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With this model of training shoes, the first thing you will notice is that you’ll feel as if you’re walking on sand. Interesting, isn’t it? Reebok designed these EasyTone shoes that use balance pods built into the shoes’ inner sole to create a natural instability that actually encourages the toning of your hamstrings, the gluteus maximus, and calves, 3 key areas of your legs, given that your muscles are forced to adapt and work more, rather than the standard exercise sneakers.

Reebok Easytone Go Outside Training Shoe features

Reebok claims that your gluteus muscles will activate and work in over 28% than with regular shoes and  the calf and the hamstring for over 11%.

So, yes, these shoes are made for self-training either if you jog, walk or run. The material is made of a synthetic, mesh and leather textile lining and a rubber traction outsole.

The problem with all of this, though, is that if you’re not aware or already familiarized with the shoes’ properties you will feel really sore the next day. This model comes in black, grey and red, and white, so you have a lot of options in combining it with your workout outfits.

Reebok Easytone Go Outside Training Shoe downsides

The recommended time of use, if you walk, run, jog or exercise daily is around two months, though. The outsole may develop a small hole on the heel and the support may break down, so be aware of the warranty and contacting Reebok.

Overall, for the price of around $99 there are far better brands out there, just that you won’t get this self-exercise technology. I’d definitely recommend buying a pair of MBT shoes since they last more and basically you get to the same objective. It’s up to the customer to decide if they’re convenient to his or her daily routine or not.


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