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Sony Walkman NWZ-E474

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Remember those days when owning an MP3 player meant the epitome of coolness? It’s hard to look back on those days and think of it as pure nostalgia, right? In the era of the sleek and sophisticated smartphone, can the ever-noble MP3 player still find meaning and purpose?

Walkman has indeed come a long way since 1979, rising from its humble beginnings and made its way into the hearts of consumers, making it the only brand of choice when it comes to portable music players. These days, much of the competition offers a lot of alternatives that come mostly in the form of eye-catching exteriors, with a few added features thrown into the mix.

These days, Apple seems to be the product of choice for most consumers. Their latest version of the iPod Nano comes with multi-touch display, and even comes with a video camera feature. However, most audiophiles can attest that while the competition does offer very tempting alternatives, there is no beating Walkman’s sound quality.

Tired of those slick alternatives that only seem to look pretty, and only offer less than average sound quality? Take a break from the mainstream, and try Sony Walkman NWZ-E474.

Here Are Sony Walkman NWZ-E474′s Features

Think outside of the box

There is nothing quite like the feeling as opening your brand-new gadget, all shiny and new, fresh out of the box. It’s a nice-looking MP3 player, which you could get in either red or black. While this little device measures 3.87×1.75×0.31 inches, and weighs just around 1.8 ounces, many can’t help but compare it to Apple’s iPod Nano 7th generation, saying that the competition offers a smaller and thinner product.

One thing that you would be notice about the E474 is the MP3’s over-all plastic build. While many sceptics are too quick to dismiss this feature as “cheap”, do not be too quick to scoff at this. Walkman prides itself in manufacturing products of durability, so if you were unfortunate enough to drop your MP3 player to the ground, you can be assured that your product won’t be shattered into a million pieces.

On closer inspection, you might notice that the E474’s design is somewhat similar to the earlier versions of Apple’s iPod series.  The 2-inch screen is just the perfect size, with an LCD feature of 320×240 pixels. While the screen does not offer a touch feature, consumers can be quickly satisfied by the screen’s display, as it the screen’s brightness can be adjusted from its maximum brightness setting, or decreased to dark grey.

The Sony Walkman NWZ-E474 comes with a set of MDR-EX083 earbuds, along with two extra pairs of rubber tips in different sizes.

Getting the Hang of it

Like many of its predecessors, the Sony Walkman NWZ-E474 fits just right in the palm of your hand. The plastic build looks glossy and hip, and provides one with a refreshing new look from its other sleek-looking rivals in the market.

The Walkman’s plastic circular control pad enables you to flawlessly navigate the menu for playing and pausing tracks.

Living up to Sound Quality

Now that you have come to appreciate the E474’s external features, it is time to get down to the more integral parts of the MP3 player. Anyone who is an audiophile can be quick to tell you that perhaps the most enjoyable part of owning an MP3 capable device is setting up your own music library.

Setting up your music library has never been this easy with the E474. All it takes is a few simple steps of plugging in your device onto your desktop or laptop. Once your computer recognizes your device, it is time to get to the fun part: building your music library!

With Walkman, you can easily drag and drop videos and photos into your device, ensuring easy file transfer. Not to be outdone, Sony even offers Media Go software which would enable you to transfer data from your iTunes straight to your Walkman.

The device’s main interface comes in a very basic looking grid pattern, which makes it quite easy to navigate through the menu. You could get the hang of the device very easily, as the controls are pretty much straightforward, and that is the entire beauty of it.

When it comes to over-all sound quality, this product does not disappoint. Many audiophiles have become staunch supporters of the Walkman, attesting to its superior sound quality compared to its rivals in the market today.

Sony also blows all other competition out of the water with its impressive battery life. There is nothing more frustrating than having your handy device die out on you, while you are in the middle of listening to your favourite song. Boasting an impressive 36 hours of continuous music playback that is surely one feat to beat!

To Buy or not to Buy?

Now comes the crucial question, is the Sony Walkman NWZ-E474 worth buying? As a lone MP3 player, the device does have its downsides. For one thing, it does not support a memory card slot so music lovers with an extensive music library may find this rather disappointing. The device only offers an 8 gig internal memory.

Another downside is the lack of Bluetooth support, which means no wireless headphones for this baby. Viewing music videos on a 2-inch screen can also be a harrowing task.

But if you want a handy device that would entertain you for hours on end with the music from your collection, then this is the device for you. For the no-nonsense music lover who prefers what is easy and hassle-free, this is the MP3 for you.

This is also a cheaper alternative to those expensive MP3 players out there in the market. For less than $80, you can get your hands on this baby. You can take it to the gym with the next time you are hyped for that gruelling workout.

Take it with you while you are out for that long commute, this device is your go-to music companion.

After all, with Sony they do not disappoint.

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Adorama Sony E Series NWZ-E474 8GB Walkman Video/MP3 Player, Red

Sony E Series NWZ-E474 8GB Walkman Video/MP3 Player, Red


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