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This is a great new brand for inexpensive, comfortable and relatively durable sneakers. They come in a refreshingly wide variety of canvas designs that seem stitched on from any amount of fun textures, from little skulls, to plaid or unicolor, and they are mostly the slip-on type with stretch lacing.

Rocket Dog defines itself as a brand where pop culture meets subculture, and they’re not afraid to say it. They cater more to the informal clothing strata of society rather than appeal to the eternally snob, nitpicky ‘fashionistas’. That’s why they claim to don’t blend in with the well-heeled pack. For them, the Rocket Dog girl is style-conscious but not a fashion slave. Not even one iota of fear about showing her true side, expressing herself with a sporty look.

How to combine Rocket Dog Sneakers for Women

These are the type of shoes that you would wear everyday to attend classes either at high school or college as they look great combined with jeans, cargo pants, skirts, short skirts with leggings, etc. You have a whole array of options, if you want to add a grunge touch to your outfit, with the rugged, weathered look of the plaid ones.
Are these sneakers good for running and exercising? Absolutely. You don’t need to look any further for expensive shoes.

The material of Rocket Dog Sneakers for women

The material is mainly a soft rubber with vulcanized soil, combined with the soft material of the design and its fully cushioned insole, all for an at-home feel as you walk the streets, given that the shoes adapt to the form of your feet.

However, after around 6 months of use, the soil may start to rip apart, as the elastic ties have stretched. Be ready to either fix them or throw them out, because it seems that they’re not meant to last much long.

But at least you can buy a new colorful pair for around $20 to $40. Not bad if you look for anything fancier.


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