Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6

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Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6

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Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 allows you to enjoy your photos, music, videos and more while on the go. With 3.6 inch screen and built-in Wi-Fi, you can surf the web without paying monthly bills or service fees. This player will give you access to all your favorite and popular music apps and radio stations in the Internet, and it also has a built-in radio tuner. Galaxy Player will give you clean sound while listening to your music or watching videos. Also it has that drag-and-drop feature to easily organize your files. It also has dual cameras for taking photos and video chatting and runs extremely well on Gingerbread and Android 2.3 to enhance performance. Experience fun on the go and virtually connect with your friends and family with Samsung Galaxy Player, the multimedia powerhouse.

Thousands of Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 will give you access both for Samsung Apps and Google Play. Google Play offers over 450,000 apps while Samsung Apps offer application that are designed for Galaxy Player.

Share and Connect

With built-in Wi-Fi, this mp3 player will let you enjoy music online while on the go without worrying monthly bills or service fees. You have Internet radio stations, your favorite music apps and more. You can also have your own library of digital files and with drag-and-drop feature, you can easily manage it and with the help of Kies Air application, you can store the files in just one place.

The Galaxy Player has Samsung’s very own audio technology, SoundAlive, which delivers high quality and excellent clarity of the sound, making you fully enjoy your music. The user can also make adjustments to the sound quality and customized the sound for music or music, whichever you prefer.

Video Chat and Photo Sharing

It has VGA front-facing camera and 2MP rear-facing camera, and with built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect and have video chats one-on-one with your friends or as a group. You can also share media files online.


It also has a built-in Bluetooth that makes it easier to pair up with your phone and serve as another handset.

Get Connected Always

Galaxy Player is installed with one of Samsung service, Social Hub, which allows the user to sync his calendars and contacts with Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twittter, Windows Live and Myspace. The service will deliver you calendar notifications, emails and social network updates using push technology. Through this, you stay connected with your family and friends.

Instant Sharing

The Galaxy Player has 1 GHz processor and powered by Android 2.3, Gingerbread for fast and smooth performance when you are surfing the web or just enjoying your music, videos or photos. It also has Adobe Flash that offers you more privilege to more games, video and content online. You can use the microSD slot to add more storage up to 32GB for more files and easy transfer of media files. Samsung’s content sharing service, AllShare, allows you to play music, movie and other files from your Galaxy Player 3.6 to any TV with DNLA compatibility. Using AllShare, you can simply connect the Galaxy Player to your TV, and instantly you can share photos to your HDTV or even watch movies from the house of your friend.

File Formats

This Galaxy player supports video format such as AVI MP4, ASF, FLV, Audio, 3GP: photo formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP: word formats such as xml, docx, dot, dotx: excel formats such as xls, csv, xltx: Powerpoint formats such as ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx: and PDF.

galaxy player 3.6 samsung

Product Information

The Galaxy Player 3.6 measures 4.52 inches in height, 2.45 inches in width and 0.38 inches in diameter and only weigh about 0.24 pounds. The product has a warranty of one year.

The box includes the Galaxy Player 3.6, USB cable, battery travel charger, USB cable and a quick start guide.

So if you want portable mp3 player that you can enjoy as much as the iPod Touch then this Galaxy Player is a very good choice as alternative.

Downside of the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6

The user will find it difficult to see the screen in broad daylight and also the USB cord is short in length, so be sure to get a longer one which is perfectly compatible with the Galaxy Player.

Don’t use the camera as camcorder or video camera. It is only 2MP so quality of the image or video is out of the question. You can use the video and camera features to post a short video on your social network profile. Another downside of the player is the storage. Although it comes in 8GB you can only use 4BG of the space, so buying another microSD to make additional storage for the media files is advisable.

These minor downsides of the item do not prevent customers in choosing Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 as their media player.

What Customers Say?

At first, customers were confused if Galaxy Player 3.6 is much better than iPod Touch but they wanted to try what Samsung can offer.

 “I had to choose between the samsung galaxy player 3.6 and ipod touch and I chose this. Overall its the best mp3 I’ve ever had, plus its only 150 dollars”.

They simply define it as “Connects to wifi, download apps, plays music, games, photos,” and “It has good sound quality as a MP3 player and all other features are also works very good.”

For some, it is like a smart phone because of its built-in Wi-Fi, Android “Gingerbread” and also Google Play access. But it is not a phone, it just a portable media player that gives you the convenience of sharing media files and connect to your friends online.

Music, connect and share are more fun because of Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6. It has built-in Wi-Fi to get you instantly connected with your friends and family just anywhere and anytime. With just a few clicks, you can listen to music, play games and watch videos online. With the Android platform of the player, you can have access to all your favorite applications. Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 will make it more convenient and fast.

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