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Super Affiliate Handbook

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What is the Super Affiliate Handbook?

The Super Affiliate Handbook is actually an eBook or electronic book comprised of approximately two hundred and sixty-five pages, which can all be downloaded. Basically, it is made to guide and assist affiliate marketers.

Who wrote it?

The author of this publication which is formatted in PDF is a woman named Rosalind Gardner. She added the word super in the title because the main goal of the book is to help those who are interested in becoming a super affiliate. Just because the words super affiliate is in the title, it does not necessarily mean that this eBook is exclusive for that level of affiliates.

About the author

It can be read in Rosalind Gardner’s personal website that she has earned exactly four hundred thirty-six thousand and seven hundred ninety-seven dollars ($436, 797) one year before she even wrote the Super Affiliate Handbook. Furthermore, she says that she was able to come up with this much income because she was proficiently marketing many affiliate products and services for the market.

The Super Affiliate Handbook proves that people can still earn a lot of money even if they are also targeting multiple markets. It is through this eBook that users can have access to a step by step guide to how the author and other affiliate marketers who have read this eBook, have reached the success that they have achieved.

One of the best

Many users have released their statements that the Super Affiliate Handbook is, by far, the best overviews they have ever seen regarding how the process of marketing affiliate products works. To date, it is believed that this specific eBook is only rivaled by one other book on the same subject.

What makes it unique?

Most books that talk about affiliate marketing or Internet Marketing do not tend to extensively talk about the topics that need to be discussed. This separates the Super Affiliate Handbook from the others because this particular eBook is prepared to delve into the details about how clients can build their very own business on the Internet, and a profitable one at that.

What are being talked about?

The author, Rosalind Gardner, made sure that she has covered the topics that are most talked about and the most important ones as well. In fact, she made it a point to include the concepts that other eBooks usually skip or avoid mentioning at all.

Moreover, she makes sure that most parts of the Super Affiliate Handbook are truly helpful towards their clients. For instance, most clients would state that one of the best parts of this specific eBook is how it offered a step by step guide on how to track a certain business’s results. Others usually just underscore this but they do not really teach clients how to do so. Thus, mentioning it would be somewhat useless.

Personal spreadsheets

Rosalind Gardner even shows an example of how the spreadsheet looks like. Moreover, these spreadsheets are actually ones that she used herself as she tracked how many visitors or buyers were visiting in her business. The spreadsheets are actually an essential part of the entirety of the eBook. The sad part is that users cannot have the templates for the spreadsheets themselves for usage for their personal business because only a screen view of the templates is provided.

About the templates

Creating the templates is actually not as hard as people initially think. It is a good thing that the Super Affiliate Handbook makes it look so easy so that users find it very easy to follow. People only need access to Microsoft Excel, or any other program that has the similar features, installed in their computer so that they can just create the templates themselves.

Rosalind Gardner also assists Super Affiliate users in calculating the conversion rate. It is a fact that the formula is already known all over the world. However, it is still a good thing that she chose to include the formula in the eBook for the benefit of those who have weak memories and for those who are much more of a visual individual, which means they have to see the formula in order to actually be able to correctly calculate.

Package inclusions

The author of the Super Affiliate Handbook included the many different steps how users can decided about having what it takes before finally deciding to start a business on the Internet. Of course, with this said, it means that Rosalind Gardner puts emphasis on having to make a plan for the business before anything else.

She also suggested the software which she has already used and has been successful with. She has also included in the eBook the ways people could perform in order to filter away the bad products from the right ones. This way, clients can figure out which particular kind of products can help clients earn a great income as an affiliate. Of course, as an affiliate, steps are provided regarding marketing the products.


According to those who have already tried and read the Super Affiliate Handbook, they say that its eBook is definitely filled with pieces of information that are all very significant. In fact, clients are always left impressed. Although the necessary information is already given, the author still made sure that clients are guided with enough details to understand each process.

First part of the eBook

There are actually two parts to the Super Affiliate Handbook eBook. The first part encompasses how the author covered teaching clients about tracking the results. This makes this particular eBook stand out among majority of the competitors. Apart from this, the fact that there are spreadsheets provided for the templates makes it a unique one too.

Although clients already love the Super Affiliate Handbook, many are still looking forward to some improvements that can make the eBook almost perfect, if not totally perfect. They just need more detailed information about tracking not just the results, but everything that is done in the affiliate business. This could have added more value to the eBook if more details were provided regarding this aspect.

The second part of the eBook

The second part of this eBook includes the coverage of pre-selling. In order to finally become a super affiliate, clients have to master or at least study the ability of pre-selling. Many believe the Rosalind Gardner could have elaborated on this a little bit more. Although several ideas are provided about how to pre-sell, it is still much better to actually read a step by step guide.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is a great example when it comes to pre-selling affiliate products. The eBook is jam-packed with affiliate links and the text itself always relates to how Rosalind Gardner did her pre-selling tactics.

High quality

Although some people do not like how the eBook’s author specified the affiliate links in the book, most still believe that the main reason why the links are included is the high quality itself. The great quality of the provided information somehow justifies the presence of the affiliate links. These links are actually one of the major factors why the eBook’s author is able to perform successfully in matters that involve pre-selling affiliate products.


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