is ready to do its thing.


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