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StartLogic is just of the few shared hosting providers that actually provide other packages in case you’re in need of an upgrade. In terms of flexibility of hosting solutions, they are up to the task if giving you what you need. Despite being rated as one of the best Web hosting solutions today, there are quite a lot of unsatisfied customers giving out negative feedback in regards to the company’s reliability so you might want to read on before you make any final decisions in signing up.

Company Info

StartLogic was founded by Thomas Gorny in 2003. Its sister companies, iPowerWeb and Blue Domino, share the same headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite being one of the cheapest Web hosting providers in the market today, there have been a lot of complaints regarding its reliability; not to mention the same scenario with its sister company — iPowerWeb.

Past Issues Until Today

There have been tons of complaints from its account holders that prompted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to respond against StartLogic and iPowerWeb. These complaints center on fraudulent credit card charges despite the basic rates offered on their hosting packages found on their website; increase downtime activity to their account holder’s websites and emails, account deletion and domain consolidation, and more.

Since most of these issues is directed towards iPowerWeb, many online critics and reviews speculated that the establishment of StartLogic is mainly to fix their bad corporate image.

Services Offered

As a Web hosting company, StartLogic offers a shared hosting plan that promises unlimited space and bandwidth, as well as two others with clear boundaries to its features. Their hosting plans are:

1. PersonaLogic

The Personal Logic hosting package starts off with an introductory price of $3.95 per month. Features includes a 60GB storage space, 600GB transfer; free setup, site builder; and unlimited email box. This plan is geared mainly for people planning to put up a small site for personal or business use.

2. ProLogic

The ProLogic plan costs $5.95 a month and offers unlimited storage and bandwidth that is usually provided in shared server hosting solutions. Subscribers get a free domain name and waived setup fee. Also features unlimited domain hosting so you can pile as many domain names in a single account as you want. This plan is also geared towards business use with the integration of e-commerce feature, like a shopping cart and promotion Ad credits for Google and Yahoo.

3. Windows Logic

The Windows Logic plan of StartLogic is mainly for users in need of Windows hosting solutions. This plan is priced at $8.95 inclusive of 100GB space and 1000GB transfer. Domain registration and setup fee is waived. Strong point for this account is its compatibility with ASP.NET with AJAX. Promotional Ad credits included.

Hidden Charges

Quite a lot of complaints directed towards StartLogic are its hidden charges. If you look at their product page that contains their entire hosting plan, you will see that it is priced cheap for those who are in need of an affordable hosting solution.

However, feedback from disgruntled account holders reports that every issue that needs to be fixed required additional costs. For example, the 30-day money back guarantee are supposed to be free and an advantage to those who are still trying out their service. However, customer support states that you need to pay a cancellation fee of $35 before your account is removed to avoid being billed. There were also reports that you need to pay the cancellation fee before you get a refund from the amount they owe you.

There were also issues where StartLogic advise their account holders to use credit card as a payment scheme instead of PayPal — which is clearly included in their offers. This prompted the speculation that the company prefers the use of credit card so that they can initiate unsanctioned charges.

99.9% Uptime And Compatibility Issues

Another reason why a lot of complaints seem to stem from the services offered by StartLogic is the promise of server reliability with 99.9% uptime. We can safely say that it is quite normal to experience a few downtimes during the course of the service and everyone accepts that. However, StartLogic seems to have an increase downtime activity going on since they upgrade their servers to VDECK3.

Most of their account holders agree that the company’s use of VDECK1 and VDECK2 resulted to slow, yet stable performance with minimal downtime. However, their recent upgrade to VDECK3 results to a lot of problems, such as:

• account holders unable to access their site builder
• account holders cannot access their account
• errors during modification
• site builder locked
• sites showing old back-up and modifications to the site was lost
• lost email data

There were also issues in regards to congestion or slowdown in FTP access. Download and upload times are reported to be slow and only one account at a time can connect to their servers.

Aside from hardware issues, there were also complaints in regards to offers on supporting compatibility with scripts used today. Other Web hosting are mainly compatible with 3rd party WebDav applications, like Dreamweaver and FrontPage; however, StartLogic solution seems to shy away from basic HTML coding so you need to use their on-site builder tool to create your site. Forms are also not supported by the provider’s platform.

Customer Service Issues

StartLogic promised their customers 24/7 support via phone, ticket, and live chat. However, there were a lot of complaints regarding the slow response from all three methods to reach their personnel to fix problems with the service.

According to statistics, average wait time on phone is 45-50 minutes before someone answers; same figures on live chat. Email and ticket system averages to 2 days before someone replies.

Those who were lucky enough to get connected to their customer service representative complained of vague response with no resolution to the problem. Those in contact with them via email or tickets resulted to canned replies and tickets closed without the problem being resolved.

Also, quite a lot of complaints from US customers that those who were able to reach their customer service representative posed a language barrier since both cannot understand each other. This prompted another speculation that StartLogic outsource their customer support to Asian countries, namely India.


If you’re looking for an average Web hosting solution that doesn’t require much resources to give your website a stable performance then StartLogic is up to the task. However, it would be more prudent as a first-time subscriber to read through their Terms of Service (ToS) to know what you’re up against. It is also helpful to check out reviews of this company online.

Considering that the company has gone through a lot of complaints and a potential lawsuit in the works fueled by dozens of angry customers, you might want to know in detail the company’s offers so you won’t join their ranks. All-in-all, StartLogic gives you a basic hosting package at a cheap price and you get what you pay for in terms of reliability of service.



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