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What is Strip That Fat?

Strip That Fat is actually a famous weight loss system that has many followers. It boasts of allowing its market to lose as much as fourteen pounds in only fourteen days.

The three phases

Strip That Fat has a diet that has three phases. The first phase is the rapid weight loss phase. This particular phase comprises of a fourteen-day diet plan that makes the dieter lose weight fast.

The second phase is called the sustained weight loss phase. In order for this specific phase to actually work, the dieter must follow some steps and must also comply by the dieting rules. The main rule is simply to reach a desired weight in a reasonable duration without experiencing any adverse effects.

And lastly, the lifestyle or the maintenance phase is the third phase. This phase gives the dieter a list of instructions that are quite easy to follow. It mainly talks about preventing any weight gain once the desired weight has been achieved.

In short, Strip That Fat is a complete dieting system that has the ability to make weight loss easy in such a reasonable amount of time. This system is basically every dieter’s dream.

Free online diet menu generator

Once enrolled in the Strip That Fat weight loss system, dieters will also be provided with access to an online diet menu generator. This generator generates a diet menu that works for fourteen days and includes five meals per day.

Before the specific diet menu is generated, the dieter will be requested to fill out a form about favorite food per meal with a list of around nine to twelve food choices for each one. Basically, the dieter has the power to select the number of food the dieter would like to eat and generate a very own diet menu to last for fourteen days.

Here are the steps

Generating a diet menu for Strip That Fat is actually quite simple, as long as the steps are simply followed. First and foremost, the dieter must log in as a member and click on the part labeled as diet generator.

After clicking, a list of five meals with nine to twelve food choices for every meal will be shown to the dieter. When this occurs, the dieter must choose favored food types per meal and then simply click “generate diet” for the menu. It is that simple.

Strip That Fat can make the dieter lose fourteen pounds in only fourteen days. After the weight loss, the dieter can then regenerate a new diet menu that is made up of different food types.

Becoming a member

After becoming one of the members of the Strip That Fat weight loss program, the dieter or the exerciser can download a ninety-five paged electronic book or e-book that talks about effective fat loss tips and some rules in detail.

The dieting rules

First and foremost, dieters must always drink lots and lots of water. Aside from hydration purposes, water also accelerates the speed of the weight loss. Also, the dieter must eat a minimum of five meals per diet menu with a gap of around two to four hours between every meal. And of course, once the feeling of fullness is felt, the dieter must stop eating.


The entire Strip That Fat weight loss program offers a discount of up to sixty-seven percent (67%). The minimum discount rate it is given is at fifty-two percent (52%). Since Strip That Fat regularly costs ninety-nine dollars ($99), it can now be purchased online at only forty-seven dollars ($47).

Buy more for more options.

After purchasing the Strip That Fat online weight loss program online, aside from the system, the buyer also gets access for a platinum membership. What makes this membership special is that the buyer gets to have more freebies and gains further access into the weight loss system. For instance, the platinum member gets a calorie counting worksheet, a Living Life Healthy guide, and a calories guide.

What does the calories guide do?

The calories guide is actually a foolproof diet program that covers fifteen pages of the Strip That Fat e-book. This guide is helpful when it comes to preparing a personal diet menu without the use of an online diet menu generator.

This famous calories guide teaches its users the correct formula in calculating the RMR or the resting metabolic rate, and also exactly how much calories are burned during simple and easy exercises like cycling, jogging, skipping, walking and swimming.

Moreover, Strip That Fat’s calories guide also instructs its users about the different methods in managing the caloric intake appropriately, as it tells which calories are considered “good”, and which are “bad”. It also teaches users about the ways of burning the fats from the ingested food without exerting much effort.

And one thing that makes Strip That Fat’s calories guide very unique is that it comes with instructions about exactly how to feel “full”. Other people keep eating because they hardly feel fully satisfied, not knowing that they are actually full up to the very brim of their stomachs. Knowing exactly when he or she is full can greatly helping losing weight.

Basically, this famous calories guide teaches people about managing weight properly with the use of balanced diets and proper exercise. This kind of teaching works well and generates much better results when used with a calorie counting worksheet.

The calorie counting worksheet

This particular worksheet also makes the whole process of losing weight easier and simpler to understand. This is so because it turns everything into something that is systematic and generates further discipline from the exercisers or the dieters.

It is an effective add-on of the Strip That Fat system because it is the tool responsible for keeping track of a person’s caloric intake and also the exact amount of calories that are burned by the body. This gives the dieter a much clearer idea about the fat-burning rate that gives the dieters control over the whole process of losing weight.

Strip That Fat

Living Life Healthy guide

This guide is comprised of thirty healthy recipes. This diet menu associated with the Strip That Fat diet menu does not have to be filled with vegetables and completely tasteless. It can still be a fun thing to do with enjoyable food options in the meal.

The add-ons can be obtained merely by adding ten dollars ($10) to the total fee when purchasing the whole Strip That Fat weight loss system. And since these add-ons cannot be bought separately, buyers are advised to simply upgrade their membership to platinum in order to have access to these wonderful add-ons.

The fifty-seven dollars ($57) fee may be big for some, but this is actually less than the monthly costs that others would have to pay for a different weight loss program. Resorting to the use of pills is also not a good idea, especially financially, because they are far too expensive.


The Strip That Fat weight loss system becomes one of the best, if not the best, weight loss programs out there because once it is followed correctly, exercisers or dieters will never have to spend money on trying to lose unwanted weight ever again.


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